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Annual Convention Fiji

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

April 28th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon in Suva, Fiji, at the Jalsa Salana of the country.

Huzuraba commented on the immense grace of Allah that had enabled him to deliver the sermon, which was transmitted live, from the far off part of the world that Fiji is. Remarking on the geographical remoteness of Fiji, Huzuraba mentioned that it was known as the edge of the world and that in his sermon being transmitted live to the world from there, the Divine prophecy revealed to the Promised Messiahas was being fulfilled with renewed glory.

Huzuraba said that the current dismal global state of affairs is crying out for a reformer, a Messiah. The general Muslims too acknowledge that Islam remains only in name. Indeed, this is the kind of situation in which the advent of the Messiah was prophesised by the Holy Prophetsaw.

We are most fortunate that Allah enabled us to believe in the Messiah of the age. However, to merely believe in him is not sufficient. The objective of the advent of the Messiah was twofold; to help man have a link/connection with the Living God and to serve mankind. Therefore, it should be our aim to endeavour to attain this objective in light of the teaching of the Promised Messiahas which is in fact the teaching of the Holy Prophetsaw.

Citing most eloquent passages from the writings of the Promised Messiahas Huzuraba counselled that we would only be worthy of being true Ahmadis if we aimed to have the kind of love of Allah and of the Holy Prophetsaw that the Promised Messiahas had.

Further referring to the Promised Messiah’sas eminent writings Huzuraba said the one’s dues to mankind are of two types; firstly, those that are for one’s brothers in faith and secondly true compassion for humanity at large. From one’s dues to Allah, the greatest is to perform worship without any ulterior motive. Huzuraba stressed the significance of observing Salat with reference to Quranic verses and Ahadith and said that it was fundamental in distinguishing between belief and non-belief.

Citing the Promised Messiah’sas faith-inspiring writings Huzuraba advised on instilling a state of deep tenderness and profound yearning during Salat; to submit oneself totally to Allah in a state of utter humility and meekness. Huzuraba said that a person in a state such as this places themselves in the lap of the Rububiyat (Divine quality of sustaining) of Allah.

Huzuraba counselled to self-reflect as to what are our standards in this regard. Remarking on the profusion with which the Holy Prophetsaw would seek Istaghfar (forgiveness) Huzuraba said the need for us to seek Istaghfar, so that we may please our God, has to be immeasurable.

Huzuraba said financial giving in the way of Allah is also worship; that in many instances, the Holy Qur’an enjoins Salat and paying of Zakat simultaneously.

With reference to monetary sacrifice and the Divine promise of Khilafat in the Holy Qur’an, Huzuraba said that today it is only the Ahmadiyya Community that has the system of Zakat established as well as the system of Khilafat. Huzuraba said one could only be the recipient of the blessings of the institution of Khilafat by total obedience of the Holy Prophetsaw and by acting on the teachings of the Promised Messiahas.

Elucidating the subject of one’s dues to mankind, Huzuraba said each Ahmadi should inculcate sincere compassion for each other; one person’s pain should be felt by all. This would help rid of all differences, all rifts and estrangements. Huzuraba said one should extend kindness even to those whom one may consider one’s enemy or those who have enmity against one. One should also pray for them and clear one’s heart about them, this would be in line with true obedience of the Holy Prophetsaw who had said that the greatest excellence is to keep a connection with one who breaks connection with you, to honour the dues of one who does not honour any dues and to forgive and overlook one who is verbally abusive to you. He enjoined to be humble in paying one’s dues to mankind and to completely forsake any notion of superiority over other nations or race.

Huzuraba said to honour the dues of Allah and the dues of mankind, indeed one has to but turn to Allah alone and seek His help.
Huzuraba said these are what should be the distinguishing traits between Ahmadis and the rest; these are the qualities that would enable us to call on others to the message of Islam.

Huzuraba urged each man woman child and elderly of the Fijian Jama’at to be conscientious in worship of God and kindness to humanity. He said this would herald progress in the tiny island of Fiji.

Huzuraba counselled them to fully benefit from the blessings of the Jalsa. He said in the ambience of Jalsa, whilst consideration should be given to prayers, mutual tolerance should also be promoted so that the dues of mankind could be honoured.

Huzuraba prayed that may Allah enable them all to do so.