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December 2009 eGazette – Religious Law and Secular Law

Restoring World Peace Shariah Relationship between Religion and Politics in Islam Misappropriation of Shariah Where did the Western Law come from? Does the Quran sanction theocracy? President Obama explaining the dialogue between religion and law Science and Religion Corner: If there were no moon

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Restoring World Peace
Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, March 2007. Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said in March of 2007: ‘Peace will remain a dream as long as every nation considers its political and national interests above all others. As I have said before, this will only come about when the world begins to look towards its creator. Even now; there is time to change this dream of world peace into reality.’ Read the whole text online.

Shariah Relationship between Religion and Politics in Islam
by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh), Fourth Successor of the Promised Messiah (as)

Mirza Tahir Ahmad

Shariah is the law and there is no doubt about it; the law of Islam; the law for Muslims. But the question is how far this law can be transformed into legislation for running a political government. On top of that many other issues get involved in it. For instance, if a Muslim country has a right to dictate its law to all its population, then, by the same reasoning and the same logic, every other country with majority of population belonging to other religions would have exactly the same right to enact their laws.
The entire world would become a world of not only political conflict but also of a politico- religious conflict.
Read more online.

YouTubeAlso see a 5 minute video clip, in which Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad addresses the same issue.

Misappropriation of Shariah

BBC News
Fundamentalists strike again; this time in Malaysia, in their silliness they cannot recognize a compliment when they see one. According to BBC online, “The Malaysian government has refused to release 10,000 Bibles which it seized because they contained the word Allah to refer to God. The government, which is dominated by Muslim Malays, claims that the word Allah is Islamic and that its use in Bibles could upset Muslims. The Roman Catholic Church is challenging the ban in court.” (more on bbc news)

Where did the Western Law come from?


Since the publication of legal scholar John Makdisi’s ‘The Islamic Origins of the Common Law’ in the North Carolina Law Review, there has been controversy over whether English common law was inspired by medieval Islamic law.

The following article from Wikipedia suggests that the presumption of innocence, which was introduced to Europe by Louis IX of France soon after he returned from Palestine during the Crusades, was based on the presumption of innocence from its beginning, as declared by the caliph Umar in the 7th century. Read the portion under the heading ‘Law‘.

Professor John A. Makdisi concludes in his article in North Carolina Law Review, in June 1999:

“The Islamic legal system was far superior to the primitive legal system of England before the birth of the common law. It was natural for the more primitive system to look to the more sophisticated one as it developed three institutions that played a major role in creating the common law. The action of debt, the assize of novel disseisin, and trial by jury introduced mechanisms for a more rational, sophisticated legal process that existed only in Islamic law at that time. Furthermore, the study of the characteristics of the function and structure of Islamic law demonstrates its remarkable kinship with the common law in contrast to the civil law. Finally, one cannot forget the opportunity for the transplant of these mechanisms from Islam through Sicily to Norman England in the twelfth century.”


December 2009

Persecution News

Martyrs of Islam Ahmadiyyat of Quetta Pakistan

A documentary from MTA International on Abbas Ahmad, Khalid Rashid, Zulfiqar Mansoor and Zafar Iqbal martyred in Quetta, Pakistan.

Watch Urdu Video Online
(Running time: 27 minutes)

MTA International Live Questions in Arabic, Bangla, English and Urdu

Live Urdu Questions and Answers

Al Hiwar Al Mubashar (Arabic), Shotter Shondhane (Bangla), Faith Matters (English) and Rah-e-Huda (Urdu). Please see MTA Schedule for timings and benefit from these programs and invite your friends to watch them.

Persecution News

For latest updates of the persecution of the peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Community please visit www.ThePersecution.org or at the The Persecution Blog

Does the Quran sanction theocracy?
by Arif Humayun

Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan has summarized the Quranic ideal about political life well in these words, “Inasmuch as God’s sovereignty extends over the whole universe, the ultimate ideal of a state in Islam is universal federation, or confederation, of autonomous states, associated together for upholding freedom of conscience and for the maintenance of peace and co-operation in promoting human welfare throughout the world.” If this is theocracy then Islam is all for it! But, if theocracy means taking away the religious freedom of the minorities, and a rule by the fundamentalists, then there is no place for it in the Holy Quran. For rest of the story read the article in fall 2007 volume of Muslim Sunrise.

Additional articles on Shariah issue: [1] Separation of Mosque and State (pdf) [2] The Shariah – An Introductory glimpse into the divinely ordained path (pdf)

President Obama explaining the dialogue between religion and law

He says that we can draw our inspiration from our scriptures but we have to translate the message into a language that is understood by other fellow citizens from different religions. Hear him in his own words – Watch on YouTube

Science and Religion Corner: If there were no moon

“Allah it is Who made the sun radiate a brilliant light and the moon reflect a luster, and ordained for it stages, that you might learn the method of calculating the years and determining time. Allah has not created this system but for a purpose. He expounds the Signs in detail for a people who have knowledge. In the alternation of the night and the day, and in all that Allah has created in the heavens and the earth, there are many Signs for a people who are mindful of their duty to Allah.” (Al Quran 10:6-7)

What is the purpose and need of the moon? Read a short article online. (pdf)

Watch a Discovery channel movie on this topic on YouTube.

The Muslim Sunrise

Muslim Sunrise

“In the latter days, the sun shall rise from the West.” (Hadith)

The MUSLIM SUNRISE endeavors to share true Islamic teachings. Its publication began in 1921 by Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (ra) in the USA. Now it is available online along with the old issues (archived). Click here to read Muslim Sunrise online.

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