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A series of Seminars for use in Tabligue purposes

by Dr Shakeel Ahmad

National Tabligh Team, UK

In 1989, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community celebrated its first centenary. The last major event in the celebration was a lecture delivered on 24th February 1990 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London by the Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Late Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad ra, the Fourth successor to the Promised Messiah as. This Key note lecture was attended by eight hundred distinguished guests including politicians, Arabists, journalists, professors, teachers, men and women from other professions and vocations and eminent religious scholars.


Islam is a religion of peace. Its teachings guarantee peace in every sphere of human interest and aspiration. This lecture was categorized in five major areas in which the world stands in need of guidance. Dr Shakeel Ahmad, National Tabligh Team, UK, prepared this series of presentations that summaries each of the five categories.

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