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Merits of Monetary Sacrifice

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

January 6th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba gave a discourse on the merits of monetary sacrifice in his Friday Sermon delivered at Qadian. Citing verses 11 and 12 of Surah Al Saff (61:11-12) Huzuraba began by wishing the worldwide Ahmadiyya Community a happy New Year. Referring to his last sermon Huzuraba said each Ahmadi should start the New Year with a sense of gratefulness for all the blessings and grace of Allah and turn to Allah further making endeavours to one’s best capacities to act on Divine commandments. Huzuraba said if we were sincere in our worship, piety and monetary sacrifices then each year would bring tremendous blessings for us.

Keeping with tradition Huzuraba announced the new Waqf e Jadid year in the first sermon of January. With reference Huzuraba said monetary sacrifice is significant for reformation of the ‘self’ and to gain Divine nearness. The Holy Qur’an enjoins it repeatedly and mentions destruction for those who do not act upon it. Huzuraba said all monetary schemes and Tehriks of the Community are made in accordance to the commandments of Allah and each Ahmadi should be mindful of this in terms of preserving their faith. With the grace of Allah, Huzuraba said a big majority of the Community participates in monetary sacrifice but there is room for improvement.

Huzuraba said in this age of rampant materialism and commercialism when public, especially in the Western world, is bombarded with enticements to purchase merchandise, the Holy Qur’an guides us, setting forth the contrast of a “bargain” of striving in the way of Allah with one’s wealth.

Huzuraba said in the Indian sub-continent a large number of people from our Community are not financially stable, when anyone among us makes a monetary sacrifice they are performing Jihad of the self.

Huzuraba said in the time of the Promised Messiahas and by means of the direct impact of his holiness, his companions made extraordinary feats of monetary sacrifices, however, even in this materialistic age, and with the remoteness in time, Allah exhibits fulfilment of the promises made to the Promised Messiahas through amazing sacrifices made by young people of the Community. Huzuraba cited the example of a young woman who donated the price of her dowry to meet the target of last year’s Waqf e Jadid for Lajna Lahore. Huzuraba prayed that may Allah grant her with blessings and vast bounties.

Huzuraba said that the system of the Community should promote awareness of the merits of monetary sacrifice and in failing to do so in Huzuraba eyes they would be errant, sinful in depriving people of a virtuous act.

Huzuraba made a specific mention that the new converts should be encouraged to participate in monetary sacrifices. He said the traditionalists in the Community need to pay great attention in training the new comers in this matter. In India and in Africa a great number of ‘new’ people have come in the Community in recent years and we need to work towards actively involving them in terms of monetary sacrifices. Huzuraba said perhaps Waqf e Jadid should be a stepping stone for them in this matter.

Huzuraba related a few Ahadith to elucidate the subject and remarked on the outstanding sacrifices made by the Companions of the Holy Prophet saw and spoke of the way in which Allah turned their fortunes around and blessed them immeasurably.

Huzuraba read a few extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiahas and said that those who freely spend in worldly matters but not in the way of Allah are those who are in a state of loss. He said it is not possible to have a love for wealth and to love Allah as well. Huzuraba recounted examples of great sacrifices made by the companions of the Promised Messiahas and said that if even a penny is spent in the way of Allah with true spirit and zeal, it is valued.

Huzuraba said those who are well off should consider if the donations they make are real sacrifices.

In terms of Waqf e Jadid resources used to sponsor missionaries Huzuraba said somehow it is imagined in the Indian sub-continent that we have sufficient missionaries. He said it was not so; time demands that we have a missionary in each village each city and for this the Community has to make monetary sacrifice; they would also have to offer their children for Waqf (as devotees).
Huzuraba specifically prayed that may all our missionaries be those who uphold excellent standards of taqwa.

Next Huzuraba announced that the total Waqf e Jadid contributions for 2005 stood at £ 2,142,000. The biggest contributor in Waqf e Jadid 2005 was USA, followed by Pakistan and then UK while the total contributors were in excess of 400,000, of which 51,000 were new converts.

Huzuraba concluded on prayers for excellent standards of taqwa for the missionaries of the Community and monetary sacrifice for the Community on the whole.

Huzuraba added that the reason for the slight delay in the sermon today was due to an electric problem in Qadian giving rise to a satellite signal problem, he assured those who had expressed concern that he was well and was not the cause of the delay!