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Beacon of Truth #20 Services of Promised Messiah for Islam and World


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What were the services rendered by Promised Messiah for Islam?

What was the message and purpose for the rest of the world?

There were many who were presenting solution to the problems of the world, what is unique about Promised Messiah?

How can we explain to the non-Ahmadi Muslim that Promised Messiah was a Mujaddid (Reformer of the Century)?

It is alleged by non-Muslims that there is no contribution by Muslims to science or politics?

In a Hadith Holy Prophet (saw) said that I'm leaving with you Quran and my Sunnah. So why do we need Promised Messiah?

Did Hadhrat Jibrael brought revelation to the Promised Messiah(as)?

How did the Promised Messiah(as) presented Shariah Law?

What was the purpose of writing Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya and what was the reaction of the Muslims?

There were debates held in India at that time where each religion tried to prove its superiority, what was the contribution in that by the Promised Messiah(as)?

Did Promised Messiah (as) invite people of other faiths as well to Islam?

How did the Promised Messiah (as) invite other faiths to Islam?

What service the Promised Messiah(as) did for other faiths?

In regards to what's happening in the world and Islam Ahmadiyya trying to establish peace.

How did the Promised Messiah (as) established peace and unity among religions?