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Defending the Honour of the Holy Prophet (sa)

Truth of The Promised Messiah as

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

February 17th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba gave his Friday Sermon on the truth of the Promised Messiahas. Huzuraba said that he had been giving a series of sermons on this before last Friday but had diverged to enlighten the Ahmadis of the appropriate response to the offensive publications that appeared in some European papers.

Huzuraba said we also need to impart to the world what should be the correct response from a Muslim. Huzuraba said to be offensive about holy persons does not constitute freedom of speech. It is playing with the emotions of others while seeming to be championing freedom of speech – certainly every facet in life has a code of conduct and this action exceeds all limits and if this is denoted as freedom, it is the kind that leads to decline rather than advancement.

Huzuraba said the West, having forsaken religion, is destroying all moral values and that this is tempting destruction. Huzuraba told of an odious campaign in Italy which purports that that is what the Muslims deserve. Huzuraba said leaving this assertion aside, to continue with this stance wilfully is inciting the wrath of Allah.

Huzuraba said it is the task of the Ahmadis to counsel people, to put fear of God in them and to present the glory of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings on him) to them, while turning to God and seeking His help. These people are heading towards the wrath of God and the One God Who has His own sense of honour and sense of honour for His dear ones has the power of chastisement; He is not restricted by any worldly laws and the human mind cannot encompass the scope of His chastisement.

Huzuraba said the Promised Messiahas had warned Europe, and he had warned America; Huzuraba cautioned the world that natural disasters are not just meant for Asia, adding ‘O Europe you too are not safe, do not challenge the sense of honour of God’.

Moreover, those who call themselves Muslims should also improve their attitude and communicate the glory of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings on him) to the world. What sort of an Islamic way is it to destroy let alone one’s own property but also others’ property? Rather then follow the mistaken ulema and ruin one’s hereafter, be wise and recognise the Messiah and follow him, now there is no other option, no other way to take us to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophetsaw but the Messiah.

With reference to Ahadith relating to the advent of the Promised Messiahas Huzuraba cautioned not to be embroiled in their literal sense and await the Messiah to “descend from the heavens in Damascus along with angels”. These are all metaphors and there are ample examples of such metaphors in Islamic terminology used for the Holy Prophetsaw as well which clarify that these are not to be taken literally.

Huzuraba said the Jews had made the error of not recognising Jesusas and that the Ahmadis should expound the truth to everyone so that as many as possible fortunate souls can be saved.

Huzuraba explained another hadith that relates a person from Samarqand to champion the teachings of the Holy Prophetsaw and said that this too is about the Promised Messiahas. Huzuraba explained all these points from the august writings of the Promised Messiahas who asserted that the Messiah would put right the internal state of the Muslims with his truthful teaching and would dispel spiritual destitution, demonstrating the truths and the cognisance until such time that people will be satiated by this wealth and there shall be no more spiritual destitute left.

The other sign of the Messiah is that he would break the ‘Cross’, kill the swine and defeat the Dajjal. Again this is not to be taken literally; the breaking of Cross connotes demolishing the acclaim of the Cross, the mention of swine denotes people with swine-like attributes and defeating the Dajjal signifies striking those who only have insight into this worldly life with argument and reasoning.
Huzuraba said in the current age it is only the Promised Messiahas who has challenged Christianity. Huzuraba related a Muslim scholar admitting that at the time of the Promised Messiahas people did not have religious knowledge and that ‘Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani’ was a scholarly person and that it was with his knowledge that he contended with Christianity and silenced it.

Whether people believe it or not one day they will have to concur that it was the reasoning of the Promised Messiahas that demolished the Dajjal.

Reading from the writing of the Promised Messiahas with reference to verse 4 of Surah Al Jummah Huzuraba said it connotes that the Messiah would have gained knowledge from the spirituality of the Holy Prophetsaw.

Huzuraba further gave the example of the hadith relating to the Messiah that he would abolish religious battles and would champion spreading God’s religion through Signs. With reference to Quranic verse Huzuraba expounded that indeed the despairing situation of the present-day conflicts and wars in the Muslim world are a sign that war in the name of religion is not valid anymore and that now the Jihad has to be with arguments and reasoning; Huzuraba said either the ones fighting wars are not true believers or it is time to give up fighting in the name of religion, adding, the fact is both of these are applicable.

Huzuraba cited a claim of the Promised Messiahas that only a person of truth can make. He had said that he swore by the God Who had control over his life that it was Allah Who had sent him and had called him a prophet and had called him Promised Messiahas and had maintained signs for him. Citing Quranic verse about those who associate lies against Allah being destroyed Huzuraba asked has the Promised Messiahas been destroyed or has Allah in accordance to His promise to take an obligation to help true believers has helped him in the past and continues to do so?

How far and wide across the world the message of the Promised Messiah has reached. Had he been (God forbid) false would Allah not have seized him for attributing Divine revelations to himself?

Huzuraba mentioned the heavenly signs of the lunar and solar eclipse that took place in 1894 which the Holy Prophetsaw had prophesied as signs of the truth of the Messiah. These were such rare and extraordinary signs that even modern-day science cannot predict them as long in advance as the Holy Prophetsaw did. Moreover at the time these signs manifested no other person had claimed to be the Messiah and the Promised Messiahas had certainly dared that if there was a claimant he should step out because the time and era demanded that. The Promised Messiahas had openly declared that his claim would only be negated if there was a person who was to descend from the heavens actually did so, he also invited people that if they were truthful they should pray for such a person to descend and their prayer would certainly be accepted because the truthful person’s prayer is always accepted as against to the false person. However, he added that their prayers would certainly not be accepted because they were in the wrong and that an age would pass by and no one would come.

Huzuraba read a few more of the claims of the Promised Messiahas where he declares that God shall grant him tremendous honour and that people who follow him will prevail over others. Huzuraba added that the Promised Messiahas declared that those who heard him should remember what he said and should safeguard his prophetic words in chests, as it were, for these were the words of God that were bound to come true.

Huzuraba said this was the claim of the Promised Messiahas that we are witnessing to come true, however people of each religion and each nation need to reflect on this. Huzuraba said the advent of one who was to gather people of all religions has come to pass and it is now through him that one can learn to honour all other prophets of God, learn to spread peace, love and affection, learn to deliver mankind from despair and indeed learn the ways to turn to Allah.

Huzuraba warned that the shadows of Allah’s chastisement seem to be hovering, that the Promised Messiahas has told us so.

Each Ahmadi ought to look into reforming themselves and informing the world of this warning.

May Allah have mercy on these worldly people and enable them to see the truth.