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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
January 3rd, 2003

Today Hazuraba based his Friday Sermon on the initiation of the new financial year for the Waqf e Jadid scheme. With reference to the Quranic phraseology of lending Allah a ‘good loan’ Hazuraba elucidated the subject with several Ahadith. Hazuraba said that in returning a loan the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) was always munificent and gave more than he had borrowed. Hazuraba said if man has the capacity to pay back in a better way then why would not Allah?

Hazuraba said those who are enabled to spend generously in the way of Allah have always, through the ages, had their wealth increased manifold. He added whatever one has, comes from Allah.

Hazuraba referred to the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and said that alms giving cultivates high morals and enables one to go through the worldly junctures agreeably and that spending in the way of Allah promotes development of faith. Hazuraba added that no movement or community gets by without donations. During times of need in the era of the prophets of God donations used to be collected, so much so that the righteous and the devoted would bring the entire contents of their household to be spent in the way of Allah. Hazuraba reminded that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) enjoined that wealth spent in the way of Allah should be wholesome and should be free from the contamination of corruption.

After the preamble Hazuraba formally announced the new Waqf e Jadid year as of 1st January 2003. Following a brief historical background of the scheme Hazuraba said that currently Jama’ats from 111 countries participate in it. On December 31st 2002 the total contributions for Waqf e Jadid 2002 worldwide were £1,502,000 with the Pakistan Jama’at in first position, followed by USA and then Britain.

Next Hazuraba belatedly announced the commencement of the new Tehrik e Jadid year from November 1st 2002. Hazuraba said on his directions new pledges are now being received. Last year’s contributions were £2,452,300 with Pakistan in first position, followed by USA and then Germany.

In further elucidation of the subject of spending in Allah’s way Hazuraba recommended that the habit should be inculcated from childhood. Hazuraba reminded the Jama’at to be ever mindful of the enormous monetary blessings that they have received as a consequence of profusion in migration to the West.

Hazuraba admonished regarding negligence in spending one’s wealth in Allah’s way and said that this laxity makes all other form of worship void and Allah does not accept the worship of one who does not pay the dues of Zakat. Hazuraba said it is entirely Allah’s favour upon us that He enables us to spend out of the provisions provided by Him.

In conclusion Hazuraba wished all a Happy New Year. He said he has received an overwhelming amount of congratulatory post and he was responding to all via his sermon. He prayed that may the New Year be better than the last and all the grief of last year be transformed into happiness in the New Year and may Allah enhance the blessings that He has bestowed upon the Jama’at.