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Essence of the Success of Annual Conventions

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

September 2nd, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

Huzuraba delivered this Sermon from Hamburg, Germany. Huzuraba spoke of the success of the recent Jalsa Salana of Germany in terms of the quality of presentations, the absorbed/engaged audiences/attendees as well as excellent organisation but explained that all the apparent accomplishments in Germany as well as elsewhere in the world during Jalsa time come to pass as a result of the prayers made by the Promised Messiahas more than a hundred years ago for the institution of Jalsa Salana. The objective of the Promised Messiahas to establish this Jalsa that first took place in Qadian was to bring about a pure change in his Community and for them to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophetsaw. Today, it is the fruition of those prayers that we see in each country around the world.

Huzuraba said during Jalsa time amazing feats are accomplished by people with no apparent knowledge of tasks they undertake. Professional doctors, engineers, PhD holders and suchlike work most selflessly at manual tasks, some young people are on duty for 24 hours. How does this spirit get generated? It is for more than a hundred years now that we are witness to the extraordinary spirit to volunteer, and this amazing sense of sacrifice is all by means of the prayers of the Promised Messiahas. Thus the grace and blessings of these days is not only received by those who volunteer and serve but is also showered on those who attend and listen, which in this age, is shared by millions around the world via MTA.

Huzuraba said this beneficence is not only for three days. According to the Promised Messiahas we need to gather these blessings and then make them a part of our everyday life.

Speaking of the extraordinary spiritual blessings of the Jalsa, Huzuraba said to maintain the pure changes one feels during Jalsa is conditional to consistency and determination. The objective is to instil all that one learns and gleans from Jalsa in one’s life, keeping its impact going till the next year and the next Jalsa and then to re-charge oneself with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

Referring to the speeches made at Jalsa Huzuraba said they all revolve around taqwa (righteousness) and it is taqwa that we need to infuse in our lives. Those who tend to lapse after feeling spiritually charged at Jalsa should recognize the essence of taqwa, inculcate all that they hear at Jalsa in their lives and then pray for steadfastness and commitment. Huzuraba commented that without Allah’s grace nothing can be achieved, he said majority of those in the Jama’at in Germany are from families whose elders were enabled to accept Ahmadiyyat and had the honour of the company the Promised Messiahas. However, Huzuraba said this honour is justified only when they themselves also set excellent examples of piety. There should be a constant reminding within families of all that is ascertained at Jalsa. Citing a hadith Huzuraba emphasised the constant need to seek protection against perversity, he reminded of his earlier instruction to read the Quranic prayer (3:9) abundantly in this respect.

Huzuraba said intense love and intense anger can pervert the heart and in fact it is often intense love that causes intense anger. When one is hot-tempered it is actually the love of one’s self (nafs) that overrides all else. Huzuraba gave examples when some, overcome by their love for family members etc. against whom punitive measures are taken, speak up against the system of the Community. Huzuraba said the administrative system of the Community can make mistakes; however, one should react to any decision made calmly. Huzuraba said no connection, no relation ought to prevail over one’s love for Allah, the Holy Prophetsaw, the Promised Messiahas the system of the Khilafat and the administrative system of the Community, otherwise the undertaking we make in our pledge would not hold true.

Reading inspirational passages from the writings of the Promised Messiahas, Huzuraba enjoined all to make self-assessment as regards as the extent to which we go to endeavour to avoid ills. Huzuraba said seeking Allah’s grace we ought to adhere to the Community to the Imam of the age for this is where all the grace and blessings are.