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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
August 15th, 2003

Hazoor delivered his Friday Sermon today on the subject of reliance and trust in Allah. Hazoor said that it is the prophets of God who place the greatest of trust and reliance in God and they possess a firm belief that God is with them in every matter. Likewise, believers also have this trust in accordance with the juncture of their spiritual development.

Elucidating the Quranic verse: 'And if they incline towards peace, incline thou also towards it, and put thy trust in Allah. Surely, it is He Who is All Hearing, All Knowing.' Surah Al Anfal (8: 62) that Hazoor had earlier recited, he said that it spells out the Islamic principle of peace in that even if the enemy opts for peace by way of deception the Muslims are commanded to accept peace and simply put their trust in Allah. Hazoor recited the verse:

'[True] believers are only those whose hearts tremble when [the name of] Allah is mentioned, and when His Signs are recited to them they increase their faith, and who put their trust in their Lord.' Surah Al Anfal (8:3) and further expounded the subject by citing the blessed and noble example of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) who exemplified putting trust in Allah to the point of supreme excellence. These venerable episodes exhibiting remarkable trust in Allah, in face of astonishing adversity by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) spanned through out his blessed life and are a source of continual inspiration for arousing faith. Hazoor recounted that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) said that from among his people, ummah, there would be a profusion of those who will gain Paradise without any measure; these will be people who do not carp and find faults of others and who put their trust in Allah.

Citing the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) Hazoor said that idolatry is not the only form of (shirk) associating partners with Allah; in fact shirk is a most subtle matter and the kind of shirk that is most commonly destructive is relying on worldly resources to the extent of considering them one's be all and end all. Accrue resources that Allah has placed for obtaining one's objectives and then engage in prayers seeking Allah's help and guidance. Hazoor said trust in Allah does not mean that one abandons all planning, rather one should plan, put in effort and make arrangements and then put all trust in Allah.

Hazoor related a prayer that the Companions of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) had heard him make. When this prayer is said in the morning it keeps one from all harm during the day and when said at night it keeps one away from any harm all night. Hazoor enjoined that we should also say this prayer. The English translation of the prayer reads: 'O my Allah, You alone are my Lord and there is none worthy of worship save You. I put my trust in You alone. You are the Lord of the great Heavenly Throne. What You will comes to pass and what You do not will does not materialize. None other than the Most High and Great Allah has any authority and power and I know that Allah is the Possessor of power and authority over everything and His knowledge dominates everything. O Allah I come in Your refuge from the evil of self and the evil of each of that living thing that is in Your power. Surely, my Lord is on the straight path.' Hazoor said an absence of trust in Allah brings about many ills; one begins to consider one's superiors as the real benefactors and indulges in sycophancy and flattery that leads one to shirk. Hazoor added that matrimonial disputes too could stem from a lack of trust in Allah. Women generally tend not to exercise thrift and prudence and make demands on their husbands whereas men lacking in honour make undue demands on the wife to hand over her jewellery or any cash to invest in his business venture. Hazoor said those who do not worship Allah couldn't inculcate trust in Him. He prayed that may Allah have mercy on such people, he enjoined praying to Allah and added that Muslims in general and our Community in particular should never undervalue dua (prayer). Hazoor said there is much discontent and agitation in the world today. This is because materialism is on the increase and less trust is put in Allah. Hazoor said the way to make life pleasant and agreeable was to pray fervently. This, he said, will facilitate one to prosper in this world and the hereafter.