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Faith Matters #90 Auctions, Ghosts, Magic, Judgement Day, Hereafter

A contemporary and exciting English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 90.


Tags: Faith Matters   Auctions   Ghosts   Magic   Judgment Day   Hereafter      

Q1 @ 2:10 Are bidding and auctions allowed in Islam? Is it allowed to do commercial auctions?

Q2 @ 6:10 Do ghosts exist? What about Jinn?

Q3 @ 19:09 Is there any such thing as magic? Did Holy Prophet (saw) get influenced by magic of any sort?

Q4 @ 32:50 Does anything besides humans and animal kingdom exist on earth that we don't know about?

Q5 @ 38:25 On Judgement Day will we literally stand in front of God? Or when you die you immediately face your Judgement Day?

Q6 @ 46:15 If the life after death is spiritual being not physical then what would be the meaning of hellfire for such a being?

Q7 @ 52:23 In Islam we believe life in hereafter will be eternal. What about those people who died so long ago?

Q8 @ 53:50 Some Muslims send text messages and ask them to forward to receive rewards in hereafter? How should we respond to these?

Q9 @ 56:34 Why is cremation not allowed in Islam?

Q10 @ 58:53 Why is it said to bury the dead soon in short time?