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        Muhammad Zafrullah Khan (1893-1985) was internationally acclaimed as a jurist, politician and theologian of high caliber. He was a distinguished scholar in world religions and a distinguished member of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, a missionary branch of Islam.

        Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan was appointed the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan (1947-1954) and for many years he led the Pakistan Delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations. He was elected President to the 17th session of the United Nations General Assembly (1962-63).

        He was appointed Judge of the International Court of Justice at the Hague in 1954 and was the Vice President of the International Court between 1958-61. After serving as the President of the U.N. General Assembly during 1962-63, he was re-elected as Judge of the International Court of Justice in 1964 and served as President of the Court from 1970-73.

        On his retirement, he settled down in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in London and dedicated the rest of his life for the service of Islam. He authored many books and translated many writings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.


        Modern communication technology is fast demolishing national barriers and making this globe into one human family. It is vital that we try to learn about the views and ideologies of other people for the sake of a better and more friendly atmosphere on an international level.

        While no one will refer to a terrorist in Northern Ireland or in Central America or Germany as a 'Christian terrorist', yet one almost invariably hears of 'Moslem terrorists' in connection with Middle Eastern problems. We can no longer blame Islam because a person calling himself a Muslim kills an innocent person than we can blame Christianity because a person calling himself a Christian kills an innocent person.

        We present this short booklet on the origin, spirit and teachings of Islam so that interested westerners can become better informed on this great faith which boasts at least a quarter of the world population as its adherents. In the past, Islam has suffered at the hands of hostile western critics and today it is suffereing at the hands of even those who profess to be its adherents.

        We believe that when anyone will attempt to understand Islam with an open mind, the intolerance and even hatred in his mind will give way to admiration and even affection. After all, it is the closest religion to Christianity.

Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad
Imam of the Fazl Mosque
Washington, DC
May 1987

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