While one has disagreed with Abdul Hafeez on every one of his statements in his publication, to his satisfaction one agrees with his statement that on the Day of Judgment, right and wrong will be decided and no one will be able to convert a false prophet into a true one.101 However, one hopes that the author of Two in One will reciprocate by agreeing with the author of Three in One that on that very day, no one will be able to convert a true prophet into false also. In this relation, one is certain that if Abdul Hafeez ever attempted to prove Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas as anything but a true prophet, his efforts will fail miserably because Hadhrat Ahmadas is an elect of God Almighty. But that is an event which will take place in the future. For the moment, Abdul Hafeez may continue to persecute Hadhrat Ahmadas in this world but here again, one can assure the pir from Gujjo that he shall Insha-Allah suffer certain failure as stated by Hadhrat Ahmadas:

While one would have been inclined to make a concluding statement to the present publication, one believes that in view of the extent to which Sayed Abdul Hafeez Shah, the administrator of The Baitul Mukarram Trust in Pakistan; pir of Gujjo in Sindh; author of the obnoxious publication Two in One and the spiritual guide and teacher of Dr. Rashid Ali of Dibba, has been exposed as a liar, a disbeliever and an enemy - all Three in One, the present publication does not require any such submission by its author. Therefore, one would conclude this book with the supplication contained in the concluding Surah of the Glorious Quran:

May Allah, the Gracious and the Merciful, the Lord and King of mankind accept this humble supplication and preserve the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as well as all sincere and honest human beings from the evil whisperings of the sneaking whisperer, this advocate of the devil, Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah, the pir of Gujjo who whispers into the hearts of men from amongst, only God knows, whether the jinn or men,