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Divine attribute of Al-Mujeeb (Answerer to prayers)

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

August 11th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Citing verse 66 of Surah Al Mu’min (40:66) and verse 27 of Surah Al Naml (27:63) Huzur gave a discourse on the Divine attribute of Al Mujeeb (Answerer to prayers). Huzur said the Islamic perspective is that of a Living God Who gives proof of His Being by listening to prayers. We are indeed fortunate in that we are the followers of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) who gave us this understanding of God. It is also through this Divine attribute that we experience ways to attain nearness to Allah. In the current age it was the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) who revived those ways and elucidated true comprehension of the All-Living, All-Listening God to us. He challenged the world that recognition of the True God was through him.

Huzur prayed that may we have the capacity to understand this Divine attribute by adhering to the Imam of the age.

With reference to the above verse Huzur said the Quranic claim of an All-Living God in Islam is not a vacant claim, rather the concept is illustrated with examples; the experience of this realisation is conditional in that He alone is deemed worthy of worship and in order to obtain His nearness all else is forsaken and He alone is called upon with complete sincerity. Huzur said with this level of sincerity one is the recipient of the Loving God’s beneficence and by contrast how unfortunate are those who call upon other means in time of need. Referring to verse 187 of Surah Al Baqarah (2:187) Huzur said therein is the knowledge and awareness of nearness of God followed by the directive to worship Him and to act upon His commandments.

Citing writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) Huzur said acceptance of prayer is conditional to a level of faith where all worldly resources are abandoned and one makes oneself so deserving that God speaks to one. In Islam the realisation of God transpires through prayers and their acceptance. Indeed it is only in Islam that the concept of God Who speaks is presented.

Huzur said God taught us to pray to strengthen our faith and to grant us His nearness, in fact in Salat we also continually pray for the strengthening of the faith of our next generation. When we make prayers exclusively to attain His pleasure our other general prayers are also granted acceptance.

Huzur explained that Allah has taught us ways to pray with reference to His varied Divine attributes; this can be most faith-inspiring and brings about a greater understanding of God and can thus bring us closer still in nearness to God.

Huzur said through His attribute of Al Mujeeb God has made known to us the ways to pray; He wishes to grant and bestow and how unfortunate would it be if we did not call upon Him. Surely, we can call onto Him for all our needs, as a hadith illustrates even to obtain a shoe lace.

Further citing the Promised Messiah’s (on whom be peace) writings Huzur said [acceptance of] prayer demonstrates the Power of God in that He resolves all the troubles. If we wish to have peace in our homes we should fill our homes with prayers; a house where prayers are made is never destroyed. When praying we should not get impatient and disenchanted and exasperated until prayer shows its full effect. Fortunate is one who sincerely believes in prayer for he/she witnesses most wondrous qualities of God. Explaining the philosophy of prayer the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said that one should put in all one’s endeavours in a task and pray in conjunction; to merely rely on prayer and not make any arrangements or planning is like challenging God and the reverse of this is disbelief in God.>

Huzur said prayer is a refuge for one who is constantly engaged in it. He asked that today we need to pray not just for our own security and for that of our family and for the triumph of the Community but also for security of the Muslim ummah and in addition for the entire humanity. Huzur said these prayer are always needed but in the troubled times that we are living through these days we need to call upon Him in an impassioned way for the trouble that the Muslim ummah is in. The solution to this, Huzur said, is only through prayers.

Huzur extensively prayed for the Muslim ummah in that may they have the ability to recognise internal and external sedition, may they not incur God’s wrath rather turn to Him with sincerity. Huzur said only an Ahmadi can pray with heartfelt compassion for the oppressor as well as the oppressed. May Allah have mercy on the Muslim ummah for the sake of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) may they have the awareness to recognise their friends and their foes and may they acknowledge the Imam of the age.

Huzur said the world has forgotten God and is incurring His wrath, oppression is given the guise of progress, may Allah have mercy.

Huzur also asked for prayers to be made for Community and for the opponents of the Community to be unsuccessful. He asked to pray that may we not be deprived from blessings through our oversights and may our wishes be always accepted by Allah; may He take us in the refuge of all His attributes that we know of and those that we do not know of and may He save us from the evil of His creation.

Huzur asked for special prayers for his planned trip to USA later this week InshaAllah. Huzur said some have concerns in light of yesterday’s events at the UK airports; he said to pray, explaining that all our tasks are accomplished through reliance on prayer. May Allah remove any impediments during the trip and not give the enemies any reason to rejoice and may He make this trip blessed in every way. Huzur said the USA Jama’at should, rising above emotions, advise him accordingly.