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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
July 1st, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

Sincere and Staunch Commitment to Khilafat

Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon from Toronto Canada on the subject of sincere and staunch commitment to Khilafat. Huzuraba remarked over scenes of sincere devotion and dedication as witnessed over the Canadian Jalsa period and said that the cause of this extraordinary earnestness, the like of which is even beyond the imagination of the outside world, is that the Community is threaded together due to its love for Khilafat; that the institution of Khilafat is the cohesive factor, the binding aspect.

Observing the high degree of loyalty and sincerity of the Canadian Jama’at Huzuraba hoped that it was durable and not borne out of momentary enthusiasm. He remarked that after his sermon of 27th May it was the response of the Canadian Jama’at that was foremost and most prolific, on a communal as well as on individual basis. However, Huzuraba said where there is love and devotion there is also perfidious element on the look out to connive and conspire.

Huzuraba urged all to keep an eye on the surroundings, to inform him of any thing that they notice against the dignity of the Community or Khilafat. He stressed that all office-holders of the Community should pay attention to anything that is even slightly indicative of hostility to the system of the Community, that they should reach out to all their members and be aware of the state of the grass-roots. Huzuraba said theirs is a task to serve the Community. They should inform their Ameer Sahib, and should not consider anything in this regard as too trivial. He counselled not to deem the suggestions of the young and the less educated as unimportant and instructed the auxiliaries to provide suitable answers to the queries of the youth.

Huzuraba cautioned against the point of view of not bothering the Khalifa with all sort of grievances and said that as Allah appoints Khalifa it is Him Who, through His grace, grants the Khalifa exceptional fortitude and courage to bear all kinds of problems and pain. Therefore, he explained to all office-holders to abandon this thought and make decisions based on taqwa (righteousness) and pure intentions, and keep him informed.

Huzuraba stated that a large majority of the Community maintains a sincere connection with Khilafat; however their claims of loyalty will be proven right only when they live out their assertions during their daily lives, bring about a pure transformation in their conduct, act upon all ma’aruf (good) decisions of the Khalifa. Huzuraba said that indeed Allah is aware of what is in the heart of each person.

Referring to verse 56 of Surah Al Nur (24:56) Huzuraba said the blessings of Khilafat are conditional for those who do good works, he remarked that the households that are not regular in Salat and where Allah’s commandments are not observed with passion are where negative discussions about Khilafat also take place.

Next Huzuraba drew the attention of Ameers of Western countries to take action regarding domestic disputes, in particular where men are cruel to their wives and the law of the land is also not on their side. Huzuraba gave specific instructions to deal with such situations, including providing housing for women without shelter. Huzuraba said where the system of the Jama’at is not effective in this the women should write to him directly.

Referring to the blessing of Khilafat, Huzuraba said it is something for which a believer has work continually and with resolve.

In conclusion Huzuraba acknowledged the love and sincerity he experienced during his stay in Canada and prayed that may it be long-lasting and may the sincere example and influence of the majority bring those who are weak closer as well and keep them protected from evil and enable them all to take the message of Ahmadiyyat, true Islam to this land.