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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
April 29th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Naseer Sayed)

Vie with one another in Goodness

Huzuraba recited verse 149 of Surah Al-Baqarah. The translation is:

And everyone has a goal to which he turns his whole attention. Then vie with one another in good works. Wherever you be, Allah will bring you all together. Surely, Allah has the power to do all that He wills.

Huzuraba stated that in his speech the previous day he had reminded the community that the purpose of the coming of the prophets and the purpose for which the Promised Messiahas was appointed is to introduce God to the people, to teach them the ways to avoid sin, and to show them the paths to righteousness. We should not think that this goal can be achieved easily. When we begin to do some good works, then it is the first step we have taken on this path. This is not the final goal which every Ahmadi Muslim should reach. It cannot be the final goal for when we reach what we perceive to be the destination, we find out about the next higher goal. This requires a guide. The Promised Messiahas has said, “I guide you to the ways of avoiding sin. In religion and spirituality, no one can attain the high standards unless someone chosen by Allah shows you the way.” In this day and age that chosen person is the Promised Messiahas.

Huzuraba stated that we cannot find nearness to Allah by praying and we cannot reach the peak of goodness by doing some good deeds. This is an ongoing struggle and a non-stop journey on which when a believer imagines that he has reached his destination, he begins to see other goals beyond the horizon. It is incumbent on every Ahmadi Muslim to be constantly on the lookout for ways to make progress in righteousness. This includes worship, good works, discharging our duty towards our fellow beings. There is a vast array of things that must be done in all sincerity. Do not think that by doing one or two good things you have reached the goal. You will be worthy of being called a true believer only when you start to make progress in all fields of goodness as mentioned in the Holy Qura’an. This is what we have been reminded of in the verse that was recited earlier.

It is clear that the goal that should determine our conduct should be excellence in goodness. Just imagine how beautiful the society would become if all Ahmadi Muslims should join this race. Ahamdis would be trying to excel in their worship and they would vie with one another in doing good works. They would see each other making progress and this would not make them jealous but arouse the emotion of envy and they would try to make progress themselves. The blessed companions of the Holy Prophetsaw paid great attention to this aspect. It is stated in a Hadith that once some companions went to the Holy Prophetsaw and said, “The rich people can earn more reward because of their wealth. They offer Sala’at like we do. They fast like we fast. They worship like we do. However, there is one thing that they can do and we can not and that is that they can spend their wealth in the way of Allah while we, in spite of our desire to do so, are behind them in this field. Tell us some way of competing with them.” The Holy Prophetsaw said, “Has Allah not given you wealth that you you can offer as Sadaqa? Remember that every Tasbeeh is a Sadaqa, every Takbeer is a Sadaqa, and saying Alhamdolillah is a Sadaqa. Enjoining good is a Sadaqa. Forbidding evil is a Sadaqa.” According to another Hadith, the Holy Prophetsaw said, “After every Sala’at, say Subhaanallah 33 times, say Alhamdolillah 33 times, and say Allahoakbar 34 times. This will bring you level with those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah.”

The companions started practicing on this advice. However, after a while the well off companions noticed that these people are doing something extra. They were not like the worldly rich whose wealth blinds them and who do not care about the rights of Allah or the rights of their fellow beings. They had the noble desire to excell in all metters of goodness. When they found out what the poorer companions were doing, they started doing the same. On this the poorer companions went to the Holy Prophetsaw and said, “The rich companions have found out about the Tasbeeh and have started to say the Tasbeeh like we do and have left us behind again.” The Holy Prophetsaw said, “What can I do? How can I stop someone who is getting ahead with Allah’s blessing?” This was the spirit in which the companions of the Holy Prophetsaw used to vie with one another in goodness. These examples are not given so that we may listen and be amused. They are given so that we may follow then and act accordingly.

Huzuraba quoted several other Ahadith and a passage from the writings of the Promised Messiahas to further illustrate the subject. In the end Huzuraba prayed that Allah may enable all Ahmadis to join this race to try and excell each other in goodness. Aameen.