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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
April 8th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

The Holy Prophet’s trust in Allah.

Reciting part of verse 82 of Surah Al Nisa (4:82) Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon on the subject of the Holy Prophet’s trust in Allah.

As ever Huzuraba elucidated the matter with references to the blessed life of the Holy Prophet whose entire being was a magnificent example of absolute and total trust in Allah. Huzuraba said even the earlier scriptures, like the Torah, bore testimony to the trait of trust in Allah by the Holy Prophet.

Huzuraba said the Holy Prophet would employ all the available resources to achieve an objective and having done that he would then put all his trust in Allah. Huzuraba related the incident of Ta’if where the Holy Prophet went on his own to preach to a hostile population as well as the incident of the Holy Prophet’s migration from Mecca to Medina. How purely with his trust in Allah he left Hadhrat Ali sleeping in his bed and then went ahead with Hadhrat Abu Bakr consoling him as they hid in the Cave Saur with words of trust in Allah (9:40).

Huzuraba recounted the incident of Suraqa, a Bedouin chief who relentlessly chased after the Holy Prophet when he was on his way to Medina and how the Prophet, with full trust in Allah remained undaunted by his manoeuvres, how he let him go when he was eventually overcome and prophesied that one day Suraqa would wear the gold bracelets of Chosroes, the emperor of Iran.

Huzuraba related episodes from the defensive battles that the Holy Prophet fought, illustrating his complete trust in Allah that enabled the Muslims to face an army that would be formidable in every sense of the word each time.

Next Huzuraba recounted a few prayers of the Holy Prophet which demonstrate that each action, each task that he undertook was based on trust in Allah and that his life was nothing without the trust and belief in Allah.

Huzuraba said during his last days the Holy Prophet expressed his trust in Allah by giving away the last few gold coins as alms (sadqa) that were in the house. The Holy Prophet’s counsel to his ummah was: ‘If you trust in Allah as trust in Him is due, then He shall provide for you the way He provides for the birds; who leave their nests with empty stomachs in the morning and return in the evening fully fed’.

With reference to trust in Allah Huzuraba spoke on the erroneous practice of using amulets and talismans and said that believing in the concept of bad omens is a shirk (associating partners with Allah). Huzuraba enjoined to place all trust in Allah to seek His pleasure and His refuge.

He prayed that may Allah enable us to put this in practice.