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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
June 24th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

Requisites for Spiritual Development

The Canadian Jalsa Salana commenced today with Huzur'saba Friday Sermon delivered at Mississauga, Ontario.

Huzur aba based his sermon on the twofold requisites for spiritual development; paying the dues of Allah and paying the dues of mankind. Praying that may this Jalsa fulfil the objectives of establishing the Unity of God, the purpose for which the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) initiated these conventions, Huzur aba expounded that all those attending the Jalsa should benefit from the sacred setting and ambience of the Jalsa and bring about a transformation in themselves; turning to God with all sincerity and inclining towards the hereafter.

Huzur aba said this necessitates inculcating awe of Allah and a certainty of belief that He is the fountainhead of all power and He alone creates nurtures and provides for. Huzur aba said high values regarding Unity of Allah and righteousness can only be maintained when one is constantly conscious and aware of Allah.

Stressing the significance of worship of God, Huzur aba enjoined observing regular and timely Salat. He remarked that he notices some slackness in this respect that comes across during his mulaqats. Huzur aba said if we are to come in the refuge of Allah, to be the claimants of establishing Unity of God, then we have to raise the standards of our worship. Huzur aba explained that Salat is the only assurance to safeguard our future generations from the depraved Western society that we live in. He said establishing Salat should be the most important aspect of training during Jalsa days. Addressing those who are not regular in their Salat Huzur aba said we need to seek Allah’s help and concentrate on this aspect, there is satanic temptation on every step, we need to engage in Jihad against him and endeavour to come in Allah’s refuge.

Once our Salat is established or at least our attempts to establish it commence, we will be voluntarily inclined toward other virtues; those entailing paying the dues of mankind.

Huzur aba said once we begin to ascertain high standards of worship of God it would be natural for us to be fair to each other, he said it is impossible for a sincere worshipper of God to be unjust to fellow humans. Quoting the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) Huzur aba said we need to be exemplary towards each other in gentleness, love, humility and compassion. Huzur aba said one who does not have love and humility for his brother, who is not kind to his wife and children, spouses who do not pay each others’ dues and office-bearers who take undue advantage of their position are all devoid of righteousness.

Huzur aba said as adherents of the Messiah of the age, it is our obligation to reform the world. Therefore to seek Allah’s pleasure we have to love the creation of Allah and we should make the Jalsa days a specific means to concentrate on this.

Huzur aba urged those who had differences and were cross with each other to put their disagreements aside and embrace and rid of their old grievances. Huzur aba said aside from training ourselves in worship of God we should train in spreading love and affection.

Specifically remarking on the sad trend in early break up of marriages, Huzur aba pointed that it was mostly due to the intolerance and mean-spirited interference of the family of the husband that causes the break up. Huzur aba reprimanded those young men who emigrate from Pakistan with the purpose of marriage and once in the West, take up a disgraceful attitude towards the girl and her family and carry out abusive and obnoxious behaviour. Referring to those who make false allegations against their wives in order to separate, Huzur aba suggested severe disciplinary action from the administrative system of the Community. Further commenting on this messy state of affairs Huzur aba reminded of the sacred undertaking of a Muslim marriage that holds Allah witness, Allah Who is Khabir (All-Aware) and Aleem (All-Knowing). Huzur aba said mostly it is the man who deceives the woman and that it is reprehensible that office-bearers too tend to side the man.

Addressing those present Huzur aba said if there were any among them who were involved in matrimonial disputes and even if some had reached the stage of separation, they should make use of the spiritual atmosphere of the Jalsa and pray and try and connect broken hearts, to forgive, not to disgrace others, to cover others’ faults and be mindful of one’s own weaknesses and be always heedful of the way Allah covers our incalculable faults and sins.

Huzur aba said each one of us can be counted among the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) only if our love of God is followed by high morals and courteousness, Huzur aba added that in actual fact high morals are borne out of righteousness.

Enjoining against arrogance Huzur aba counselled office-holders within the Community to conduct themselves with humility, courtesy, a sense of forgiveness and consideration.

Huzur aba again stressed the significance of utilizing the spiritual ambience of the Jalsa to bring about a pure change, particularly counselling the ladies to avoid idle chit chat; he advised all to take note of the speeches carefully, to establish models of nearness to Allah and of courtesy and civility to each other and make the Jalsa a symbol of a pure transformation.