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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
December 5th, 2003

Role and Responsibilities of the Office holders of Ahmadiyya System

After the recitation of the Sura Al-Fatiha, Huzuraba recited verse 160 of Chapter 3. Then Huzuraba said, “The jamaat Ahmadiyya system is such that binds all young and old from cradle to grave in a relationship of love and kindness. When a boy reaches the age of seven, he becomes a part of the Ittifal-ul-Ahmadiyya organization. Similarly, whena girl reaches the age of 7 she joins the Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya organization. This is where they are trained to be team players and this is where the spirit of obedience of their elders and organizers is instilled in their hearts and minds. When they reach the age of fifteen, the boys join the Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya and the girls become part of the Lajna Imaillah and they become familiar with more of the Jamaat structure. Now they have reached an age and a level of consciousness where they are able to elect, from among themselves, their office holders who run their respective organizations and perform the training of their membership. As a result of this continuous participation and training when these youngsters grow older and get involved in Jamaat activities, they prove to be very useful workers.”

Huzuraba said, “ Now that the Jamaat structure is standing on firm foundations and is also constantly watched over by the Khalifa of the time, the new converts into the community also find it easier to become familiarized with the organization of the Jamaat and they become active members of the Jamaat quickly. However, as the Jamaat grows the responsibilities of the Jamaat office holders are increasing also. They need to pay more attention to Tasbih and Istighfar (praising Allah and begging for His forgiveness) as pointed out by the verse 4 of Chapter 110. This should make them realize that they need to develop mildness in their manners, they need to perform their duties more diligently and personal ego or desire should not play any part in the performance of their duties. Jamaat workers should give up the habit of getting angry over even the smallest mistakes. They should develop the habit of being kind and loving to the members, to listen attentively to their requests, and to pray for them. Then and only then can it be said that the office holders are discharging their duties properly.

In Jamaat Ahmadiyya, the office holders are not selected or appointed to sit on stages or walk with pride among the members. They are elected with the Hadith “Leaders of the nation are their servants” in mind. Allah has stated the principle for keeping a community together in the verse of the Holy Quran that was recited at the beginning of the sermon. That is that the Holy Prophet saw had such deep feelings of love and kindness for his companions and others around him that they were involuntarily drawn towards him like bees to the honey. Huzuraba said that with this in mind who are we that we should not show the same kind of feelings of love and kindness for people around us and then expect that they will obey all our instructions. Following the example of our beloved Master, the Holy Prophet saw, we must deal with people with sincereity, love, and kindness.”

Huzuraba said, “It is difficult for the Khalifa of the time to go to every country, every city and every village to find out about people’s problems. That is why there is the Jamaat system. All office holders, whether of Jamaat or of auxiliary organizations, represent the Khalifa in their respective areas of responsibilities. If they are not fulfilling their obligations towards the ahmadies in their charge, if they do not participate in their sorrows and happinesses, if they do not treat them with love and kindness, or if the Khalifa of the time asks for a report on a certain matter concerning someone and they send a report without any investigation or without complete investigation, or for some personal grudge send a wrong report, then they commit a grave sin.

Huzuraba mentioned a recent incident where the president of a local jamaat sent a report about some people that they had violated the Jamaat traditions and according to the established Jamaat rules, the punishment for this is ex-communication. When these people came to know of the punishment they protested very strongly and claimed to be innocent of any wrong doing. The Center then appointed an independent commission to investigate the issue. The commission discovered that the local president had sent a report without thorough investigation and then claimed that he had sent the names of these people in error. In other words, it was like a child’s play to him that such a severe punishment was being given to innocent people and he so innocently says that it was a mistake.” Huzuraba said that he had instructed the Center to immediately remove such an irresponsible person from the office of the president. Huzuraba also said that in the future, if anyone displays such irresponsible behaviour, that person will not be given any Jamaat office ever. Huzuraba said, “Such a person caused us to commit a mistake. May Allah forgive us for that.”

Huzuraba narrated a Hadith where the Holy Prophetsaw said that a person whom Allah has appointed guardian over a people and he does not discharge his duties fully with respect to those people, then on his death Allah will make him ineligible to enter paradise. In another Hadith, the Holy Prophet saw said that every one of you is a guardian over someone, you will be answaerable about the people you are appointed guardian over. All office holders are made guardians in their areas of responsibilities. They will be answerable. We should fear the very serious consequences of this as stated in the first Hadith quoted earlier.

Huzuraba instructed the Aamilas at all levels that if they need to form an opinion about someone they must not do so in haste. They must do a complete and thorough investigation. If there is any doubt, the benefit of that doubt must go to the person who stands accused. In a Hadith the Holy Prophetsaw has stated that try to save a muslim from punishment. It is better for the Imam to make an error and forgive than for the Imam to make mistake and punish.

After this Huzuraba reminded various office holders of their responsibilities. Huzuraba mentioned Secretary of General Affairs, Secretary Taaleem, Secretary Islah-o-Irshad, etc. At the end Huzuraba said that even though he has addressed the office holders in this sermon, non office holders should also pay heed to these instructions as one day some of them could be office holders. Huzuraba said that your responsibility is to listen and obey, and obey, and obey. May Allah enable us to do so. Aameen.