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The Prophecy set out at page 511 of Brahin-i-Ahmadiyya together with the one set out at page 510-the one relating to the martyrdom of the late Sahibzada Maulavi Muhammad Abdul Latif and the late Mian Abd-ur-Rahman, together with the Prophecy of my safety.

May it be known that the following prophecies are set out on pages 510 and 511 of Brahin-i-Ahmadiyya :

(Arabic) ‘Even if men do not safeguard thee, Allah will safeguard thee.’ This indicates that people will try their best to kill me, either directly or by contriving to get it done through (###) means by deceiving the authorities. But God would frustrate all their designs. This is because the Divine practice is that, though the state of being killed makes one a martyr, two kinds of Divine Messengers can never be murdered. The one is the Prophet who is sent in the beginning of a dispensation, e.g. Prophet Moses of the Mosaic dispensation or the Holy Prophet Muhammad, our master, may peace be upon them. Secondly, the Prophet and the Commanded One that appears at the end of a dispensation, like Jesus who came at the end of the Mosaic dispensation; or like this humble one who has been sent at the end of the Muhammadan dispensation. As in the great tidings, (Arabic) ‘Allah shall safeguard thee against the people’ mentioned in the Holy Quran concerning the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, so too there is the glad tidings of my safety in His revelation to me, thus giving the first and the last Prophet of a dispensation immunity from murder. This is an exception especially granted under the infinite wisdom of God. The reason for this is that if the first Prophet of the dispensation be martyred, it could cause grave doubts in the minds of the common believers, because the first Prophet is the cornerstone of the dispensation which, if badly shaken at its inception, may cause unbearable shock to the believers and may cause serious doubts in their minds, and they may declare the Founder of the dispensation to be a pretender. For instance, if Moses had been killed on the day he accosted Pharaoh or that our master, the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, had been murdered by the unbelievers on the day the Quraish laid siege to his house in Mecca, the law and the dispensation would have come to an end there and then and few would have talked about them any more.

This, therefore, is the underlying wisdom in the Divine practice under which neither Moses nor the Holy Prophet was martyred, though both had hosts of enemies. Similarly, if the last Messenger of the dispensation is murdered, the common people will begin to think that the dispensation has come to a sorry end, and it would, therefore, be shattered and ruined. But the will of God in this connection is that the dispensation must be crowned with success. Values and merits are often determined by the ultimate end. The Divine Wisdom does not permit that the accursed enemy of the dispensation may have a cause for jubilation at the beginning of the dispensation. This was the Divine Wisdom under which God Almighty caused Jesus, the last Prophet of the Mosaic dispensation, to be saved from death on the cross. In the Muhammadan dispensation also an attempt was made so that the Muhammadan Messiah be also hanged. But God’s grace came more resplendently to the help of this Messiah than to the help of the first Messiah, and saved him from the death penalty or any other penalty.

In short, the Prophets at the beginning and at the end of a dispensation may be likened to two abutments and ramparts of the dispensation. It is for this reason that the Divine practice is that He grants them very special protection against a death of violence, even though the wicked and highly mischievous enemy might leave no stone unturned in getting them killed. But the hand of God always works for their protection.

There are times when an ignorant foolish opponent of a messenger tends to believe that he himself is a pious man and says to himself: Am I not righteous? Do I not observe Prayers and keep fasts? This is exactly what the Jewish Elders and the Pharisees used to think of themselves and some of them at the time of the advent of Jesus even boasted of being in communion with God. But such a stupid one does not know that those who are the true servants of God are so tinted with sincerity and true love of God that He has to show favour to them and to destroy their enemy. As for instance was the case with Bal’aam who, in his pride and arrogance, thought that Moses had no higher spiritual status than he. He did not know that Moses had a special relation which is beyond the pale of verbal expression and could not be conveyed in words with God. Bal’aam, being blind to the superiority of Moses, was destroyed because of his arrogance towards the one who was his superior. It is, therefore, an established fact that on account of the love and fidelity of those who are dear to Him and are truly faithful to Him, He graciously feels Himself bound to be on their side and to destroy their enemies. This happened in the case of Bal’aam who was imperceptive of this and, therefore, perished in his confrontation with his superior. This is, therefore, a matter of certainty that those who are particularly faithful and graced servants of God, their truthfulness to Him reaches a point which the worldly minded blind are unable to comprehend. Every peddler of religion and divine who stands in opposition to godly saints is annihilated, because they do not oppose them but, in fact, oppose God Himself. It is totally unimaginable that He would, for the sake of a few ignorant, cowardly, undisciplined and faithless peddlers and perfidious Mullas, forsake and destroy him whom He has Himself raised for a special purpose, and through whom He has wished to bring about a great change. Supposing a situation arises in which two boats happen to collide against each other, in one of which rides a noble king who is just, kind, considerate, generous and gracious and has a retinue of equally kindhearted and gracious persons, while the other boat carries the latrine-cleaners, the riffraff and dregs of society. If only one of these two boats can be saved; which boat in these circumstances would be worth saving-the one that is carrying the noble and kindhearted king and his retinue or the one that carries the mere riffraff and perfidious criminals? I tell you truly that the boat carrying the noble king and his retinue would be saved, and the boat carrying the scum of the society shall be allowed to sink without the least compunction. There will be rejoicing over the safety of the king, as the world sorely needs such benefactors, and his death would be tantamount to the death of the whole world or of the generation; and the death of a few latrine-sweepers and the scum of the society would not affect the governance of the world.

