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Vile and False Allegations Against the Jamaat

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

March 3rd, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon in response to a baseless and fabricated news item published in the London edition of the Urdu daily ‘Jang’ yesterday.

Huzuraba said in the current climate when the sentiments of the Muslim world are aroused in light of the offensive caricatures published across Europe, the printing of a ‘news item’ as this on a Thursday is pre-emptive mischief to solely incite and agitate the un-informed against the Ahmadiyya Community, particularly from among those who have scheduled a protest today (Friday).

The ‘news item’ refers to a Danish secret service member as saying that the decision to publish the caricatures was only taken by after assurance given to Danish officials from the Ahmadiyya Community during their September 2005 annual convention in Copenhagen that the followers of the Holy Prophetsaw were only limited to the country of Saudi Arabia and that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had changed the Islamic commandments and had maintained that God forbid the teaching and the era of the Holy Prophetsaw had ended. It also mentioned that at the convention the Ahmadiyya Community maintained that it was the standard bearer of Islamic teachings and that their prophet had abolished the practice of Jihad.

Huzuraba said to begin with no annual convention (Jalsa) was held in Denmark in 2005 due to his trip to the Scandinavian countries and a joint convention was held in Sweden. However, a reception was held in Denmark during Huzuraba’s visit there which was attended by dignitaries and the press and where Huzuraba had delivered a speech on the peaceable teachings of Islam with reference to the Holy Qur’an, Ahadith and writings of the Promised Messiahas which was covered by the media. Huzuraba advised that if MTA had not broadcast the speech it could do so now. [This was promptly followed the Friday Sermon]. This was an enormous fabrication that belies even the most habitual of liars, who would think twice before speaking up in that everything is on record and tape these days.

Huzuraba said firstly he would say “the curse of Allah on those who lie” and that that if the other party was truthful then they could repeat the words in response. However, if they had an iota of fear of God they could never repeat the words.
Huzuraba said attempts have been made in the past and continued to be made to harm the Jama’at, but these are always met with failure while Allah’s loving grace on the Jama’at continues.

Huzuraba informed that the first voice against the mischief of the caricatures was that of the Ahmadiyya Community in Denmark, who later got in touch with the media again and an interview of our missionary was published which maintained that our response to such offensive material is to counter it by adopting the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw and thus promoting it.

Huzuraba also mentioned the publication of an interview of an indigenous Danish Ahmadi who had defended the honour of the Holy Prophetsaw. Huzuraba said with the grace of Allah our love of the Holy Prophetsaw is immeasurably more than those who allege against us and no Ahmadi could even entertain the thought that God forbid the Promised Messiah’sas station is greater than the Holy prophetsaw.

Elucidating the depth and intensity of his love for the Holy Prophetsaw Huzuraba referred to the fact that the Promised Messiahas would be deeply moved by a poetical verse said by Hadhrat Hassaan bin Thabit (may Allah be pleased with him) – a Companion of the Prophet - and would wish that it had been said by him instead:

“O Muhammadsaw, you were [like] the pupil of my eye that I am blinded of today. Whosoever may die now, I feared your death alone.”

Huzuraba also quoted Urdu poetic verses said by the Promised Messiahas himself depicting the glory of the Holy Prophetsaw.

Huzuraba also read extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiahas expressing glorious and eloquent tributes to the Holy Prophetsaw; repeatedly citing him as the seal of all prophets and indeed the best among the messengers of God. He continually maintained that it was only though the person of the Holy Prophetsaw that one could reach God, that his teachings had dispelled the darkness and indeed the revolutionary transformation he had brought about in the land of Arabia through his perfect teachings and reformation that he was the true ‘Adam’ in terms of establishing spirituality leaving no off shoot of humanity.

The Promised Messiahas wrote that when Allah bestows the honour of dialogue on someone that is when the word prophet is applied to the person, however, this most certainly does not denote that this person brings a new Shariah (religious law) or God forbid, annul Muhammad’ssaw Shariah.

Huzuraba said when the claimant himself declares so and his followers concur then why the falsehood? Remarking on the absurd nature of the reporting of this news Huzuraba said that the object is none other than to incite the rest of the Muslims.
Huzuraba said he has been giving sermons in light of the current affairs and had expressed the grief felt and that the Jama’at had issued press releases. All this was because it is a part of our faith and we are non-existent without a link with the Holy Prophetsaw.

Citing further extracts from the Promised Messiah’sas writings Huzuraba said that the spiritual light that was granted to the Holy Prophetsaw does not exist in anything on this earth or in the heavens, that it was given to the perfect man and with degrees to his followers, that all excellences of being human were granted to this perfect man.

Huzuraba dared that the religious scholars of those who allege against us could not even show a minuscule quantity of the eloquence and the articulacy of the Promised Messiahas in his expressive writings about the Holy Prophetsaw.

Huzuraba quoted the Promised Messiahas with regards those who cause offense to the Holy Prophetsaw that we would rather reconcile with beasts than reconcile with those who make such wicked transgressions.
As for the abolition of the Jihad of the force in the current age Huzuraba cited the Promised Messiahas in that the battles that the Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings be on him) fought were to defend Islam or to establish peace; he said that the rest of the Muslims who maintain that the Bukhari book of hadith is second to the Holy Qur’an in authority conveniently overlook that Bukhari states that the Messiah shall not engage in fighting.

Huzuraba said we have always declared and shall keep on doing so that that so-called Jihad of the militant minded people under the guise of which they engage in terrorism is certainly no Jihad. The Ahmadi people have never participated in terrorism and shall never do so.

With reference to the ‘news item’ and remarking that this was journalism reminiscent of Pakistan-type reporting, Huzuraba informed that this is not the same country (reference to Pakistan) that here the legal system can be utilized. The Jama’at is collecting facts and shall take this matter as far as the law of this country shall allow so that the morals of these people are exposed.

Huzuraba commented that the ‘news item’ also involves the Danish government in that their secret service official maintained that they made the caricature publications on the assurance of the Ahmadiyya Community.

Huzuraba concluded on an extract of the Promised Messiahas in that if we stayed on the right path and carried out perfect obedience to the Holy Prophetsaw and complied with the commandments through our actions then, even if the entire world wanted to destroy us, it would not be able to do so.