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Turbulent state of affairs around the world

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

November 23rd, 2007

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzur gave a discourse on the current turbulent state of affairs around the world with the perspective of the advent of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace).

Huzur said the entire world, be it the West or the East, the developed world or the developing world, is enveloped in a chaotic situation. Some are concerned about the internal disorder in their countries, some are concerned about a terrorist threat – threat of a terrorism that stems from political or so-called religious basis; so-called, because no true religion ever promotes terrorism, in particular the teaching of Islam. In Islam it is completely unacceptable for a citizen of a country to commit such acts, but it is unfortunate that some people transgress in the name of God. Then there are nations engulfed in natural disasters, in short anyone with compassion for humanity and fear of God cannot help but reflect that no one in the world seems to have peace. In this age it is just the Ahmadi who ponders over these aspects. Huzur said he is informed of this through his post and from other sources that the majority of Ahmadis are concerned about the global situation as well as the state of affairs in their own countries. This thinking is an outcome of the revolutionary change in the state of the faith of people brought about by the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). Indeed he said that one of the reasons for his advent was to strengthen faith and prove the existence of God to people. He felt that the state of affairs were such that the reliance people had on worldly means was missing in their connection with God. He said he was commissioned to restore the connection between God and His creation and to bring an end to religious wars. He said the two chief commandments of the Qur’an are regarding the Unity of God and compassion for humanity.

Huzur said indeed we are fortunate to have accepted the Imam of the age who was sent for the reformation of the world at a time when self-interest was rampant. He showed us a way to avoid that evil so now it is the task of each Ahmadi to work towards establishing the Unity of God, to generate a personal connection with God and to have compassion for creation. Huzur said for the past one hundred years the Community has been making its utmost endeavours, borne out of compassion, to this end. We should try and explain to people the reasons and causes for the calamities and the disturbances that occur all around us. We should do this within our own sphere, through writing letters to newspapers and by other means and sources. Take the message that this restlessness will not ease and peace could not be established while transgressions against one who was sent from God continue. Indeed the world ascribes the seasonal storms and extreme weather to climatic changes etc. However, it bears thinking that a hundred years ago a person had declared that if people did not pay attention to his Divine message God would exhibit [His wrath] through natural disasters. He had also warned about earthquakes which have been occurring with astonishing frequency in the past hundred years.

Referring to the current cyclone in Bangladesh Huzur said it is the biggest cyclone in the last 47 years which has left 600,000 people homeless. Some Ahmadis have also suffered material loss in the cyclone but so far with the grace of God there has been no Ahmadi fatality. Huzur said volunteers from Humanity First UK and Canada are on their way to Bangladesh with relief supplies. Thus the Community is preparing to bring relief to the people there just as it does everywhere else. For the past two years or so Ahmadis in Bangladesh are been harassed to a great degree. The un-educated, naive masses are incited to cause damage to the Ahmadis; however the Community is always there to help when help is needed. This is indeed the distinction of the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) because he declared that a task among his tasks was compassion for humanity.

Next Huzur brought the situation in Pakistan to the fore and said that in Pakistan an Ahmadi is forbidden to say Allaho Akbar, is forbidden to invoke blessings on the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). They have turned these practices into ‘crimes’ there for which the punishment is many years of imprisonment. It is of course an entirely different matter that they have not been able to take away the love of God and love for the Prophet from the hearts of the Ahmadis. Nonetheless when two years ago a tremendous earthquake rocked Pakistan in which hundreds of thousand perished, despite all the persecutions against Ahmadis that the government of Pakistan metes out through its laws, our Community helped out most generously. We established relief camps which were operational for many months, once a medical store was even set alight by an adversary of the Community but we carried on. Huzur said in the aftermath of the earthquake many people developed nervous disorders; our Community established a special ward for these patients in Kashmir at great expense. Huzur said the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has inculcated true and sincere compassion for humanity in us. Remarking on the current situation in Pakistan Huzur said restlessness, disorder, murder and mayhem in the country is rife. The government and its workers are at daggers drawn, the politicians are embroiled in their egotistical objectives, the judiciary, the law-enforcement agencies are only concerned with themselves. Earlier there was a government within the government in Islamabad, now there is rebellion in Sawat (a region of Pakistan). One newspaper has openly reported that the rebellious element in Sawat once had the backing of the government and now the army is being deployed against them. There is no danger from the outside enemy but the army is fighting the enemy within who is most dangerous of all.

Huzur said in 1974 when the government of Pakistan declared Ahmadis non-Muslims they alleged that Rabwah had established a government of its own. Would they now say if a government was established within Rabwah or has a real live rebellion transpired in Sawat? Ahmadis have always respected the law, even when their own land was confiscated by others, rather than get embroiled in a conflict with them the Ahmadis sought help of law. However, after a lapse of thirty years the High Court has still not reached a decision and [illegal] construction is being carried out on the land. When the High Court is informed that this is a breach of law and contempt of court, their response is ‘why do you bother, it is our ‘contempt’.

Huzur said the situation is such that the worst possible corruption is rife in each department in the country and the reason for this is that the state of their faith is dire and the Day of Judgment is deemed a mere tale. On reflection, all the disturbances and the disorder in the country stem from their rejection of the Imam of the age.

Huzur said with the current state of emergency in the country the constitution has been suspended, however, the constitution has not been suspended that haphazardly; the clause that declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims stands, indeed, it was especially announced that the clause stands. Huzur said they fear those who create terror in the name of religion more than their fear God.

