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Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

June 9th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon from Manheim, Germany at the occasion of the Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Germany annual Ijtema. Citing verse 60 of Surah Al Nisa (4:60) Huzuraba gave a discourse on the subject of obedience. Huzuraba said the reason obedience to Khilafat and to the administrative system of the Community is stressed upon is because uniformity is essential to run the administration of the Community.

In accordance to the saying of the Holy Prophetsaw the Khilafat to follow the Promised Messiahas would be on the precept of prophethood and would last forever. The Promised Messiahas also said that it was essential and better for us that we witnessed the ‘second manifestation’ (his Khilafat) and that it would remain unbroken till the Day of Judgment and that God had informed him that those who have a belief that does not fall short at any stage of obedience are the ones favoured by Him.

Therefore, to be associated to this ‘everlasting second manifestation’, high standards of obedience need to be established. Indeed, one may have difference of opinion; there could be disparity in the way work is organised but to act upon what the Ameer, or the Khalifa says is because the Khalifa has given authority to the Ameer to make decisions. If it is deemed that the decision [of the Ameer] is erroneous and could harm the Community then it is sufficient to simply inform the Khalifa. It is Allah Who appoints the Khalifa and makes him responsible to oversee the Community, therefore God would cause any wrong decision by him to have positive results because it is His promise that through Khilafat He would give peace and security in exchange of fear to the believers, of course this security would be subject to the believers fulfilling the commandments of Allah.

Huzuraba said the Khalifa aims to promote and implement the message of a prophet and Shariah and that is why his obedience and the obedience of his administration is required. Allah blesses the decision of the Khalifa whom He has appointed and covers any faults and always saves the Community from any great harm. Indeed we have witnessed this over the years as regards the administration of the Community and Khilafat e Ahmadiyya.

Referring to the verse Huzuraba cited at the outset, he explained that people are enjoined to obey; to self-analyse, to seek understanding and perception of the commandments and make them a part of one’s life. Only then one may assume that he might be among those who believe.

Huzuraba said there are those who consider themselves to have religious knowledge and deem that they adopt Shariah, however, it is All-Knowing Allah Who alone knows that there are many so-called followers of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophetsaw who consider their limited knowledge to be the ultimate. Huzuraba said their presumption of adherence to commandments of Allah and the Prophet is invalid in light of the directive to accept the Messiah after his advent as well as to comply with the Khilafat to be established after him.

Huzuraba said for uniformity and for the safeguard of the administration of the community the verse states: to obey ‘those who are in authority over you’. Today, it is a Divine favour on us that we have been enabled to accept the Promised Messiah and are thus twined in his administration that draws our attention to Allah’s commandments and the Sunnah of the Prophet and we are not scattered like the others, rather we are threaded together in the string of Khilafat. Another Divine favour on us was that the Promised Messiahas was granted a son with tremendous insight and remarkable knowledge, who created a structure for the organisation of the Community from the smallest level to the national level; involving each person of the Community with the establishment of the auxiliary organisations which train people from early age to comprehend the requisites of affiliation and the significance of obedience. At times one is blinkered by worldly influences or egotism and say things which although do not effect the administration, they can cause those with lesser faith and the newcomers to stumble. Huzuraba cited by way of example that when a commission is formed to investigate and report a matter and following the report, if the Khalifa’s decision is not in accordance to the report, restlessness is created by inferring that maybe the report was altered before being presented etc. Huzuraba said this has the potential to create mischief therefore it should be avoided and limits should not be exceeded. Some people do this due to lack of awareness and others are led by egotism, however, when their attention is drawn to this they realise and seek forgiveness.

However, Huzuraba said, through his sermon today, he wished to inform those who take these steps to create mischief that the Community has now matured and those who get a chance to serve should get out of self-absorption and those who have very high opinion of themselves too should desist. There are many in the Community who act in accordance to directives, there are many who have the spirit to serve and many who abide by taqwa. If an office holder cannot obey the Khalifa as it is required then those who work in his/her subordination will not obey him/her either. Indeed, Allah gives one a chance up to a limit and covers one’s fault only when it is to the advantage of the Community.

