Every nation has natural dislike to something and for what the Zionist Jews have done to the Palestinians; the Muslim nation's hatred for the Jews surpasses its hatred for everything else. Hence, Abdul Hafeez cites several news items from journals of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's opponents, the Majlis Khatme Nubuwwat, to allege that it has links with the Zionist state of Israel. He also alleges that the Ahmadiyya Muslim centre at Islamabad in Tilford is playing host to 85 Jewish intellectuals and that with the patronage of the Zionist state; Ahmadi Muslims are publishing literature in Arabic with the view to distribution in the Arabic speaking world. Incidentally, this literature, according to the joint author of Two in One, Dr. Rashid Ali, is being printed with the latest printing press supposedly donated in 1985 by the Jewish chairman of New York's Fifth Avenue business community on Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad'sra birthday.1

One must admit that while one's temper has often flared at reading the obnoxious and vulgar allegations made against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community by the author of Two in One, Abdul Hafeez, his co author, Dr. S. Rashid Ali's aforementioned charges in the concluding pages of the book have afforded one with a touch of humor. One must also admit that while nominal Ahmadi Muslims have somewhat been distressed at the filth the author of Two in One has included in his publication, these concluding comments by his co author has convinced them that the publishers of this grotesque book are personified liars. One would therefore not dwell upon this question at length but to caution Abdul Hafeez and Dr. S. Rashid Ali that the Holy Quran requires of Muslims:

'Follow not that of'which thou hast no knowledge. Verily, the ear and the eye and the heart - all these shall be called to account.2

If, by any chance, Dr. S. Rashid Ali has been led to believe in these charges of a Jewish link by the false reports contained in the Khatme Nubuwwat Magazine, and provided he is a Muslim who does not treat the admonitions contained in the Holy Quran with indifference, one would suggest that he take heed of the above verse in the Holy Quran and investigate the matter first since the Holy Quran also admonishes that one 'shun all words of falsehood'3 and warns:

'He utters not a word, but there is by him an alert watcher who takes care to preserve it.'4

At this stage, it may be appropriate to quote a Hadeeth attributed to Hadhrat Muhammad in which he stated:

'It is enough to make a man a liar that he should go on repeating all that he might hear.5

One ought to also warn the publishers of Two in One that according to Hadhrat Muhammad, one who carries tales will not enter paradise6 and these allegations of the Jewish link are certainly false tales, no less than others already discussed, which Dr. S. Rashid Ali and Abdul Hafeez are carrying through their publication, Two in One.

However, one is rather amazed at Dr. S. Rashid Ali's audacity in accusing the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of these false charges of a Jewish link after the conduct of the leadership of the entire Muslim world, with the exception of one or two countries, during the Gulf War. One is certain that further comment on this issue would not be necessary but one cannot refrain from stating that while the leadership of nearly the entire Muslim world was collaborating with the Zionists in breaking the back of Iraq, the leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmadra was delivering Sermons from the pulpit of the London Mosque condemning the actions of this unholy alliance. These Sermons, delivered between 3rd August, 1990 and 15th March, 1991 have been compiled in book form titled The Gulf Crisis7 and a study of it should conclusively settle the issue as to who has been collaborating with the Zionists.

As regards Dr. S. Rashid Ali's allegation that according to the Al Khaleej, an Arabic newspaper, the Christian missionaries have fixed a sum of $35 million to spread the Ahmadiyya Muslim faith and this money has been spent by them in spreading the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's literature in Ethiopia8, would the editor of Al Khaleej or Dr. S. Rashid Ali explain as to why should Christian missionaries spend all this money to spread a faith which claims to be Islamic in a predominantly Christian country where the reigns of power are held by the Amarah people who are all Christians?

As regards the allegation that Christian missionaries have printed new versions of Hadhrat Ahmad's books and have started distributing these in Ghana and that these books have now invaded bookshops in Accra9, one is rather amazed that these Christians should come to the aid of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at this late stage while the mission in Ghana was established as far back as 1921 and the name Ahmadiyya is currently synonymous to Islam in this country.


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