It is an established fact of history that whenever God Almighty directs a chosen apostle to call mankind to righteousness and piety, His commissioned messenger and those who identify themselves with Him are subjected to excessive persecution. The Quran is full of examples where the righteous have become victims of physical violence, emotional humiliation and verbal abuse at the hands of their adversaries who shield their iniquity under the guise of zealous religious piety. For instance, Hadhrat Noahas was denounced a liar1; pronounced mad2 and threatened with death3 while Hadhrat Hudas was called a liar4 and accused of being smitten by idols.5 Hadhrat Salihas was accused of being deluded6 and threatened with banishment7 as well as assassination8, and Hadhrat Abrahamas was nearly burnt alive.9

Hadhrat Lotas10 and Hadhrat Shuaibas11 were both threatened with expulsion from the city of their domicile while Hadhrat Mosesas was accused of being possessed12 and denounced a sorcerer.13 Hadhrat Jesusas was nearly crucified on the accursed stake14 and Hadhrat Muhammadsa endured severe physical torture, emotional humiliation and verbal abuse at the hands of the kuffar who accused him of being a liar15; a forgerer16; a sorcerer17 as well as insane.18 He and his companions were finally forced to migrate from Mecca.19

Although times have changed and such brute physical force has as a norm, become a matter of the past, yet, verbal abuse of the virtuous remains the wont of their enemies. Hence, in our own age, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas has been subjected to extensive vilification by his foes who are unable to reconcile the fact that God Almighty has, once again, sent a commissioned apostle to guide mankind to the truth and lead it to the most perfect and complete religion of Islam. Since he claimed to be the prophesied Messiah and Mahdi, his adversaries have produced a colossal amount of hostile literature in which they misrepresent the beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and also subject its Founderas and his successors to severe character assassination.

In recent times, this tirade has been joined by a certain Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah with his publication titled Two in One in the preface of which he pretends to mitigate his impropriety with excuses of high regard for human dignity and respect for the beliefs of other people. Yet, on reading this publication, one is convinced that its author has no regard for either. He speaks of human dignity and yet has no scruples to caricature some grotesque cartoons which, far from creating any satirical effect, seem repellent to refined taste. He pretends to wish not to get involved in polemics and yet has no qualms about lying through his teeth to misrepresent the beliefs and ideals of other people. He also claims to try his best not to cause any sectarian discontent and yet has no compunction about reviling others to the extent that one reaches a state of mind where perseverance and forbearance ceases to be a virtue.

The following pages propose to expose the gross misrepresentation and inveracity of the author of Two in One and illustrate to the masses, the extent of deception to which the opponents of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have sunk.