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  • September 2014 eGazette – Hajj: The Best Symbol for Our Universal Brotherhood!

    Hajj: The Best Symbol for Our Universal Brotherhood! By Zia Shah Epigraph: And remember the time when We assigned to Abraham the site of the House and said, ‘Associate not anything with Me, and keep My House clean for those who perform the circuits, and those who stand up and those who bow down and […]

  • June 2014 eGazette – Separation of Mosque-Church and State

    - True Khilafat is Spiritual Leadership and Has No Interest in Power or Government
    – USA Supreme Court Upholds Religious Freedom for All
    – Malaysia cannot succeed unless equal opportunity given to non-Muslims, says Obama
    – Solomonic wisdom needed to establish Separation of Mosque-Church-Synagogue and State
    – Israel, Singapore more Islamic than Malaysia, study suggests

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