It is, therefore, a Divine tradition that when people stand in opposition to His Messengers, He always annihilates them, even though, in their own estimation, they may be very virtuous; it is they who must be destroyed. This is because God will not ruin His own purpose of sending His Messengers. If He does not protect His own Messengers, who will then worship Him on earth? People tend to give undue consideration to large numbers and consider a certain section to be on the right path simply because it is in the majority. Many a simpleton tends to think that because a certain section assembles in mosques in very large numbers it must, therefore, be on the right path. But God gives little consideration to numbers. He looks at the heart. The righteous servants of God have in them a very special glow that comes from truthfulness, fidelity and love for their Creator and which cannot be adequately explained. I would have explained it if I could; but no Prophet or Messenger ever since the world began has been able to explain this mystery because it is impossible to find words to explain how the spirit of His loyal servant prostrates itself at the threshold of God.

Now after translating the rest of the revelation, I would like to bring the subject to its close. God Almighty says: Although I shall safeguard you against being killed yet two she-goats from thy Community shall be slaughtered; and everyone who lives shall ultimately die; yet these two shall be killed despite being innocent. In the Scriptures God talks in similitude of innocent persons as goats. This is because the she-goat possesses two distinct qualities. It yields milk and its meat serves as food. In this there is a prediction about the late martyrs Maulawi Muhammad Abdul Latif and his disciple Mian Abd-ur-Rahman. This prophecy was fulfilled 23 years after its publication in Brahin-i-Ahmadiyya. By now, millions of men must have read this prophecy at page 510 of my book Brahin-i-Ahmadiyya. It is well known that yielding milk and providing meat, as I have just stated, are two inherent qualities of a she-goat. Maulawi Abdul Latif provided milk for his opponents through his exhortations during the dialogue with the divines who opposed him and furnished them with many truths and verities like pure milk; but, instead of drinking the milk, they threw it away. By sacrificing his own life and giving his own blood out of his love for them, he provided for his opponents his meat to eat and his blood to drink so that they may ponder over the fact that in the faith in which they believed and which they had inherited from their forefathers that are dead, no one had ever made such a sacrifice unless one has witnessed spiritually the Divine manifestation and is full of perfect faith. This meat and this blood will continue for all time to invite to itself all seekers after truth.

In short, Sahibzada Maulawi Abdul Latif, on account of these two facts as mentioned above, had a strong resemblance to a she-goat and Mian Abd-ur-Rahman also resembled a she-goat. Because God Almighty knew that the writer of this account and his followers will receive a very great shock at this stunning martyrdom, so the latter part of this revelation contains words of condolence and consolation revealed in Arabic which may be interpreted as: Do not be grieved and downcast at this sudden shock, because even though two of your men have perished, God is with you. He shall cause a whole people to come to you in place of these two and He is sufficient for His servant. Do you not know that He has control over everything? We shall, on the Day of Judgment, bring you as a witness against those people who have killed two innocent men; and question them for what fault had they killed these two? God shall grant thee thy recompense. He shall be pleased with thee and shall cause thy name to be fulfilled, that is to say, Ahmad, which means the one who praises God much. The one who praises God much is one who has been rewarded abundantly by Him. In short, God shall shower on thee a downpour of His blessings for which reason you shall also praise Him in the superlative degree and then thy name shall reach its culmination. He said: Do not grieve over the death of these martyrs. There is a hidden wisdom in their martyrdom. There are many things you would love, which would not be to your good, and there are many things that you would wish to be spared, but those would be good for you. It is God alone Who knows what is best for you. But you do not know.

It has been explained in this Divine revelation that the death of Sahibzada Maulawi Abdul Latif, in such a cruel manner, is indeed most distressing (we have not witnessed a cruelty more distressing than this) but this martyrdom carries innumerable blessings which shall appear later and the land of Kabul shall suffer the consequences of this brutality (our emphasis: (###) unrest, invasion, etc., of Afghanistan are but examples). Prior to this tragedy there had also occurred the murder of Mian Abd-ur-Rahman, one of my followers, on which God had kept quiet, but He will not overlook this brutality and the terrible consequences of this event shall be witnessed. It has been reported that after the killing of the deceased martyr by thousands of stones, an epidemic of cholera broke out in Kabul and a great number of people, including prominent men and dignitaries of the state and a number of the Amir’s relatives, perished. But that is not all. This was a most merciless murder which has no parallel under heaven. Alas, what a pity! What has this ignorant Amir done? He has brutally killed such an incomparable, innocent and righteous man and has ensured his own ruin.

O land of Kabul! you are a witness to the heinous crime committed on your soil. O miserable land! you have, in the sight of Allah, been condemned as you are the scene of this most atrocious crime.