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  • December 2014 eGazette – Islam and Christianity

    - Concept of God of Islam and Christianity
    – Pope Francis’ Partial Response to Evolution, 150 Years Too Late
    – Pastors Ordained by God to Demystify Christianity
    – A Journey from Christianity to Islam: First Ecumenical Council to Vatican II (325 CE – 1965 CE)
    – Is There Coercion in Islam and Christianity?
    – How Islam Taught Medieval Christian Europe Religious and Political Tolerance

  • November 2014 eGazette – Racism in USA and Universal Brotherhood in Islam

    - Do White Christians Care Enough About Racial Justice to Make it an American Reality?
    – Feds launch probe of Ferguson police department
    – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Islam
    – 5 disturbing stats on black-white inequality
    – Macy’s settles racial profiling allegations from shoppers
    – The painful truths parents tell their black sons
    – Jimmy Carter: Southern White Men Turn To The GOP Because Of ‘Race’

  • View eGazette Archives Here.

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