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Allah is the Friend of Believers

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

August 17th, 2007

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

In today’s sermon, Huzoor elaborated on the topic of Taqwa and that Allah has promised in the Holy Quran that He is the Friend (Wali) of those who believe (Momineen).

Huzoor said that Taqwa has been compared to “libaas” in the Holy Quran, which means raiment, so that a person is always reminded that he must be forever engrossed in the remembrance of God. He should always remember that God is present everywhere before committing any action. He should strive to adopt a state of humility and fear of God and abandon all absurdities; that is the state that needs to be achieved in order to sow the seed of faith. When the soil of the heart becomes fertile and free of sin and the seed is sown, even then extreme care is required as this is yet a fragile state. Do not be content at the fact that you have attained a state of humility but continue to strive to protect this condition, as there may be other trials that lie ahead. In order to protect this fertile soil, one should make financial sacrifices. When this is done, the seed grows into a small plant with delicate branches, and these branches provide some strength to the growing tree. To further strengthen this tree, one should continue to strive against personal desires and satanic temptations. To continue on this path of strengthening the tree of faith, one should try his utmost to fulfill the promises made with God. In short, one needs to maintain the belief in Tauheed (Oneness of God) and follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) and have firm faith that the Promised Messiah (as) is the prophesied reformer of the age and remain affiliated with the establishment of Khilafat. Once this tree becomes firmly rooted, then every deed will be committed to gain the pleasure of Allah, Who in turn shall protect such a person from satanic temptations and cause him to progress in spirituality. The friendship with Allah is a two-way street, where the beneficiary is the Believer who treads towards his Creator.

In the Holy Quran (2:258), God promises that when the believers take God as their friend, then their every effort in strengthening of faith will cause their spiritual and physical needs to be fulfilled. We see around us that those who indulge in their worldly desires never find any contentment and satisfaction because these desires are never-ending. But those who strive to progress in faith gain spiritual contentment and the world comes to them as well.

Huzoor reminded us that even the efforts that we make in gaining nearness to God are a favor bestowed by God Himself. The Promised Messiah explains that one must fulfill the obligation of his every effort in a befitting manner. If water can be obtained at 20 feet, he must not tire of his efforts at 2 feet and abandon his struggle. The main point is never to give up.

Huzoor reminded us that God has promised to those who do not give up their great effort and those who continue in their struggle to purify themselves that they shall be granted spiritual and worldly gains and when they die, they shall attain eternal Paradise. We are witnessing the fulfillment of this promise for the past one hundred years in the lives of countless Ahmadi Muslims who live a life of peace and contentment as compared to non-Ahmadis. Huzoor also mentioned an observation made by a Shia friend of an Ahmadi Muslim residing in USA who happened to listen to Huzoor’s speech during the recent Jalsa Salana held in UK, who said that the reason why Ahmadiyya Jamaat is progressing is because they are united under one Imam, the Khalifa.

Huzoor recited the verses of the Holy Quran (47:12 and 30:48) where Allah has promised succor to Believers and disappointment to non-believers. Huzoor said that we have never seen any Prophet or his followers meet with failure. They are faced with temporary trials but the end result is always success because God is with them. This was so before the times of the Holy Prophet (saw), during his time and the same tradition shall remain in place for all times to come after him. Allah, Who is the Lord of the worlds, listens to the supplications of His man. Fortunate are those who strive towards Him and gain His nearness.

Huzoor reminded all the Ahmadi Muslims once again who have pledged their allegiance to the Promised Messiah that first, merely their pledge is not sufficient. After making this pledge, one must strive to safeguard and nurture this seed of faith, provide spiritual food and weed the soil and protect it from all harm and make the tree that springs forth a fruit-bearing tree. The Promised Messiah has said that one who possesses a single goodness is not entitled to be called a righteous person; only the one who possesses all good values is a righteous person. Second, we should always remember that Allah has made a promise to the Believers that He shall be their Protector and has guaranteed them victory over non-believers. In the Holy Quran (8:18 and 8:20), God fulfilled His promise to the weak army of Muslims who were fighting against a mighty army of non-believers during the Battle of Badr and granted these men victory over the non-believers. This promise of victory becomes a foundation for the strengthening of faith in the hearts of Believers. Huzoor also reminded us that we should never be afraid of the masses of opponents against us; instead, we should announce to them that their hostility will never bear success. God has promised to the Promised Messiah that He shall grant his Jamaat victory. We are witness to the fact that the Promised Messiah faced numerous trials during his lifetime and the Jamaat went through turbulent times after his death, but help came from Allah certainly at every occasion. This help in itself is a proof of the truthfulness of the Pomised Messiah. Huzoor ended the sermon by reminding us that God’s promises are fulfilled today just as they were fulfilled in the past.

In the end, Huzoor mentioned that he shall be leaving for Germany and requested the Jamaat to pray for the success of his journey.