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Jalsa Salana Qadian

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

December 30th, 2005

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered the Friday Sermon to a massive gathering at the site where the Jalsa took place two days ago in Qadian. Huzuraba’s sermon was a beautiful discourse on sense of gratefulness.

Huzuraba cited verse 67 of Surah Al Zumar (39:67). The translation reads:

“ Aye, worship Allah and be among the thankful”

Remarking on the tremendous success of the Jalsa Salana Huzuraba said with the grace of Allah numerous signs of an intense air of spirituality during and post-Jalsa could be witnessed.

Huzuraba made special mention of the blessing of MTA through which people in the four corners of the earth were enabled to view the magnificent spectacle of Jalsa live. Huzuraba explained the most extraordinary manner in which the permission to use the airwaves to telecast the satellite transmission was granted exactly in time for his first Friday Sermon from Qadian by the Indian government despite expected delays in the procedure. Huzuraba observed that this amazing turn was a repeat manifestation of the revelation to the Promised Messiah “I shall cause your message to reach the corners of the earth”.

Huzuraba expressed his gratitude to the company assisting with the satellite link and paid special tribute to the volunteer force of MTA who had worked extremely hard for these transmissions. Huzuraba said the MTA volunteers from London, who despite living in the Western world had a great sense of commitment towards it. He said these were not just a few in number rather they numbered more than a hundred and for Huzuraba came in the category of the Quranic description: “We are the helpers of Allah” (2:53). Huzuraba counselled the MTA volunteers to turn to Allah with extreme gratitude that He has enabled them to be among the helpers of the Promised Messiahas.

Observing the number of people who attended the Jalsa - that is 70,000 - plus the world-wide audience on MTA Huzuraba said this milestone should incline us ever more towards Allah with gratefulness. Huzuraba said mere slogans should not be the expression of thankfulness; rather it should be demonstrated by turning to Allah, by doing good deeds and by honouring the dues of mankind.
By way of gratefulness Huzuraba enjoined all to know and say the Quranic prayer from Surah Al Naml (27:20).

Huzuraba related a few Ahadith to illustrate the supreme sense of gratefulness the Holy Prophetsaw had towards Allah and toward his fellow-beings.

Huzuraba mentioned an incident of just after the Jalsa when Huzuraba went to the enclosure of new-converts and due to their lack of knowledge of the disciplined ways of our Community there seemed some commotion and Huzuraba’s security personnel had to make great effort to control them. Huzuraba expressed thankfulness that the situation was contained, however, he instructed the organisers not to include such ventures without planning. Huzuraba said this was seen live on MTA by all and some had expressed concern and that is why he was mentioning it.

As for the security aspect Huzuraba said during Jalsas all over the world, the local police always observe that our Community does more than its fair share of security duty, Huzuraba said yet we express our thankfulness to the authorities who had provided the security during Qadian Jalsa.

Huzuraba also praised the host community of Qadian who had served the guests of the Promised Messiahas in an excellent manner and were continuing to do so.

Huzuraba cited verse 12 of Surah Al Duha (93:12) “And as for the bounty of your Lord do relate it to others” and said that in 1905 this verse was also given to the Promised Messiahas as a revelation, therefore each Ahmadi should continually recount the immeasurable blessings of Allah.

Huzuraba said the effect of Jalsa should make the mutual bond between each Ahmadi stronger, their sympathy and compassion for humanity greater, that they would truly have had the beneficence of the Jalsa only if they inculcated sentiments of gratitude.
Huzuraba urged all to make the spiritual transformation felt during Jalsa a part of their daily lives and be grateful that Allah had enabled them to experience the pious change.

Huzuraba urged to commemorate today with prayers and by invoking blessings on the Holy Prophetsaw and to make this sense of gratitude and Salat un Nabi (darood) part of our lives and to welcome the new year thus so that the emerging signs of the triumph of Ahmadiyyat may come closer still. Huzuraba prayed that may we be enabled to honour the dues of Allah and the dues of man.