Huzur urged all to pray for Pakistan and for Pakistani Ahmadis that they are not placed in any predicament. It is up to us to tell everywhere within our own sphere of life to ponder whether or not this is interfering in the laws of God? Huzur said some open-minded people in Pakistan have now started to voice their opinion that all the troubles besetting the country are due to God’s displeasure with them, however, it is not clear to them as to why God is displeased with them. Indeed, a claimant had said that God would demonstrate signs in his support; they should pay heed to those signs!

Not only have they introduced oppressive laws in Pakistan, Ahmadis are being martyred there simply because they are Ahmadis. Although the courts have passed guilty verdict in one or two of these cases but as long as the oppressive laws are in place, no matter which government is in power, it would be participating in the oppression.

Huzur said love of one’s homeland is part of one’s faith, therefore we say to the government of Pakistan and its people that if they wish to be relived of God’s chastisement they should do justice. They should take heed from the situation in Afghanistan where two Ahmadis were martyred – this is when it was revealed to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) that two of his people were martyred God would grant him nations. Today there remain Ahmadis in Afghanistan, although not many, but in accordance to the Divine promise the Promised Messiah has been granted ‘nations’. However, the forewarning the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) gave to the land of Kabul has come true with precision and it is clear to see that the one who gave this admonition was none other than from God.

Huzur said he only wished to say to his countrymen to have some sense and not make people god. He said the land of Pakistan was sought for the freedom of Muslims, Qaid e Azam (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) took the Muslims out of oppression and gave them a country where the teaching of Islam could be implemented under which each religion could be practised with freedom and the rights of each citizen could be honoured. However, the subsequent governments interfered in the religious matters of others and were unfair; they did not fulfil the requirements of worldly justice and bitterly persecuted those who had faith.

Huzur said we Ahmadis are foremost in our love for Pakistan, during its independence we gave many great sacrifices as well as in the wars that followed. Today we employ all our resources in helping out in times of need. Huzur said he considers that it is Pakistani Ahmadis alone, no matter where in the world they are, who sincerely wish well for their homeland and who make sincere prayers for it. Huzur said there is a great number of Ahmadis in Pakistan and it is the prayers of these Ahmadis that have saved Pakistan otherwise the actions of these so-called patriots are such that rather than save Pakistan they put the country on the line.

Huzur commented on the statement of an MEP (member of European Parliament) who had argued not to stop the aid to Pakistan as this would have an adverse effect on the disadvantaged population of the country. By contrast Huzur said our own leader [Benazir Bhutto] and others are saying that EU should be compelled to stop the aid so that the government [of Pakistan] is pressurised. Some in Pakistan practically invite outsiders to sort out the country. Yet they are very proud that they solved the ’90 year old problem’. May Allah have mercy on the country and if the senseless leaders cannot be reformed then may He give the country leaders who have the country’s interest at heart, every Ahmadi, in particular the Pakistani Ahmadis, whether they live Pakistan or not, should pray for this.

Next Huzur spoke about the situation in Indonesia. He said these days there seem to be another anti-Ahmadiyya surge spreading there. In some far off areas the Ahmadi homes and mosques are being attacked and Ahmadis are being threatened. Some governmental departments seem to be behind these situations in order to create a false state of instability and danger in order to make way for legislation against the Ahmadis. Allah will shatter all their cunning plans. They deem that they can obliterate Ahmadiyyat in this way. They have been planning and trying for this for the past one hundred years. If our Community was ‘man-made’ it would have been wiped off a long time ago, however the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) was promised that this Community would flourish and grow, therefore we are not concerned that they will be able to obliterate Ahmadiyyat or that they will be able to eliminate it in Indonesia. With the grace of Allah the Ahmadis of the Indonesian Jama’at are foremost in their sense of sacrifice, if the odd one falters in their faith Allah grants us many with great faith and belief.

Huzur said we witness the Promised Messiah’s (on whom be peace) revelation ‘I shall take your message to the corners of the earth’ fulfil with renewed glory every day, therefore that is not a concern, however, the concern is that may Allah protect each Ahmadi from all harm. Huzur said Ahmadis all over the world should always be mindful never to take the law in their own hands and never to stop serving humanity due to the animosity of another and not to move away from spreading the message of Allah.

Huzur said a few years ago when the tsunami disaster struck Indonesia there was severe hostility against us in the country. However, we helped them as with the grace of God our hearts are filled with compassion for mankind. It is our task to help them even if they sting us back. Our reward is not with them, only God has the reward for us. Our task is to spread beneficence for the sake of Allah, for this each Ahmadi has to work with prayers and with patience and not to tire of persecution for we have our obligations to meet.

Citing verse 154 of Surah Al Baqarah (2:154) Huzur said these verses reassure us to turn to Allah in complete humility, that these persecutions are a trial and patience is in being steadfast and resilient. In the face of these adversities we should not seek the help of any worldly means but only seek the help of Allah, to put His commandments in practice and to shun evil, His help would come, the ultimate triumph is that of the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) it is the Divine promise that Ahmadiyyat, true Islam, will be triumphant.

Citing verse 48 of Surah Ibrahim (14:48) Huzur said each Ahmadi should be assured that in accordance with Divine promise Allah’s help is with the Community of His beloved. Huzur prayed that may our opponents not come under Allah’s retribution - as the verse mentions – due to their foolishness, may they comprehend the Divine warning.

Huzur said they may be able to give us momentary trouble but they could never take away the peace of mind which our faith has given us. We always seek help from Allah and pray ‘Guide us in the right path’ (1:6) lest we are impatient. It is our task to observe utmost patience so that we are the recipients of Allah’s blessings.

After reading an excerpt from the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) Huzur concluded on the prayer that may Allah enable each one of us to tread the path of truthfulness and may we be able to understand Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam, in accordance with the teachings and the wishes of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace).