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An Important Matter


I realise that some members of my Community are still in a spiritually weak state, so-much-so that some of them find it very difficult to stand firm on their pledges. But when I consider the steadfastness and sacrifice of Sahibzada Maulvi Muhammad Abdul Latif the Blessed, I begin to feel more confident about them. It seems it is the design of Almighty God Who had granted such steadfastness and devotion to some of them that they not only rendered financial help but were even ready to sacrifice their lives also in His cause. He would raise in this Community a number of men who would possess the spirit of Sahibzada Abdul Latif. I had seen in a vision which I had about the time of his death that a tall branch of a cypress tree from my garden had been cut off and I said: Plant this branch in the soil again so that it may grow and flourish. * I interpreted this vision as meaning that God Almighty would raise in my Community many more who

I had before this also received a clear revelation concerning Sahibzada Maulvi Abdul Latif Sahib, while he was present with me in Qadian. This revelation was published in the English Review of Religions on 9/2/1903 and in the Al Hakam of l7/1/1903 and also in the Al-Badr of l6/1/1903 and had reference to the said Maulvi Sahib. The words of the revelation were (Arabic): He was murdered in the state in which no one paid any heed to what he said, but his murder w s a dire and awe-inspiring event for the people and left an indelible mark on their minds. (###) would walk in his footsteps and follow his example. I am convinced that this interpretation of my vision would be fulfilled at some time. But the situation at present is that sometimes when I wish to present a small matter before my people concerning their own welfare, I have a fear in my heart lest it might prove a hardship and a trial for them.

Now I wish to place an important matter before my followers. I see that the contributions made by them to maintain the Langar Khana (the Free Kitchen) are very commendable. Members of the Punjab make noteworthy contributions for this purpose. The reason for this is that those who live in the Punjab come to visit me often. This is of great spiritual benefit to them inasmuch as weaknesses and the infirmities of the spirit that they may suffer from natural causes are cleared up and wiped out by means of these frequent visits. That is the reason why men in the Punjab are taking great strides in spiritual advancement and show keen enthusiasm in the service of the faith, giving ample evidence of true fidelity and obedience. Moreover, the people of this part, as a rule, are kindhearted. Nevertheless it would not be fair if I were to attribute weakness to all such followers who reside in far-off places, that they are not all very sincere and do not take an active part in the service of the faith. Indeed, a very singular and most exceptional example of fidelity was set by Sahibzada Maulvi Abdul Latif who belonged to a distant land and whose fidelity, sincerity and steadfastness have overwhelmed even the most sincere disciples from the Punjab, as they are forced to admit that though the Sahibzada joined them late, he outstripped them all. Similarly, there are other sincere followers who reside in far-off places and who have rendered most praiseworthy service to the Jama’at and their sincerity and devotion have not diminished. As for instance our brother Seth Abdul Rahman, a businessman of Madras, and a few others who fall into the same category. However, the members from the Punjab take precedence over others because of their numbers and because they represent every section of the people. People from far-off places, although they have joined us, cannot purify their souls as quickly, because they lack opportunities of our company for which reason the impurities of their hearts cannot be easily removed. It seems, therefore, that they will either be cleansed of their hankering after the material gains of this world or God will sever their relation with this pure Community; and they will die an ignominious death.

Man’s fatal error is hankering after this material world. This base and wretched world very often ensnares men either through fear or through false hopes and flimsy allurements and thus causes their total ruin. The stupid and the ignorant say: What! shall we give up these delightful attractions? This is the blunder of which a man rarely gets rid and continues to persist in this error and is ultimately ruined.

O ye un-enlightened ones! you are not asked completely to disregard all worldly means: but you must cut yourself from their misguiding attractions so that you may not be ruined. You do not realise that you are sowing evil for your children and the members of your families for whom you strive excessively, so much so that you completely ignore all the Commandments of God and turn yourselves into veritable demons. You are paving the way of destruction for them. This is because you lack divine protection as you are not righteous. God observes the bottoms of your hearts. You will die an untimely death and push your family into the pit of destruction. But he who turns towards God shall cause his wife and children to share his prosperity and God’s blessings and he shall not face ruin after his death.

Those who establish a strong relationship with me, even if they live a thousand miles away from me, keep in constant touch with me through correspondence, and pray constantly for an opportunity to come to me to share the benefits of being in my company. But alas! there are those who are totally engrossed in worldly pursuits and who, let alone trying to seek my company, do not care to send even a postcard. This makes me feel that their hearts are dead and their souls are stained with leprosy. As for me, I pray continuously that all my followers may fear God Almighty and be steadfast in their prayers and prostrate themselves humbly before God with tears in their eyes in the middle of their nights and neglect not their duty to God and are not miserly and do not demean themselves in pursuit of mundane attractions. I do sincerely hope that God will listen to my supplications and will reveal to me that when I pass away I shall leave behind me those who obey Him. But those whose eyes commit adultery and whose hearts are more dirty than filth and who have totally forgotten that they have to leave this world one day, I and my God are completely disgusted with them. I shall feel happy if such people, on their own account, sever their connection with me, because God intends to make this Community a model for others, who strive to reach the highest rung of the ladder of piety and purity and those who have truly given priority to faith over their worldly pursuits.

