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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
July 22nd, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon)


In this Friday sermon Huzuraba stated that one of the attributes of the prophets is hospitality. In the Holy Quran Allah has mentioned about Hazrat Ibrahim’s treatment of guests. When guests came he sent a message home to have a meal prepared. He didn’t wait to see if they had come from far, whether they were hungry, or whether they had already eaten. He immediately had food prepared for them. This is how Allah’s chosen ones honour their guests. Our Holy Prophetsaw set such high standards of hospitality that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Even before prophethood the Holy Prophetsaw impressed others with his hospitality. When the Holy Prophet(PBUH) had his first revelation and he came home feeling very anxious, Hazrat Khadija said to him that Allah will never humiliate you because you are kind, merciful, you look after people, you are hospitable, and you always tell the truth. Huzuraba stated that looking after guests is a way to obtain nearness to Allah and to win His pleasure.

Huzuraba illustrated the subject by quoting some examples of the Prophet’ssaw hospitality. The Holy Prophetsaw also advised his followers on how he expected them to treat guests. If some one visited the Holy Prophetsaw and he happened to be eating, he would readily share his food with his guest. It has been narrated that a follower of the Holy Prophetsaw came to see him after prayers and accompanied the Prophetsaw to his house and the Holy Prophetsaw offered all the food that was available in the house to the guest.

Whenever a large number of guests used to arrive the Prophetsaw would distribute them amongst the disciples and would always take some of the guests home himself. Abdullah bin Taufa happened to be one of the guests who accompanied the Holy Prophetsaw. He relates the Holy Prophetsaw asked Hazrat Aisha ra if there was anything to eat in the house and she replied the meal I have prepared for you. The Holy Prophetsaw asked for the food in a dish took some and asked his guests to start eating by invoking Allah's name. Hazrat Abdullah bin Taufa states that they did not look at how much they ate and the same was done with the drink that was prepared by Hazrat Aisha. The Prophetsaw didn’t eat or drink first because he thought it was his right but he did so because he knew that the food and drink would be blessed by Allah through his prayers and would be sufficient for his guests. Then they chose to sleep in the mosque. The next morning the Holy Prophetsaw came to wake them up for prayers as the Holy Prophetsaw said this was one of duties as a host if your guest is of similar faith. Huzuraba said that is why we have this provision in our annual conventions.

The Prophetsaw was well aware that some of his followers used to pass through phases of severe starvation when there was insufficient food. The Holy Prophetsaw experienced this hunger more then anyone else. So whenever food came for the Holy Prophetsaw he would invite all his followers who he knew were in this condition.

The Holy Prophetsaw didn’t only have short stay guests but he also accommodated guests who stayed with him long term.

Huzuraba said The Prophetsaw always made sure that guests never felt that they were being watched while they were eating and the Prophetsaw would often eat slowly with them so they would not feel embarrassed. A non believer came to see the Holy Prophetsaw and such was his hospitality that he asked some one to send goat’s milk the non believer drank to his fill. The next morning he accepted Islam as he so was impressed with the Holy Prophet’ssaw hospitality.

Huzuraba stated that once a Christian came to see the Holy Prophetsaw and ate so much that he soiled his bed at night and left quickly embarrassed. However, he had to return as he forgot his gold cross. He saw the Holy Prophetsaw washing the bedding. On seeing this he became a Muslim.

The Holy Prophetsaw wanted to cater for the material needs and spiritual needs of his guests. The Holy Prophetsaw said one way to respect your guests was to show him to the door. The followers of the Holy Prophetsaw used to fully discharge their duties. One on occasion a guest arrived and a disciple volunteered to take him and then asked his wife to prepare the food and as there was insufficient food they put their children to bed hungry and themselves turned off the lamp and pretended to eat alongside the guest so he would not feel embarrassed to eat .The next morning when this disciple came to see the Holy Prophetsaw the Prophetsaw said that Allah was much pleased with his conduct.

The Promised Messiahas set a very noble example; the Promised Messiahas said even if a guest speaks harshly you shouldn’t mind. It would be a great sin if the guest were to feel any inconvenience. Some guests came and became upset with the way they were treated and left. The Promised Messiahas hurried after them on foot and caught up with them and requested them to return. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq ra relates that he came to stay from Lahore and when the Promised Messiahas went to get food for him, tears came to his eyes when he saw that the Promised Messiahas was bringing the tray himself.

Huzuraba said the examples set by our Holy Prophetsaw and the Promised Messiahas are for us to follow. Soon the UK annual convention will be taking place. Some guests are staying with close relatives and others are being accomodated by the Jama'at. Look after them as much as you can, don’t let them suffer in anyway. If you find it difficult to cope with the guests then the Jama'at will help and look after them for two weeks. I hope all those on duty will take part with great vigour and devotion. The duties need to be done more attentively and for longer periods of time as the guests will be staying in two separate areas. May Allah give us the capability to look after our guests to our best capacity so they suffer no hardship. Aamee.