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Some Words of Advice to My Community

O ye my disciples! may God be always with you. May He grant you to be prepared for the final journey as he had prepared the Companions of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him. Beware! this world is transient. Cursed is the life which concerns itself mainly with material gains and most unfortunate is he who hankers after this world. If there be such a man among my followers, then he has joined us in vain, for he can be likened to a withered branch of a tree which cannot bear fruit.

O ye fortunate ones! hasten towards me and join my fold for I have come with the teaching which ensures your salvation. Believe in One God and do not make anyone His partner from the earth or heaven. God does not forbid you from the use of material resources but he who relies totally on them is akin to an idolator. From the earliest times He has been warning you that salvation cannot be attained except through a pure heart. You must, therefore, become pure-hearted and discard personal jealousies and hatred. A great number of weaknesses lie dormant in man, but the basest weakness is arrogance. No one would have been a non-believer if there had been no arrogance. Therefore, make yourself humble of heart and serve your fellow-beings with love. As you exhort or invite them to paradise you must not ever contemplate causing any harm to them in this transient world. Observe all the Commandments of God with His fear in your hearts because you are going to be called to account. When you stand in Prayer, concentrate on seeking His succour so that He may draw you towards Himself, and purify your hearts. Man is weak by nature. All his weaknesses are removed only through His grace. So long as man does not get strength from his Creator he cannot get rid of his weaknesses. Islam does not mean that you may merely be known as Muslims. No, it fundamentally needs your souls to prostrate in all humility at His threshold and that you must give precedence to each and every command of your faith over every worldly affairs.

O ye of my dear Jama’at! believe firmly in the fact that the world is now approaching its end and a radical change has begun to appear. Do not, therefore, deceive your souls, and turn immediately to attaining perfection in piety and righteousness. Make the Holy Quran your true guide and acquire true light from it for your every need. You must not neglect the Traditions of the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, either, and must not consider these to be useless. Nay, these also are most important and were collected and compiled at the expense of very great effort and hardship. But beware when a Hadith happens to clash with the Holy Quran, disregard it totally so that you may save yourselves from going astray. God has caused the Holy Quran to reach you in its pristine purity, therefore, give the greatest importance to the Word of God and let nothing take precedence over it, because all truth and righteousness are based on it. People regard and have faith in the exhortations of men according to the measure of their piety and righteousness.

Now ponder over the fact how God has furnished thousands of Signs in support of my claim so that you may determine and judge the truth and the calibre of him who is inviting you to this Movement; and that you may weigh his spiritual worth and weigh his arguments. You cannot point out any moral slips and weakness in my life; nor that I have ever indulged in fraud or deceit so that you may have cause to suspect my integrity. Is there anyone among you who could point out shortcomings and weaknesses in my life? It was THE GRACE OF GOD that made me tread the path of righteousness from the very beginning. This is a Sign for those who would care to ponder.

Moreover God has sent me with His mission at the beginning of the century and has provided all the Signs and reasoning that were required in support of my claim. He manifested His Signs from heaven as well as on the earth and had commanded all the earlier Prophets to give glad tidings to the world concerning me. If my claim had been a human fabrication it could never have been accompanied with so many Signs. Besides all this, all the revealed Books furnish strong evidence of the fact that God gets hold of impostors and inflicts very severe punishment on false claimants and causes them to die in disgrace. But you all know very well that I made my claim which can be verified from Braheeni Ahmadiyya Part 1 more than twenty-three years ago. Any wise and intelligent person could ponder over the fact that God never allowed any impostor, ill-natured and insolent person who continued, audaciously, to fabricate revelations for twenty-three years, every day and every night claiming the same to have come from God; and instead of inflicting upon him punishment, granted him, day after day, and night after night, countless Signs in his support, such as causing the sun and the moon to be eclipsed during the same Ramadhan and thus fulfilling the predictions mentioned in the earlier Scriptures, the Holy Quran and the Ahadeeth, as well as fulfilling the prediction mentioned in his own book, Braheeni Ahmadiyya , and raised him at the head of the century when the creed of the cross had reached its climax, so that it may be shattered; and granted him popularity in the earth by causing the fulfillment of the appointed Signs mentioned in the old Scriptures and by the earlier Prophets in connection with the coming of the Promised Messiah; and causing his talks and exhortations to be fruitful and effective, and granting him His aid by accepting all his prayers. Does He grant all these favours knowing fully that he is false and is telling deliberate lies? Can you point out even one instance in the past where He had ever dealt so beneficiently with any lying impostor before me?

Therefore, O ye servants of Allah, do not lose sight of the facts and let not Satan create doubts in your minds. Believe fully in the fact that this is the fulfillment of the predictions made by the earlier Prophets. The last and final war between the Messenger of Allah and Satan which Prophet Daniel had referred to has commenced. I came as a blessing for the truthful and I have been ridiculed and denounced as Kafir and Dajjal and have been counted among the disbelievers. But all this was predestined so that the prophecy may be fulfilled which is described in the verse Those who suffered under the displeasure of God. This is because by referring to the party of the Blessed Ones, God has disclosed that there shall be among the Muslims those who shall be similar to those divines of the Jews who had attempted to crucify Jesus and who had denounced Jesus (God forbid) as a Kafir, a great deceiver and an impugner of true religion.

