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Objective of the Creation of Man

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

April 7th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon from Singapore. The main theme of Huzur’saba sermon was the objective of the creation of man. Huzuraba referred to the amazing speed of the current technological progress and said that when man begins to rely on materialism his spiritual side diminishes, which is what we see around us these days. This is in contradiction to the great objective of man’s creation; by adopting which purpose, man not only attains the blessings of this world he is also the recipient of the bounties of the Hereafter.

With reference to verse 57 of Surah Al Dhariyat (51:57) Huzuraba cited the Promised Messiahas and explained that whether or not anyone understands it, the real purpose of man’s creation is to worship God and to attain His spiritual cognisance and to absorb oneself completely in Him. It is the way of Allah to impart His commandments through His prophets. The directive to recognise the One God and to worship Him has been given to man, among other reasons, because he has been made the most eminent among all creation. Mindful of his God-given mental faculties through which he has achieved the modern-day inventions, he should further reflect over this blessing and make it a means to get closer to God.

God perfected religion in the faith of Islam and revealed it to the Holy Prophetsaw and proclaimed that this was faith was to last till the end of time. However, the Holy Prophetsaw also prophesied that after him, his ummah will go through a dark period, this is when God would send the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophetsaw, the Messiah, who will change the darkness back into light and will gather people of all religions on one hand. In an age of rampant materialism he will teach man to recognise God. The Holy Prophetsaw drew particular attention of the Muslim ummah to go to the Messiah and convey to him his greetings even if one had to crawl over ice to do so.

Huzuraba said that we are fortunate in that we have recognised the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophetsaw however; this recognition will be of any avail only if we bring about pure changes in ourselves and increasingly turn to the Merciful God and try and follow all His commandments. For example, Huzuraba mentioned, the commandment of reserve and modesty, through which women are particularly directed to cover themselves and men are directed to restrain their eyes. Huzuraba said in this day and age there is too much freedom in this respect. Huzuraba said these lacks of restrictions gradually lead to loss of all sense of modesty and reserve and abandoning of lesser directives promotes negligence of greater directives such as worship of God.

Huzuraba advised that the younger generation needs to take particular heed of this; we should be constantly mindful that we belong to the Community of one who came, according to the prophecy of the Holy Prophetsaw, to bring man closer to God.

Reading an extract from the writings of the Promised Messiahas Huzuraba said that one cannot achieve Allah’s pleasure by merely taking part in the ceremony of Bai’at (pledge of allegiance) and by the verbal affirmation; rather one must endeavour to adopt taqwa, study the Holy Qur’an, reflect over it and act upon its directives. One cannot even please man with mere words who is only pleased when service is rendered to him. Allah sends down His angels to distinguish between one who truly believes and one who is merely vocal when man worships Him and is kind and compassionate to His creation for Allah’s sake.

Huzuraba said indeed the modern day inventions and development are a sign of the advent of the Messiah and are there to be utilized, however, one should keep a balance in their pursuit lest one deviates from the purpose of accepting the Messiah; Huzuraba said of what benefit is an Ahmadi who incurs Allah’s displeasure and has to face the opposition of the world as well.

Expounding the sense of sacrifice of the pioneer Ahmadis in Singapore Huzuraba mentioned Hadhrat Maulana Ghulam Hussein Ayaz and Haji Jaffer sahib and said that these people gave great sacrifices in the cause of Allah, including being beating up so badly that they had to be hospitalised for days. It was the fruit of their sacrifices that today the local Jama’at was experiencing Allah’s blessings, like the beautiful mosque. Huzuraba said sacrifice is never wasted and the sacrifices that the local Ahmadis were making today will Inshallah also bear fruit, this is the promise of Allah.

Next Huzuraba mentioned the persecution the Community is enduring in neighbouring Indonesia and said that we do not respond to oppression with oppression rather we always turn to God. Huzuraba said there were many Indonesians present in the congregation who were witness to the fact that they have been staunchly steadfast in the face of these troubles and trials, rather these trials have increased them in their faith. Huzuraba addressed his ‘Indonesian brothers and sisters’ and advised them never to relinquish patience and steadfastness; he said it is the distinction of Ahmadiyyat that we never take the law in our hands in response to oppression. We always turn to God; he counselled the Indonesian Ahmadis to seek Allah’s help; Allah would never waste them, never waste them, never waste them. Huzuraba told them they were not alone; the entire worldwide Community was with them, that this trial would certainly pass and that it had come about for the advancement of the Community. Huzuraba said now that they have accepted the Promised Messiahas Allah would never waste them. Inspiring them Huzuraba reminded them that they were the adherents of one who had challenged the world in these words: “O foolish and sightless, which truthful was wasted before me that now I will be wasted?...Listen most clearly, my soul is not one to be destroyed and my disposition does not have the element of failure in it….the enemy will be mortified and God will grant me triumph in every field; I am with Him and He is with me and nothing can break our bond.”

Huzuraba remarked that 100 years on, the opposition still cannot do any harm to Ahmadiyyat because we have Allah’s promise. Huzuraba said he had no concern that any worldly power could harm us, his only concern was that any Ahmadi does not ruin their life here and in the Hereafter by turning away from God.

Huzuraba said along with worship of God, it is also our task to take the peaceable message of Islam and Ahmadiyyat to the world; this responsibility is on our shoulders and while we need to be mindful of this ourselves, we also need to inculcate this in our children. Huzuraba said with the grace of Allah he could observe sincerity among most of the people present, may Allah ever increase their sincerity.

In conclusion Huzuraba prayed that may we always be enabled to act upon the teachings of the Promised Messiahas and may He keep us ever firm on our faith and enable us to take this message to those deprived people who have not yet accepted it.