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State of Turmoil of the Muslim World

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

March 17th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered the Friday Sermon on the state of turmoil the Muslim world finds itself in for the past several years. Huzuraba referred to a series of Friday Sermons given by Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih IVra at the time of the first Gulf war and said that he had particularly warned the Arab nations against the clutches of the Western nations; advise that went heedless. He had analysed the situation and had derived conclusions which are coming to pass in the exact manner and today we find Iraq destroyed and ruined. So much so that now there is a danger of civil war erupting there; meanwhile air assaults are still being carried out in parts of Iraq. All this clearly is painful for the Ahmadi and we should earnestly pray for the Muslim ummah that they may be saved from internal strife, self-seeking leadership and from outside dangers.

Huzuraba said he recently looked at a book by an American author John Perkins which uncovers the ploys of his government; from the tactics to initially subdue the third world nations who are then in their subjugation forever to the exploitation of natural resources of these countries. He writes that apart from its oil resources, it is the regional strategic importance of the two rivers of Iraq, Euphrates and Tigris that underlines its importance.

Huzuraba said Khalifa tul Masih IVra stated all of this after the 1991 initial attack on Iraq when the Western world declared that they were not interested in oil they were merely punishing those who meddled with world peace. Huzuraba said sixteen years later their punishment continues and how unfortunate for Muslims that they cannot solve their own problem and continue to be the instrument of the West.

Huzuraba said [John Perkins’s] book also tells of some historical facts pertaining to American oil companies’ vested interest in Iran from the days of the Shah, these days again their eyes are on Iran.

Huzuraba said all this proves that these activities have always been carried out against the Muslim world and will continue; in particular countries with rich natural resources or countries from which they have doubts of some form of challenge. Huzuraba said it is a most thought-provoking moment for the world of Islam to learn their lesson; they were counselled sixteen years ago, yet today one country lies in ruins. Sectarian violence has blinded them; with each suicide bombing they kill majority of their own people. Although the Western forces are now somewhat shaken by the loss of life their egotism comes first. For the economical gains they shall stay on and in re-building the ruin of a country they shall continue to pocket billions of Iraqi money while apparently doing Iraqis a favour of re-building their country.

Once again referring to the advice of Khalifa tul Masih IVra of sixteen years ago Huzuraba said even if they listened now there could be peace in Iraq. Huzuraba said Iran too is in danger, there is much furore over its nuclear energy programme; the West wants guarantee that the Iran nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes - certainly the Western powers have one rule for themselves and another for the rest.

Huzuraba said if the Muslim countries paid heed to the hadith that all believers are brothers and the Quranic statement: “Surely, all believers are brother. So make peace between brothers, and fear Allah that mercy may be shown to you.” (49:11) they stood hope.
Huzuraba mentioned the lack of taqwa among the Muslim nations and said the treachery of Saudi Arabia to the Muslim world is of historic nature. It is now well and truly in the claws of USA. Although due to the location of Mecca and Medina they could have a huge influence on the Muslims, however, for that they would have to demonstrate fear of God rather than fear of USA.

Mentioning the danger the Muslim countries are in as far as the big world powers are concerned Huzuraba said Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih IIra and Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih IVra both drew their attention to the dangers to no avail. They would still not pay attention if we were to try again; however, we need to say to them to adopt taqwa in order to reform the ummah. Their leaders should get together and try to unite the ummah.

Huzuraba said one significant reason for the state of the Muslim world is their lack of concern for taqwa, which can only be achieved in the current age by believing in the Promised Messiahas. It is the obligation of Ahmadis to pray and convince the Muslim world that without accepting the Imam of the age they cannot progress.

Huzuraba said Christianity is on the decrease so now they are using subtle ways like children’s books to get their message across; books that relate the good points of Christianity and create confusion over Islam. Huzuraba also mentioned Christian priests attacking Islam in response of which the renowned Egyptian religious scholars are silent; Huzuraba said it is being said that they are silent intentionally under a policy.

Huzuraba said in light of verse 4 of Surah Al Jummah we know that in the current age Islam’s respect can be restored in this world only by accepting the Messiahas that it is God’s decree that triumph of Islam will not come about with apparent expertise.

Huzuraba said we need to counsel the Muslims and do Tabligh to them as well as pray for them. Reiterating the looming danger to the Muslim world Huzuraba said it should the Ahmadi’s effort till the very last minute that calamity is averted and for this we only have prayer. Huzuraba cited the Promised Messiahas in that it is essential to accept a prophet of God for reformation, for guidance comes from the heavens. We should point out to the Muslims that indeed the Holy Qur’an clearly states triumph of Islam however as they do not accept the Imam of the age the situation is worsening by the day.

Huzuraba said as the Promised Messiahas came for the entire world, we should also pray for the non-Muslims who are the perpetrators. Huzuraba said we cannot actively stop them from what they do but we can pray, which is our biggest arsenal; we should pray for all mankind, open up communications and tell people that the ways they have adopted lead to destruction. May Allah make it so that their masses awaken to the fact of their governments exploit smaller nations and that they prevent their politicians from doing so.

Huzuraba said the Promised Messiahas said that as long as the world does not understand the formula that love of homeland and love of mankind can be combined, peace will not be established.

Relating the warnings the Promised Messiahas has given to the whole world, Huzuraba said may Allah have mercy and may He not show us the calamities, rather may the world unite under the One Creator and the banner of Islam. May we make abundant endeavours with our deeds and prayers.