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Patience, Steadfastness, and Service to Humanity

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

October 14th, 2005

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Citing verses 155-157 of Surah Al Baqarah, (2:155-157) Huzuraba gave his Friday Sermon expounding the two traumatic incidents that took place last week; the first incident, Huzuraba said, he had alluded to in his last sermon as well, took place last Friday in Mong in Pakistan and the other was the dreadful earthquake that devastated the north of Pakistan and Kashmir on the day after.

Huzuraba said the first incident was a trial the like of which Divine communities have always faced. The Ahmadiyya Community’s history bears witness that whenever they have faced such a situation they have displayed patience and steadfastness and bore all persecution and oppression without ever taking the law in their own hands.

Today the Community in general and the bereaved in particular too should submit to Allah and seek patience and mercy. Those who lost their lives in this incident have attained eternal life and their families as well as the entire Community should always be mindful of this. No doubt the grief for the families is immense but in light of the glad-tiding from Allah of their elevated status, supplications should be made and patience sought. Huzuraba said their sacrifice shall never go in-vain. He prayed that may we be among those about whom the Holy Qur’an states that in misfortune they say: “Surely to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return.” (2:157) The Holy Prophetsaw said that if a believer is patient and steadfast in grief, hardship or loss then this demeanour is a source of blessing for them. The Promised Messiahas also enjoined to bear abuse and cruelty with patience and forbearance. Huzuraba said it does not behove an Ahmadi to reprove our opponents; we have to maintain out distinctive poise. Huzuraba told of another martyrdom that took place in Quetta before Ramadan. Huzuraba asked that prayers are made for that family as well, in fact it is the obligation of the Community to pray for the families of all martyrs. Huzuraba said Allah has always blessed the families of martyrs.

Next Huzuraba said he wished to speak on the massive earthquake of last week that has devastated north of Pakistan and Kashmir. Huzuraba said the Pakistani Ahmadis were agonised and to see their country folk in such distress, he said he had written to the President of Pakistan and other high government officials and offered all possible help and support. Huzuraba said that it was the requisite of love of homeland that each Pakistani Ahmadi helped the victims with practical help as well as with prayers; to forget their own problems and to take care of other’s problems.

Huzuraba said since the inception of Pakistan the Community has made sacrifices for the rights of Muslims; today an Ahmadi alone comprehends that love of one’s country is part of faith and wherever in the world an Ahmadi resides, he/she characterizes love for one’s country.

Contrary to the futile ideas of some that Pakistani Ahamdis are not loyal to their country, Huzuraba said the Community is helping the country-men victims of earthquake to the best of its resources.

Huzuraba asked all Ahmadi Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad to do their utmost to assist the helpless victims of the quake. In countries where Humanity First is not established, people should go to the Pakistan embassy to make donations.

Huzuraba said he did not say this because he is a Pakistani but because as Muslims we must help. He said it is just a minority among them, who due to their ignorance are against us; however, since they assert association with the Holy Prophetsaw it is our obligation to extend help, whereas for the citizens of Pakistan it is a civic duty to help.

Huzuraba said natural disasters do not distinguish between rich or poor and thousands have lost their lives when their houses were flattened by the quake. Many villages have simply vanished from the face of the earth and help has still not reached some inaccessible/remote areas.

Giving an overview of the Community in Pakistan assisting with the disaster, Huzuraba said in many places, our teams were the first to reach the victims. In Islamabad the Khuddam took cooked food to surrounding effected villages for days. Trucks are daily leaving from several locations with relief; all auxiliaries of the Community in Pakistan have assumed their roles well and are carrying them out efficiently.

Addressing the urgent needs in the aftermath of the quake Huzuraba said accommodation for the victims is a crucial issue and the Community is working with the government on having a “tent colony” under its complete care, many tents are sent from UK and many are being brought from China. Doctors under the auspices of ‘Humanity First’ from Germany and UK are already in Pakistan while doctors in USA await their rota.

Further commenting on the scale of the disaster Huzuraba said it cannot be dealt with by the local authorities alone. He referred to the recent devastation by hurricane in USA and said even that is said to take years to restore whereas Pakistan’s resources are limited. Huzuraba said if the entire nation is honest in spending each penny of the relief fund towards the restoration even then the process would take years. Huzuraba said many politicians and such like in Pakistan are making somewhat enthusiastic suggestions for relief/aid, however, the scale of the devastation is such that if the sums are done correctly, the cost of relief runs into millions of pound sterling simply to provide tents and food to the victims for the period of two months. For long-term restoration, Huzuraba said an entire infrastructure needs to be put in places and for this, billions, rather then millions will be required.

Huzuraba remarked that in response to this disaster, it appears that the Pakistani politicians have united; he prayed that may they remain so. May they shun political and religious bigotry and eschew passing edicts of non-belief (kufr) so that Allah may have mercy. Commenting on the fact that Pakistani religious scholars are admitting that this is a [Divine] warning for them all, Huzuraba said they ought to reflect what this warning is for. In order to come in the refuge of Allah’s pardon they will have to change themselves, put aside all mutual enmities and malice and bring to an end to passing edicts of kufr.

Huzuraba went on to expound the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw during time of inclement weather, and related several of his prayers for Allah’s refuge from the elements.

Huzuraba appealed to people of all sects in Pakistan to follow this blessed model and seek Allah’s refuge; above all, he said each Ahmadi should make these prayers.

Huzuraba mentioned the 1905 earthquake that occurred in India and related that at the time the Promised Messiahas spent a long period in prayers and nafls (optional Salat) and camped out in the garden of his house for days with his family and household.

Huzuraba stressed on prayers seeking Allah’s refuge and to be engaged in seeking Istaghfar (pardon) and prayers that may Allah grant guidance to the nation [of Pakistan].

Reading from the Promised Messiah’sas writings Huzuraba said that following this natural disaster all should endeavour to reform themselves and get rid of all suspicions and distrusts and pray to Allah intensely and with the utmost of humility; in that Allah saves us from a death of His chastisement.

Huzuraba prayed that may our prayers be always of this measure, that it is the blessed month of Ramadan which heralds exceptional acceptance of prayers; we should pray specifically for guidance for mankind and protection from destruction.

May Allah, merely with His grace, accept these prayers.