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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
July 29th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon)

Jalsa Salana UK 2005

This Friday Sermon was delivered by Huzuraba at Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot, England, where the UK Jalsa Salana is being held this weekend.

With reference to the enormous arrangements and facilities provided at Jalsa Huzuraba chose to give a discourse on the responsibilities that lay on the guests in reciprocation of the hospitality extended to them.

Quoting the Holy Qur’an (24:28) Huzuraba explained the ways and means it sets out through which guests need to conduct themselves as regards their obligations towards their hosts. Huzuraba laid emphasis on informing the hosts well in advance of one’s plans to visit and stressed to observe contentment and general regard in terms of hospitality offered specially at meals. Citing extensively from the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw Huzuraba counselled to be heedful of not over staying one’s welcome, whether invited for an evening meal or for a few days’ stay. The Holy Prophetsaw said that one should offer generous hospitality for a night, general hospitality for three days and consider any stay beyond this time as a sadqa; Huzuraba reminded potential guests of the point of being the recipients of sadqa if they stayed over three days as a guest.

In context, Huzuraba briefly touched upon the disregard shown by some when hiring the halls at Bait ul Futuh for private events. Huzuraba said they carry their functions till late in the night and discount the fact that those who manage the winding-up of the halls are volunteers.

Huzuraba spoke at length on the aspect of a guest’s consideration towards the host at meals. In citing Ahadith Huzuraba said that the greatest problem for a host is not to be able to provide for a guest while the guest stays on, as well as the great significance of ensuring that only those turn up for meals who are invited. Huzuraba explained that it is contrary to courtesy when sometimes a couple is invited to a wedding they take their children along as well. Huzuraba said children tend to waste food and parents should pay attention in serving food to their children appropriately. He counselled to be mindful of this during Jalsa days and not to waste food. However, Huzuraba advised the volunteers and duty holders not to refuse to serve anyone on these grounds. Likewise Huzuraba related many episodes of Jalsa at Rabwah where the food prepared was extraordinarily blessed in terms of quantity and the volunteers would serve selflessly.

Addressing those who are visiting during Jalsa from abroad, in particular from Pakistan, Huzuraba said to take note that people living here have employment commitments and cannot easily take time off to entertain them. Huzuraba asked them to refrain from making demands to the host to take them shopping and perhaps pay for their purchases as well in the local currency. Huzuraba urged them to have the objective of coming to attend the Jalsa in view and to gather the blessings of this.

Huzuraba advised to listen to all speeches given at Jalsa and to glean points from them rather than analyse oratory skills, to spend the time in remembrance of Allah and in exclusively making prayers.

Huzuraba remarked that the site for the Jalsa this year was new and all guests should bear that in mind and demonstrate patience and tolerance. He urged all to engage profusely in prayers, personal prayers as well as prayers for Jama’ats in Indonesia and BanglaDesh where there is ongoing persecution.

Huzuraba acknowledged the fairness of the British government in providing complete security for us during Jalsa despite the chaotic state of affairs in London due to the recent bombings and said that it was their kindness and may they be rewarded for it. However, Huzuraba added that we only turn to Allah for real support and help and that these were simply apparent arrangements made in line with the teachings of the Holy Prophetsaw.

Huzuraba urged all to adopt taqwa (righteousness) and base our lives on it. He gave specific instructions as regards attending the Jalsa. Speaking on matters of security Huzuraba asked all to be vigilant. In light of the current situation in the country following the London bombings and reprisals on Muslims Huzuraba urged to display patience and in case of physical violence to report it to the police. He urged women not to venture out too much in areas where there have been backlashes.

In conclusion Huzuraba asked for prayers that may the Jalsa be blessed and is concluded safe and sound.