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Institution of Khilafat

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

November 2nd, 2007

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzur delivered the sermon from Bait-ul-Fazal today. He started off by reminding every Ahmadi that one of the conditions of Bai’at is that the one who claims to be an Ahmadi must form such a bond of brotherhood and love and servitude to the Promised Messiah that has no comparison anywhere else in the world. Huzur reminded us that this condition cannot be fulfilled by any Ahmadi individual without acquiring the blessings of Allah Almighty. Despite this fact, any person who enters the fold of Islam-Ahmadiyyat, whether it be in the former days of the Promised Messiah or whether it be the contemporary day, has no fear of whether he or she will be able to fulfill this condition or not. Huzur said that he receives letters from all over the world where people who have accepted Ahmadiyyat express their firm loyalty to the institution of Khilafat, even if it means abandoning their family ties.

Huzur reminded us of the words of the Promised Messiah who said that God Himself had informed him repeatedly that He would grant him a high status and will fill the hearts of many with his love and will spread his community to all corners of the world. We are all witness to the fact that when a person pledges to become an Ahmadi, his love for the Promised Messiah and Khilafat increases due to the blessings of Allah and His covenant to the Promised Messiah. We are fortunate that our hearts are filled with love for the Imam of the time indeed.

Huzur said that as long as we are bonded in this love, we will be rewarded with all those blessings that God Almighty has promised to the Promised Messiah. May Allah make it so, Ameen.

Huzur also said that the Promised Messiah has done such an excellent ‘tarbiyyat’ through his teachings that this love is inculcated in the hearts of Ahmadis generation after generation. When God informed the Promised Messiah about his imminent demise, he wrote in his book The Will:

“So dear friends! since it is the Sunnatullah, from times immemorial, that God Almighty shows two Manifestations so that two false joys of the opponents be put to an end, it is not possible now that God should relinquish His old-established Sunnat. So do not be grieved on what I have said to you; and nor your hearts should be distressed. For it is essential for you to see the second Manifestation, too, and its coming is better for you because it is everlasting the continuity of which will not end till the Day of Judgement. And that second Manifestation cannot come unless I depart. But when I depart, then God will send this second Manifestation for you which shall always remain with you as it is promised by God in Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya. And this promise is not for my person. Rather the promise is with reference to you, as God says: I shall make this Jama‘at who are your followers, prevail over all others till the Day of Judgment. Thus it is inevitable that you see the day of my departure, so that after that day the day comes which is the day of ever-lasting promise. Our God is He Who keeps His promise and is Faithful and He is the Truthful God. He shall show you all that He has promised.” (The Will, pp. 7-8)

When the Companions of the Promised Messiah, whose hearts were inundated with love for him (for the sake of Allah) above all other worldly ties, came to know of this, their concern must be immense, but the Promised Messiah comforted them by reminding them that God will not abandon this Jamaat and they did not need to worry. These comforting words formed the basis for these people to demonstrate and continue this bond of love towards the second Manifestation that took place of the mission started by the Promised Messiah because that was to be eternal. This is how the Promised Messiah kindled this fire of love for Khilafat among his companions by stating the importance and significance of Khilafat, which is indeed a reward from Allah. The companions of the Promised Messiah understood this advice and entered into a bond of sincere obedience to the system of Khilafat, which is the foundation of strength and unity and progress of the Jamaat.

Every Ahmadi today is a witness of the fulfillment of this covenant of God made with the Promised Messiah. This Jamaat was formed as a result of the prophecy of the Holy Prophetsaw for the latter days and is confirmation of the fact that indeed the Promised Messiah is the Reformer of the latter days and Khilafat is indeed a truthful institution. This Khilafat was established in order to bring every person into the fold of Islam i.e. to establish Unity of God and to inculcate the love for the Holy Prophetsaw and the Promised Messiah in the hearts of the adherents. This love that we witness today in the hearts of Ahmadis all over the world is a proof of the fulfillment of this promise and a firm sign in favor of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah.

Today, the message of the Promised Messiah is being broadcasted to people of all races and all colors and people are accepting his message and entering into this bond of love with him.

Huzur said that he had announced his impending surgery at the occasion of previous week’s Sermon. He said that following this announcement, he received countless messages expressing deep love and devotion for him from all around the world, some offering their own gall bladders if needed, and others expressing their love saying that the Jamaat members are like one body and if the heart is not well, then one can imagine the condition of the rest of the body! All letters expressed the same worry for Huzur’s health and prayed for his speedy recovery. Huzur prayed for all the people saying that may Allah keep these lovers of the Promised Messiah in His protection always and safeguard them from all adversities and keep this bond of brotherhood alive among them always, Ameen. Huzur said that seeing this expression of immense love was a cause of gratitude to Allah and requested the Jamaat members to pray for him that he himself can return this expression of love back to them. It is this two-way love that will be the foundation of firm establishment of eternal Khilafat. This love is so deeply-rooted in the hearts of the Jamaat members that no storm can uproot it. May God keep this tree evergreen and may none of us become the dry leaf which becomes disassociated with the tree, Ameen. We should remember that this bond can only form as a result of our own prayers in the service of Allah. May Allah enable all of us to occupy ourselves in such prayers Ameen.

Huzur thanked all those who expressed their love for the Khalifatul Massih. He also expressed his sincere thanks to the doctor and the staff of the hospital where his surgery took place. He remarked that they took such great care of him that it seemed like it was an Ahmadi hospital.