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Divine Help

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

June 30th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered today’s Friday Sermon on the manifestation of Divine help with reference to the succour given to the Promised Messiah as every step of the way, this, Huzuraba explained was by virtue of the true and ardent love he had for the Holy Prophet saw. The Promised Messiah as said that it would be great ingratitude not to admit that the Living God was attained through this esteemed Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) alone and whoever sincerely follows him in this age is given a spiritual life and heavenly blessings and becomes a unique person among all people. Huzuraba explained that in this era this ‘unique’ person in whose support miraculous signs were demonstrated was none other than the Promised Messiah as and the community that shall follow the Holy Prophet saw and will sustain true and devoted love for him shall always partake of Divine beneficence. Citing a hadith Huzuraba said that the group of people who accepted the Promised Messiah as are indeed the ones for whom Divine help will always be forthcoming.

Next Huzuraba recounted a few Divine revelations of the Promised Messiah as expressing his truth and the significance of his mission and read an extract by the Promised Messiah as which states that all the revelations predict that it would be through this prophet that Islam’s superiority would be proved and that none other had the ability and power to verify their religion compared to him.

Huzuraba said this is not a mere claim, rather through out the years numerous Divine signs have been demonstrated to prove the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah as. Among these, the most powerful sign was that of the solar and lunar eclipse. In addition, there was the sign of the plague, signs of earthquakes and signs of academic excellence as well as extraordinary and astonishing ways in which monetary needs were always met on time and the manner in which people’s hearts were inclined towards the Promised Messiah as without any apparent effort.

Speaking about the decisive nature of the sign of the solar and lunar eclipse Huzuraba said that even at the time of this occurrence some religious scholars had raised doubts about the authenticity of the supporting hadith although once the prophecy had been fulfilled discussion over its authenticity was futile. Huzuraba mentioned a David McNaughton who has recently written under the topic of “Flaws in the Ahmadiyya Eclipse Theory” and has tried to prove that there are discrepancies in the dates of the eclipses. However, Professor Saleh Allah Din, an Ahmadi from India, has written a response to this and has proved that there seems to be some misunderstanding and that the dates indeed are accurate. Huzuraba said it is a scholarly response and will be placed on the internet soon.

Huzuraba further explained that there are many signs which were manifested on this earth in support of the Promised Messiah as and that they continue to be manifested. It is a fact that after the advent of the Promised Messiah as earthquakes have been more frequent, the plague too created havoc and the AIDS epidemic of the current age is also a kind of plague. Huzuraba read out specific revelations of the Promised Messiah as detailing the occurrences of earthquakes.

Reading from the august writings of the Promised Messiah as Huzuraba said that great number of deaths were essential to take place at the time of the Messiah, not because hadith had depicted the Messiah as an ogre, rather the inference is that as people would reject him and abuse him, their rejection would become the cause of the deaths. The fact of the matter is that a prophet does not bring about calamity; rather the occurrence of the calamity becomes a decisive proof of his truth.

It is the task of the Ahmadis to take the message of Ahmadiyyat to the wider world and to let them know that salvation now lies is in the sphere of security that Ahmadiyyat is. Huzuraba remarked that disasters are occurring all over the world and AIDS is causing hundred of thousands of death.

Elucidating the academic and scholarly sign of the treatise of ‘The Philosophy of the Teaching of Islam’ Huzuraba read out an announcement that the Promised Messiah as published prior to the treatise being read describing it as a glad tiding for the seekers of truth that was over and above human powers and was replete with the truths and spiritual knowledge of the Holy Qur’an. Citing a revelation worded “God is with you. God stands where you stand” Huzuraba said this is a metaphor for Divine help.

Next Huzuraba related the other scholarly miracle that was the ‘Khutba Ilhamia’ or the ‘Revealed Sermon’. It was on 11th April 1900 which was Eid ul Adhia that the Promised Messiah as received a revelation that he was to deliver the Eid sermon in Arabic and that he would be given the power to do so. The eloquence and the superior articulacy of the sermon was a testament to the fact that it was with Divine help. The Promised Messiah as wrote that as spontaneous phrases of eloquent Arabic were uttered by him he felt as if an angel was speaking from within.

The Promised Messiah as had asked his two companions to write down the sermon as he spoke, he started the sermon with the words ‘Ya EbaadAllah’ (O’ servants of God) and had the audience captivated. Although there were only a few Arabic speaking people in the audience yet everyone was as if in a trance, while the demeanour of the Promised Messiah as as he spoke, was otherworldly.

Huzuraba concluded that these are but just a few examples of the numerous signs given to the Promised Messiah as. Huzuraba prayed that may Allah grant wisdom to the world and enable it to acknowledge the Imam of the age, otherwise, Huzuraba said, we see regular [disasters] occurrences that could happen again. The chastisement of the Powerful and Honourable God is most severe, may Allah have mercy.

In the end Huzuraba announced the name he has picked for the new UK Jalsa gah at Alton. It is to be Hadiqa tul Mahdi (garden of the Mahdi)