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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
July 4th, 2003

Hazuraba based his Friday Sermon on miraculous instances of birth of children as a result of acceptance of prayer by Al Sami
(All-Hearing) Allah. Hazuraba began by commenting on verse 39 of Surah Al Imran (3:39) and said that when Zachariah heard Maryum say that
everything comes from Allah and that He gives to whomsoever He pleases without measure he too was inclined to seek what he wished for
from Allah and thus Maryum was instrumental in the prayer for the birth of Yahya. The prayer made by Zachariah (21:90) was accepted and
he was granted a son despite all odds. Hazuraba said the qualities of this pure offspring are recorded in verses 13 to 16 of Surah Maryum
(Ch. 19). Elucidating the prayer of Zachariah Hazuraba said it is a most exquisite prayer in that he articulates all his apparent
impediments in having a child and then goes on to pray to Allah to bestow him an offspring pure of nature and obedient to God. Hazuraba
commented on the comprehensive nature of this prayer and with reference explained the importance of obedience to parents. Hazuraba
related that it is most unfortunate when offspring display non-compliance in matters of inheritance etc., Hazuraba reminded the Quranic
commandments and what the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) had enjoined regarding one's treatment towards one's parents and
stressed the importance of not defying one's parents even if they are in the wrong.

Conversely it is the duty of the parents to continually pray for their children to be pious natured and righteous and to bring them up
not as inheritors of worldly material but to be successors of piety. Hazuraba prayed that may Allah protect the Jama'at from such ills
and that the Jama'at is steadfast in its adherence to faith more than before.

Hazuraba said that Allah the Exalted taught Zachariah's prayer twice to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) through revelations.
Hazuraba read pertinent excerpts from the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and said that it is imperative to pray/wish
for children beyond the preserving of material legacies and that a true believer's intent in all matters is the worship of God. Hazuraba
said the key underlying principle to bring up a family should be to win the pleasure of Allah in that one's offspring go on to serve
Allah's cause. One should nurture one's children merely for the sake of compassion and pray for them to be a `model for the
righteous'. Hazuraba said to simply wish for and have children as heirs to one's worldly fortune is a kind of defiance, a sin. One who
holds one's offspring or parents extraordinarily dearer in life commits a kind of idolatry. Hazuraba said all worldly relations are weak
and in the final analysis none but God is there for you.

Hazuraba related a few incidences from the life of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) illustrating the acceptance of his prayers -
for people who wished for children -by Al Sami God.

Next Hazuraba gave the good news of the transmission of MTA now reaching a significantly larger audience in the sub-continent and around
the Island of Fiji.