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Merits of Friday Prayers

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

October 20th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Citing verses 10 to 12 of Surah Al Jumu’ah (62:10-12) Huzur gave a discourse on the merits of Friday prayers.

By way of preamble Huzur said that fortunate are those who have during this Ramadan, according to their capacity, endeavoured to be counted among the recipients of Divine love and pleasure. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so may take advantage of the few remaining days of Ramadan and gather Allah’s beneficence. Huzur explained that even a moment that is spent in Allah’s way with absolute sincerity can bring about revolutionary change for the good. Huzur said there is no question of despair as far as the Being of Allah is concerned, however, one needs to adopt the ways that were taught by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) – ways which then became old forgotten memories and were later revived by the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). We are fortunate that we have accepted the one who restored these teachings.

Unfortunately, many bidaat (religious innovations) are common among the non-Ahmadis, one of which is the concept of the ‘farewell Friday’ in Ramadan, although there is no record in the Holy Qur’an and Hadith of this. Rather, great and immense significance is given to Friday prayers in general.

Huzur said it is very regrettable that despite coming into the bai’at of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) some Ahmadis too must subscribe to the concept of farewell Friday and that is apparent from the way the attendance on the last Friday of Ramadan is far greater in number than on any other Friday. This is in spite of constant reminders from all the Khalifas to the contrary. Huzur said Khalifa tul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) used to advise that the last Friday of Ramadan should focus our attention in preparing for and welcoming the next Friday and thus we should move onwards in spiritual development.

Referring to the 1st verse recited at the start of the sermon, Huzur said this does not signify any particular Friday rather the emphasis is to hasten to remembrance of Allah on [all] Fridays. Huzur remarked that often people are very late in arriving for Jumu’ah, while some have genuine reason for this due to employment, transport etc. others are just late habitually. Huzur explained that a Hadith relates that the reward for those who arrive first for Friday prayers is significantly more than the late comers. Huzur said he always sees the same familiar faces in the front rows in his congregation and that he knows some of them work yet they manage to get there in good time. Huzur said not arriving on time is simply an excuse, it is Allah Who is the Provider, even if one comes for Friday prayers incurring potential [business, employment] loss, Allah makes arrangements to prevent such loss or even if the loss takes places, Allah provides from another unexpected means. Huzur said the indifference to attend Friday prayers stem from lack of awareness or else people would seek to earn the significant rewards that coming early to Friday prayers brings.

Huzur said the duration for travel to and attending Friday prayers is no more than two hours and as Hadhrat Ch. Zafrulla Khan once explained to a gathering of non-Muslim audience is less than the time it takes to finish two rounds of the game of Bridge.
Referring to the 2nd verse recited at the start Huzur said it speaks of earning the blessings of this world once Friday prayers are over. Therein is a reference to seek ‘warrantable’ livelihood and avoid what is unwarrantable.

The third verse mentions those who are inclined to the amusements of this world and who do not have the perception to seek Allah’s beneficence. Indeed these are the people who have made gods of their businesses and their amusements.

Huzur said in this day and age worldly amusements offering satanic inclinations are widespread. The Surah Jumu’ah also mentions the advent of the Messiah – people who are engrossed in the past times of the world are those who do not accept the Messiah but true believers are enjoined to enliven their worship of God. All Ahmadis should comprehend this point and try and be the recipient of Allah’s grace.

Huzur cited a few Ahadith to expound the significance and merits of Friday prayers and explained that while there is great admonition on missing Friday prayers in general, there is no specific mention of the last Friday of Ramadan. Friday prayers are obligatory on all believers but there are exemptions for those who are ill, travellers, women, children and slaves. Huzur explained that those who have the option should not travel on a Friday and added that it is not essential for women to attend Friday prayers but it is essential that they attend Eid prayers under all circumstances.

With reference to Hadith Huzur also explained that during Friday prayers a brief moment comes to pass when a believer is granted any good he/she seeks. Huzur added that some commentators opine that the Friday Sermon is part of Friday prayers so the duration of this specific ‘moment of Divine acceptance’ also extends to it.

In light of this and in continuation of the last few Friday Sermons, Huzur related some prayers. The first prayer is verse 34 of Surah Ankabut (29:34) which seeks help against wicked people. Huzur said this prayer should be made in abundance in the current day and age so that each Ahmadi is protected against depravity, be it of the East or of the West. Next Huzur related some prayers of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) including: ‘O my Allah I seek Your refuge from bad morals, bad deeds and bad wishes’.

Huzur read extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) enjoining to supplicate to Allah and seek His forgiveness and to make humility one’s practice. Huzur prayed that may we witness the acceptance of these prayers during Ramadan and may we sincerely turn to Allah and may the worth of the attractions of this world be not even equal to a pinch of dust for us.

Next Huzur gave the sad news of an Ahmadi named Abdullah Niaz sahib martyred in Sri Lanka on 14th October. He looked after and served the local Ahmadiyya mosque and was most dedicated, he leaves behind a widow and four children and is also survived by his elderly mother. Huzur said a mullah from Pakistan has been training people in Sri Lanka to kill Ahmadis and gain reward with Allah. He has currently gone to perform umrah and has instructed his followers to kill the chief people in the Ahmadiyya Jama’at stating that on his return they would seize the Ahmadiyya mosque.

Huzur said these people also attacked a 21 old Pakistani - who lives in the area – as he was going to the mosque. The young man is being treated in hospital and Huzur asked prayers to be made for his recovery.

Huzur prayed that may Allah protect us from all evil and from the plots of the opponents. May they see sense and if not, may they be made an admonitory sign.