Now reflect carefully on what all this points to. This indicates that the Promised Messiah was to appear from among the Muslims. That is why people akin to the Jews and who would delude themselves being called the learned in religion were also to be created. That prophecy has now been fulfilled in your country. Had these divines not been present, the entire Muslim population would have accepted me by now. The sin, therefore, of those who reject my claim, lies at the door of these divines. Neither do these Ulama wish to enter the abode of righteousness themselves nor do they wish to let the less intelligent (###) enter the same. What pretence do they employ and what chicanery and subterfuge do they use secretly in misleading the simple artless people. But can they ever prevail over God? Would they frustrate the will of God, the Omnipotent, Who made it known through His Prophets? They rely on the support of the vile rich and the unfortunate men of affluence who hanker after worldly gains. But in the sight of God they are no more than dead worms.

O ye people, hearken to my call! Remember that this is a prophecy from Him Who created the earth and the heaven. We will cause this, His Own Movement, to spread in all countries and shall cause them to triumph over all others through reasoning and argument. The days are approaching, nay they are near at hand, when only this religion shall be spoken of with honour and respect. God shall grant this religion and this Movement His choicest blessings and unprecedented success and frustrate the designs of all those who seek to destroy them and shall perpetuate their ascendancy till the time the world comes to its end. They jeer at me now but their jeering shall cause no harm, for there has not been a Prophet who has not been jeered at. It was, therefore, incumbent that the Promised Messiah be also jeered at, as God Almighty says:

Alas for My Servants! There comes not a Messenger to them but they mock at him ( 36:31 ).

It is, therefore, a Sign from God; because every Prophet has been mocked at. Who would laugh at a person who comes down from heaven with a host of angels? Even from this one could understand that the story of Messiah coming down from heaven is no more than a myth.

Remember very well that no one will descend from heaven. All our opponents who live today shall die and none of them shall ever see Jesus son of Mary coming down from heaven; then their children that are left after them shall also die and none from among them shall ever see Jesus son of Mary coming down from heaven and then their third generation shall also die and they too shall not see the son of Mary coming down. Then God shall cause great consternation in their hearts, yet the son of Mary has not come down. Then in dismay the wise among them shall forsake this belief and three centuries from now shall not have passed when those who await the coming of Jesus son of Mary, whether they be Muslims or Christians, shall relinquish altogether this conception. Then shall prevail only one religion over the whole world and there shall be only one religious Leader. I came only to sow the seed which has been planted by my hand. It shall now grow and flourish and there is none who can hinder its growth.

Do not consider that the Aryas, the Hindus of the Dayanand cult, carry much weight. They are mere wasps who know not anything more than causing a sting. They do not know anything about Unity or Oneness of God Almighty and are completely devoid of spiritual knowledge. Their favourite pastime is finding fault with others and abusing all the Prophets of God. Injecting satanic ideas into the minds of people and making them sceptical is their boastful achievement. In their hearts they do not even have the shadow of piety or fear of God. Always bear in mind that a faith without spirituality is of no benefit to anyone. A religion without spiritual benefits cannot bear any fruit. A religion with no spiritual benefits and a religion with no faith in direct communion with God and with no piety and truthfulness, is merely a dead religion. Do not ever be afraid of it. Hundreds of thousands shall still beliving when they will see the disintegration of this creed, because the creed known as the Arya Samaj is merely mundane, not a godly religion at all. Always bear this in mind that a religion without spirituality can never succeed. It is worthless. The religion which has no communion with God and lacks the essence of truth and purity and which lacks heavenly attractions and is incapable of bringing about a miraculous change, that religion is dead.Do not fear it. People in hundreds of thousands from among you shall still be living when they will see the disintegration of this religion.

This creed known as the Arya Samaj is merely mundane and has no connection with heaven and does not teach anything heavenly. You should, therefore, rejoice and leap in merriment that God is with you. If you are truthful and firm and steadfast in your faith,the angels shall come down and teach and guide you and you shall be blessed with heavenly equanimity, and the spirit of purity shall always come to your aid to teach and guide you. God shall be with you at each and every step and no one shall overcome you.Therefore, wait with patience and perseverance for Divine blessings,and always remain calm and quiet when you are abused. So far as possible, show humility against aggression so that you may be accepted in heaven.

Always bear in mind that if you fear God, and your hearts are filled with humility for His sake, He shall come to your aid and become the enemy of your enemies. The worldly eye does not discern the truthful that affirm truth. But God, the Omniscient, sees the truthful and protects him with His own hand. Do you not love someone, in return, if he loves you from the core of his heart and is willing to lay down his life for you and obeys you implicitly? Do you not give him preference over