As for those treacherous ones who, after having submitted themselves to me and having promised to give priority to faith and religion over their personal needs, occupy themselves only with mundane affairs, their hearts are filled with mean desires and they do not turn to piety, nor are they capable of acting righteously nor do they tread the path of good deeds. They are like a rat who grows in darkness and spends his life in the same dark hole and dies therein. In heaven above they have been wiped off from the roll of our Community and in vain do they affirm that they belong to it.

He who pays no heed to my exhortations and does not give priority to faith over worldly affairs and does not effect a radical change in himself by making his heart and thoughts pure and clean, and does not discard the garb of wickedness and foul deeds, and does not love mankind sincerely and does not obey God truly and follow me wholeheartedly by completely discarding his personal desires and independence, is like a dog that does not leave the heap of filth and carrion. What need have I of people who profess adherence to me for mere show? I tell you truly that if all of you should desert me and not even one of you should remain steadfast, my God will gather to me a people far better than you in truthfulness and loyalty. It is the heavenly power that is working on my behalf, in consequence of which pure-hearted people come running to me. There is no one who can obstruct this magnetic attraction. There are some who rely more on their own schemes and cunning than on Allah. Perhaps in their hearts they imagine that the institution of Prophets and Messengers is a mere fraud and human deceit and that the popularity which they achieve is only accidental. There is nothing more foul than this notion and whoever entertains it is bereft of faith in God Who controls even the falling of a leaf. Accursed are the souls and twice accursed are the hearts and minds that entertain such ideas. They shall be ignominiously destroyed because they attempt to obstruct the Divine purpose. Indeed, people of that type are atheists possessing filthy souls. They live accursed lives and shall inherit nothing but hell-fire after their death.

To sum up, in addition to the Free Kitchen and the English and Urdu Review of Religions, for which our friends have expressed much eagerness, a school has also been started at Qadian. Its advantage is that our younger generation, besides obtaining secular education, shall acquire the principles of our faith. In this manner, a goodly number will be easily trained and very often their parents may also be induced to join this Movement.

But in these days our school is passing through hard times. Although my beloved friend and relative Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, Chief of Maler Kotla, contributes eighty rupees per month from his private purse, the monthly salaries of the staff cannot be paid regularly. There is always a deficit of many hundreds of rupees. Moreover, some extensions to the school building which are urgently needed demand our immediate attention and we have, so far, not been able to take them in hand. This situation is causing me anxiety. I have given my attention to it and have come to the conclusion that I must bring this matter to the urgent notice of my sincere friends and strongly urge them, if they can afford it, to promise a monthly contribution in aid of the school, with firm determination not to default unless for a reason utterly beyond their control. For those who are unable to contribute as suggested, an alternative is proposed that they should remit, direct to the aforesaid Nawab Sahib, one-quarter of the amount they are paying for the Free Kitchen. They should remit this amount separately by money order.

It is true that the management of the Langar Khana is my personal responsibility which keeps me concerned all the time, yet I cannot overlook the other responsibility. Therefore, I count upon all my sincere supporters to hearken to my call with enthusiasm and not to throw it away into the waste-paper basket. They should welcome it in their hearts and react readily. I do not say anything of my own accord; all that I say is put into my heart by God Almighty. I have given deep thought to this and I believe sincerely that if this school is put on a firm footing, it shall be a source of great blessings. Through this means an army of modem educated people will come to us. Though I am fully aware that many students join schools for worldly interest and not for the service of the faith and that their parents also have the same purpose in mind, yet in this case opportunities of daily contact are bound to produce their effect. Even if one out of twenty students of this school begins to lean towards religion and to accept and act on our teachings, I would be satisfied that we have achieved our purpose in establishing this school.

In the end, I wish to remind you that this school will not remain very long in such a precarious and unstable financial condition. Even the tuition fees will augment its income and render it self-supporting. It might then be unnecessary to divert any amount from the Langar Khana to the aid of the school.

When the finances of the school are stabilized, these instructions shall be cancelled. As a matter of fact, the Langar Khana also is a means of education. It shall then recover its one-fourth contribution from the school. I have adopted this indispensable course, at the expense of the Langar Khana, because the new contributions that I have called for may not at present suffice for the needs of the school. But when the income of the school becomes adequate, this means will no longer be needed and will, therefore, be discarded.

When I say that the Langar Khana is also a means of education, I mean that the guests that come here also listen to my discourses and learn my teachings; and I believe God Almighty will direct them also to the new path; and all those who listen to my words with attention, God Almighty will open their hearts to the acceptance of truth.

In conclusion, I supplicate God Almighty that He may enable the members of my Community to fulfil the purpose that I have placed before them and may bless their wealth and may incline their hearts towards this good purpose. Amen, and Amen again.