Huzuraba made it clear that just because he was addressing this issue in Germany, people should not assume that this subject is specific to this country. Huzuraba said his counsel was for everyone and everyone needs to engage in Istaghfar. On the other hand Huzuraba suggested that when national Ameers form a commission they should include righteous people in it and when names are presented to Huzuraba for such tasks they too should be of people who adhere to taqwa. Addressing national Ameers Huzuraba advised them to raise their standard of obedience and to obey the Khalifa in the manner pulse is in harmony with a beating heart.

Huzuraba reiterated that the Promised Messiahas has said this Khilafat is going to last forever, so for an Ahmadi, after obedience to Allah and His Prophet, comes obedience to the Khalifa, followed by obedience to other office-holders. Indeed Allah will hold us to account as regards our level of obedience and we will not be able to get away with falsehood because each limb of our body will bear witness. If one believes in the Hereafter and wishes for a ‘good end’ then along with Allah and His Prophet, one needs to obey ‘those in authority’ and should, no matter what the situation is, let go of obedience.

Huzuraba said the office holders should realise that if the standards of obedience need to be raised then they need to adopt the principle as well.

The Promised Messiahas said that great endeavours are not needed as much as obedience is needed and that obedience entails the necessity of ‘butchering’ one’s vanity and it is one’s sense of vanity that leads even great believers in the Unity of God to create idols which lead them to contend with the Khalifa, this gives rise to contending with the Promised Messiahas, which leads to contending with the Holy Prophetsaw and ultimately these very believers in the Unity of Allah end up committing shirk (associating partners with Allah).

Huzuraba said it is indeed very difficult to suppress one’s ego; we should seek help from Allah and rid of our vanities. There is immense blessing in obedience and it is the root of establishing Tawheed (Unity of God). Huzuraba said each member and each missionary of the Community should strive to promote the task of establishing Unity of God that was given to the Promised Messiahas. We should try and bring our thought-process to the level set by the Promised Messiahas butchering our vanities and should carry out each task mindful that one is complying with the directive of Allah.

Huzuraba urged the missionaries of the Community to present a high standard of concordance between words and deeds and to morally develop the Community the way the Promised Messiahas wished. Auxiliary organisations too should make efforts in this regard.

Addressing the missionaries Huzuraba said they should obey the Ameers and if they notice something, they should have a word with the Ameer or any other office holder concerned in privacy and if this does not help they should inform the Khalifa. However, there should never be any impression that there is no co-operation between a missionary and the Ameer. The missionaries should be very mindful never to give the impression that they are on exceptional terms with so and so and would perhaps show partiality to them if ever needed. It is a huge responsibility on the missionaries to inculcate the spirit of obedience in the Community.

Huzuraba said many write in asking for prayers for a ‘good end’. Allah has shown us a way for this; obey Allah, the Prophet and one ‘in authority’ over you, Allah shall give you a ‘good end’. Huzuraba related a few Ahadith to elucidate the subject further.

The Promised Messiahas said that guidance is complete only when obedience is complete; he enjoined to adopt the extremely high standard of obedience that the Companions of the Prophetra maintained, citing the swiftness with which the Companions broke their pitchers of alcohol the moment they heard that the Prophet had declared its forbiddance. Huzuraba said likewise to accepteverything said by the Khalifa is real obedience rather than seeking clarification etc. Indeed, if needed, things can be dealt with at a later stage but the essence is in prompt obedience.

Huzuraba said in order to avoid the negative aspects we need to engage in Istaghfar in abundance. Allah commands that one must engage in Istaghfar in times of progress.

Huzuraba said we should not replicate/reflect any culture or any country or any nation, we should only reflect the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw.

In conclusion Huzuraba prayed that may every Ahmadi be enabled to suppress their ego for the dignity and sanctity of the Community while maintaining high standards of obedience. May Allah have mercy and may He bless.