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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
May 13th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

Taqwa (Righteousness).

Huzuraba delivered today’s Friday Sermon from Dares Salam, Tanzania.

As customary Huzuraba spoke with reference to Quranic verses as well as extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiahas

Huzuraba explained that adopting ways of taqwa brings about a spiritual light which permeates every human faculty; however, to reach this station mere claim of taqwa is not enough. Rather, one must demonstrate consistently through one’s actions that love and fear of God is pivotal and fundamental to one’s being.

If one reaches this level then one may understand that one has realised Divine love. Huzuraba said that the abundance of Divine blessings on such a person identifies them as one who is firm on taqwa. Such a person has a certain presence in assemblies and Allah’s help is always with them.

Explaining, Huzuraba said the triumph of the Ahmadiyya Community is going to be through piety and righteousness alone. In worldly terms our resources are most inadequate, however, Allah states that if one adopts taqwa and love of God then one is given power and strength that none can contend with. Huzuraba urged Ahmadis to bring about a unique change in them, to honour the pledge of allegiance they have made by taking bai’at of the Promised Messiahas

Huzuraba expounded that any task, any action taken for the love of Allah is taqwa and this brings about communal as well as individual blessings; Allah blesses one’s property, one’s offspring and one is granted esteem. Huzuraba said Allah honours the due of friendship more than any worldly friends; therefore, He never abandons those who become His. However, this stipulates that one is resolute and unswerving in devotion to Allah, holding onto Him, forsaking all worldly trepidations.

Citing verse 4 of Surah Al Talaq (65:4) Huzuraba elucidated that when one’s trust in Allah is complete and absolute then Allah provides for His servants in amazing ways, Himself becoming the Provider, granting from inconceivable means. Man’s greatest desire is to spend life with ease and comfort and for this Allah has appointed a way; that is the way of taqwa.

Quoting the Promised Messiahas Huzuraba said if one submits oneself completely to Allah and stays resolute and continues to develop oneself in this then one is among the special people of Allah. If one truly fosters Allah’s greatness in one’s heart and expresses His Unity in practical terms, then Allah’s favours are also bestowed in practical terms.

Addressing the Tanzanian Jama’at Huzuraba said they were indeed the extensions (branches) of a seed that was planted by Allah. They should remain resolute in the face of wicked opposition and turning to Allah should hold onto the Community of the spiritual son of the Holy Prophetsaw. Allah shall grant them communal and individual blessings.

Huzuraba said he could not but comment on the love of Khilafat the people of Tanzania had displayed. He asked them to further strengthen this tie while abiding by taqwa and prayed that may Allah also enable him to love them further still. Huzuraba said each such person is dear to him who adheres to taqwa and loves the Holy Prophetsaw and loves his spiritual son, the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) for the sake of the Holy Prophetsaw.

In conclusion Huzuraba prayed that may Allah enable us all to fulfil all these requisites.