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A Brief History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam

His Last Testament

Toward the end of 1905 Hudhoor (AS) repeatedly received revelations signaling that his end was near. He saw in a dream that someone gave him cold water to drink in a new earthen vessel and the revelation came (Persian): Water of life. The water in the dream was no more than two or three drop, meaning only two or three years remaining. He also received the following revelation in Arabic:

Qaraba ajaluka al-muqaddar (Tadhkira page 308)
The end of thy appointed term is approaching.

It clearly indicated that the term of his life was nearing its end. As a consequence Hudhoor (AS) decided to give crucial advice to the Jamaat, and published a treatise that he called al-Wasiyyat (The Will). He advised the members that through prophets and reformers Allah manifests one of His blessings and after their departure He establishes Caliphate, which is the second manifestation of His divine power. It happened at the time of the Holy Prophet (SAS) and now it will happen again. Hudhoor (AS) wrote further:

“You must not be sad at what I have described. Your hearts ought not be sorrowful because it is incumbent that you must see the second manifestation (caliphate) of God also".
It is evident from the above quotation that when he foretold his death, at the same time he gave the glad tiding of the establishment of Caliphate. He assured the members that God Almighty will undoubtedly take care of the Jamaat through the institution of Caliphate.