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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
November 28th, 2003

Inculcation of regular remembrance of Allah

Today Huzuraba based his Friday Sermon on the importance of continuance of worship of God and dua (prayer) post-Ramadan. Reciting verse 63 of Surah Al Naml Huzuraba recounted the passion with which we had worshipped and prayed during Ramadan and the ensuing spiritual blessings we have derived. He cautioned against slackness creeping into this spiritual momentum now that Ramadan is over. Huzuraba said dua is the only tool for the Muslim of today and it is through dua alone that we can attain temporal and spiritual success and overcome those who oppose us.

Referring to the Quranic verse Huzuraba said that Allah declares that He provides assistance to the distressed who seeks Him; therefore in light of the current state of affairs of the world and indeed the disquieting situation faced by the Ahmadiyya Community we need to turn to Allah with greater fervour. For this we need to be appropriately stirred about the Unity of God and the belief that He listens to prayers. Responding to emotional correspondence that he receives from Rabwah and elsewhere Huzuraba said that we should have total reliance on dua and the fact that just as Allah the Exalted has taken care of the needs of the Community for more than a hundred years, it is Him alone Who will remove our anxieties now, our obligation is to pray with fervour and continue with our devout practices of Ramadan.

As ever Huzuraba further elucidated the subject with ahadith. The Holy Prophet enjoined that the illustration of one who remembers Allah and one who does not is like that of a living person and one who is dead. He commanded to remember Allah abundantly and said that remembrance of Allah is like taking refuge in a fortress from an adversary. The Holy Prophet advised to seek Allah’s grace from Him in that this act pleases Allah.

Huzuraba stressed that if there is laxity in remembrance of Allah and prayer it is, as if the adversary (Satan) is on the attack again. Therefore we need to continually pray so that we may stay in its refuge. Huzuraba said we should keep on praying with patience and steadfastness and never tire of it.

Referring to writings of the Promised Messiah Huzuraba said we would indeed be most unfortunate if we do not believe in Allah and do not seek Him.

Reiterating the significance of dua and remembrance of Allah Huzuraba said that our individual and communal advancement depends on prayer. He prayed that may Allah enable us to attain the spiritual standards set by Promised Messiah .