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Divine attribute of As Salam (The Source of Peace)

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

May 25th, 2007

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzur continued with the subject of the Divine attribute of Al Salam in his Friday Sermon.

Citing verse 17 of Surah Al Maidah (5:17) Huzur said Allah has declared that now Islam is only faith through which one may gain His nearness and this is the faith that promotes peace and security.

In verse 4 of Surah Maidah Allah states that He has perfected religion in the form of Islam. Huzur explained this is the faith that carries all the commandments and knowledge in its Shariah (religious law) ranging from one’s private life to international matters.

If one aspires to dispense peace, security and love in private lives as well as in the world, this is the faith to adopt.

It is human nature to develop gentle feelings for the person one prays for unless of course one is an incorrigible hypocrite. Referring to the opening verse, Huzur said a believer has firm faith in the Hereafter and has been shown the ‘path’ to this abode of peace. Therefore he/she prays to be granted complete sincerity so that he/she may be able to take the message of peace and security to others.

When one approaches this task with this thinking there is no way society is harmed by one, in fact the society benefits from such a person.

Huzur said there is a beautiful provision to spread peace in everyday life in the shape of the greeting of Assalamoalaikum. The best way to announce one’s arrival is to say the greeting.

Explaining Huzur said in large, gated houses, this may be practised by first saying ‘salam’ on the intercom and then introducing oneself.

Citing verse 28 of Surah Al Nur (24:28) which specifies the above practice Huzur said ‘salam’ is a beautiful prayer’ which promotes a feeling of peace and security. Some people tend to enter other’s houses un-announced, the householder may not like this level of informality and this may lead to altercation.

Expounding Huzur said if a man goes to see another man at his house and finds that he is not there it is best to leave and return later. Huzur said it is not a good idea to insist to sit and wait, apart from if it is a close relative within the prescribed limits. This measure would avoid many allegations, doubts and such like.

Referring to Ahadith Huzur said it was the Holy Prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) practice to strictly adhere to announcing his arrival by saying Assalamoalaikum and he enjoined his Companions to stay firm on this.

Citing part of verse 62 of Surah Al Noor, Huzur said if families inculcate the habit of saying ‘salam’ to each other when entering houses it would go a long way towards promoting mutual love and affection.

If the man of the house has a stern disposition his family would be ‘safeguarded’ from his strictness through the saying of the ‘salam’. It happens that in such situations children turn rebellious and the wife is ever anxious. At times, this leads of separation late in life for the husband and wife, after spending years and years together. Huzur said the practice of saying ‘salam’ would lessen such instances.

Huzur remarked that if children are being brought up on the practice of mutual love and affection, they will be a source of peace for their parents and the society and teenage years – during which some turn to negative ways – would pass with peace. Huzur observed that sometimes little children do not say salam and the parents attribute it to timidness. On the contrary, Huzur said, he sometimes sees children having scraps in the courtyard, occasionally getting vicious, that is the time and place to be timid and modest. Therefore it is vital that the grown up initiate saying ‘salam’ to children in order to promote peace and security.

Huzur related an incident from the life of Maulana Sher Ali, a companion of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) illustrating the merit of saying ‘salam’ and in initiating it.

Huzur related a few more Ahadith to elucidate the good in saying of ‘salam’.

Huzur cited verse 47 of Surah Al Anfal (8:47) to expound the benefits of mutual peace and bond. He read an extract from the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) where he states that the schism among the various sects in Islam was causing Islam’s decline and God established the Ahmadiyya mission to rectify Islam’s standing.

Huzur added this places huge responsibility on us to promote peace and security at grass-root level, also in our homes so that we are able to take this message to the world.

Huzur said we witness the materialisation of the Promised Messiah’s words even today when there are deep divisions in the world of Islam, although they are united in their opposition of Ahmadiyyat. Yet through suicide bombings Muslims are killing Muslims.

Huzur referred to a TV debate he happened to watch on channel ARY in which Indian and Pakistani commentators participated. The Indian gentleman drew attention to the sectarian killing in the Middle East and also mentioned Ahmadis persecuted, at which the TV anchor quickly interjected saying the matter of the Ahmadis was besides the point as they were not Muslims. Huzur said they are in such a sorry state themselves and are in no position to promote peace and security. Huzur likened their subjugation to other powers as their very life enclosed in a bottle and the bottle in the possession of a powerful Jinn to whom they scamper to for everything as they have no power of their own.

Huzur said may Allah enable us to stay on the right path which is enjoined by Allah and His Messenger ; the path which takes a believer out of darkness and into light.

When we observe Allah’s blessings on us we are drawn towards a feeling of gratitude and so we should be, in that we are in the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). May Allah enable us to fulfil our obligation towards this.

Next Huzur requested prayers are made for the MTA channel that is specifically aired to the Arab world. Huzur said through great hard work this channel has relayed the message of Unity of God and has presented various proofs and arguments to counter the recent onslaught of Christianity in the Middle East. Huzur said the response from the Arab world has been of tremendous gratefulness regarding the discussion programmes in which Christians also participated and open debates took place. However Christian priests in Egypt have taken a law suit out against us. Huzur said we had not sought permission from the courts ours was/is a contract with a satellite company. Huzur said its ironical that those who allege that Islam was spread by the use of force are today using force themselves. Huzur urged that prayers are made that Allah saves those who work hard on these programmes from all harm and evil and may Allah reward those who are outside our Community but have shown a sense of honour for Islam and have supported the programmes. Huzur said prayers should be made for worldwide Jama’ats wherever opposition is rife, may Allah, in accordance with His promises extinguish all the opposition.

Huzur said it seems that the decree of Allah is about to show further successes to the Community. From past experience we have observed that the larger the opposition gets, the greater is our success. May we, by turning ever more to Him, bring the time of the successes ever closer.