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Keynote Address at the 11th National Peace Symposium

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

by His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba), Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and 5th Khalifa

A review of 125 years history of Ahmadiyyat

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Speech by Tommy Kallon, President Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK, at Jalsa Salana UK 2014

Address to Majlis-e-Shura UK 2013

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad

Islamic Solution for World Peace

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V

Did the Promised Messiah (as) Commit ‘Shirk’

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Non-Ahmadi opponents raise the objection that the Promised Messiah(as) declared that believing Jesus(as) to be alive, is ‘shirk’ (polytheistic): “Thus it is disrespectful to say that Jesus did not die and it is a great ‘shirk’.” (Al-Istaftā. Appendix Haqīqatul Wahī p-39,R.K. Vol-22, p-660). but had the same belief for a long time before calling this […]

The Path to Peace: Just Relations Between Nations

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Full Text of Address by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at U.S. Capitol Hill

In memory of Dr Salam

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

by Shahid Saeed

Salaam Abdus Salam

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

By Murtaza Razvi (DAWN.COM)