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Friday Sermon: 2010 - A blessed year for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(at) Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
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NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Hudhur’s Friday Sermon today, the last day of the Gregorian calendar, was based on his spiritual perspective of the past year. Hudhur said 2010 started on a Friday and is ending on a Friday, a day of immense blessings in Islam, thus giving significance to an otherwise inconsequential matter of last day of the year. Our detractors may question and have indeed questioned the blessed aspect of the year for us as we lost nearly a hundred lives during the year, who left behind many bereaved families. A few people outside the Community have expressed sympathy on this matter but there is a substantial number who continue to not only use harsh language regarding our martyrs but also threaten us. These people do not seem to be aware of God’s treatment with them and do not appear to learn lesson. Their condition is thus described in the Holy Qur’an: ‘…But their hearts were hardened and Satan made all that they did seem fair to them.’ (6:44).

Hudhur said the families of our martyrs have expressed their emotions to God in a way that has changed their thought-processes. Delegates from different countries have been to meet these families and have found their meetings faith-enhancing. Wahab Adam sahib and Tahir Hamand sahib of Ghana have been to meet them and on their return met with Hudhur. They told Hudhur that meeting the families had enhanced their faith, when they consoled them, they were offered consolation in return and when overcome with emotion they were tearful, the families told them they felt the martyrs had left them with medals of honours.

Hudhur related the incident of one student who was injured in the Lahore attacks and is now in the UK for further education. He told Hudhur that when he was injured at the mosque, he rang his mother and told her that he had been shot twice and was bleeding. She said to him that she had entrusted him to God, if martyrdom was his destiny he should give his life courageously and not show cowardice. God protected the young man and the bullets were removed from his body through surgery. However, Hudhur said, when there are such mothers and such families then loss of life is not a sign of God’s displeasure. It is God alone Who gives peace of mind.

Hudhur said we are the people who never leave God out of fear of the enemy. We do not show insincerity to God out of fear, poverty or sacrifice of wealth. Rather, we say: ‘…‘Surely, to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return.’ (2:157) and try and attain more love of God. Many write to Hudhur and tell him that they are among those who: ‘…some who still wait, and they have not changed their condition in the least;’ (33:24). Hudhur said the objection of our detractors about the year being blessed for us is negated by this.

Hudhur said this year there was immense blessing of God in taking the message of Ahmadiyyat to others especially in the Western countries. Different media resources were used for this and the Community was introduced and message of Islam taken to others on an unprecedented level. Hudhur said this was a result of the extreme level of sacrifices of the martyrs in 2010. God has accepted these sacrifices and thus included the martyrs among those about whom it is stated: ‘Think not of those, who have been slain in the cause of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living, in the presence of their Lord, being well provided, (3:170). Hudhur explained that lexicon also signifies the Arabic word ‘amwota’ (slain/dead) used in the verse as those whose blood is not spilled in vain and those who leave behind people who follow in their model. Hudhur said angels inform these martyrs of the successes their sacrifice bring about and this delights them: Jubilant because of that which Allah has given them of His bounty; and rejoicing for those who have not yet joined them from behind them, because on them shall come no fear, nor shall they grieve.’ (3:171)

Thus, the sacrifices of the martyrs are a source of enhancing faith. Many families write to Hudhur that they met with their martyr relative in dream who told them that they were very happy and were being extended amazing treatment. Hudhur said when we believe this to be true and are assured that God is bestowing special blessings on them; our belief in the glad-tiding of the success of those left behind should also increase. In order to attain more and swift beneficence from God’s promise we need to turn to Him and connect to Him more than ever. Hudhur said we relate the special qualities of the martyrs, thus we need to reflect over our own deeds. This year, the blessed day of Friday has been given an unusual significance as the year began on a Friday and is ending on a Friday. As a result this year had 53 Fridays. According to Hadith an hour comes during Friday which has special level of acceptance of prayer. Hudhur said he hoped that according to our capacities we had tried to spend Fridays in prayers. The martyrs of Lahore and those of Mardan gave their lives while engaged in prayer during Friday. Most certainly their prayers would have earned them the best blessings in Paradise as well as progress for those they left behind and the Community. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: ‘Friday is the chief of all days and Allah considers it the greatest day. It is the day God created Adam (on whom be peace), on it He sent him down to earth, on it He gave him death. During this day is an hour when all that is asked for but what is haram (forbidden) is granted. On it will be the Day of Judgement.’ Hudhur explained that while Friday has means of going to Paradise, it is also connected with expulsion from Paradise due to Satan’s deception. We have accepted the Adam of this age, for God also called the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) Adam. He is the Adam through whom paradise will be established on earth, which means that followers of the teachings of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) will be created. They will be firm on high levels of sacrifices and will do good works and attaining God’s pleasure will be their viewpoint.

Hudhur explained that if we are to get the beneficence of the Divine promises made with the Imam of the age, we need to do good works which will take us closer to God. We are required to put each commandment of God in practice, from the smallest to the highest, in accordance with our capacities. We will be part of the glad-tiding that God demonstrates to those who make sacrifices. God states: As to those who believe and do good works, they will surely have a reward that will never end. (41:9). Hudhur said after belief, good works are essential. God has declared the significance of good works as: And give glad tidings to those who believe and do good works, that for them are Gardens beneath which flow streams. Whenever they are given a portion of fruit therefrom, they will say: ‘This is what was given us before,’ whereas only similar things shall be brought to them. And they will have therein mates perfectly pure, and therein will they abide.’ (2:26). The Promised Messiah elucidated that without good works, belief is of no use. If we are desirous of never-ending reward from God and acceptance of prayer, we need to do good works. God’s glad-tiding is for those who do good works.

Hudhur said we should pray that we spend our lives in a way that makes us rightful members of the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), and each action of ours is to attain pleasure of God. Hudhur said tonight bid farewell to this year and welcome the next one with prayers for special capacity to remove our weaknesses that have kept us from doing good work, may we be able to carry them out in the New Year. Hudhur said we should irrigate and nourish the seed of belief with good works.

While we are pleased that a section of our Community gave tremendous sacrifice, it is sad that Hudhur also receives letters of complaints from people outside the Community about Ahmadis involved in deceptions in business matters. Hudhur said this is a disgrace for the Community and the verbal claim of belief by such people does not benefit the Community. Hudhur also mentioned those who have no regard for relationships and said that ‘good works’ also include honouring all mutual rights. Each one of us should reflect and self-examine how many failings we removed in the last year, what revolutionary change did those who gave the immense sacrifice create in us? This was a year of blessings but if we remain involved in worldly matters, encroach others’ rights, harm others, are verbally abusive to others we will incur God’s displeasure. We make vocal claims to remember the sacrifice of the martyrs but if we do not make them a model to follow to attain the pleasure of God we have not worked to afford them comfort. If the detractors have done their utmost we should adorn our belief with good works in a manner that gold is purified and burnished after it passes through fire. Thus fortunate are those of us who spent this year nourishing our belief with good works. May God enable them more than ever to make their connection with Him stronger and those who could not pay attention to their reformation should pray for this aspect during Friday Prayers and tonight, seek help from God and try and do good works and in the New Year always keep reformation in viewpoint. May God make it so that we are all able to mould our actions to attain the pleasure of God.

Hudhur said tonight when the world will be busy dancing, consuming alcohol and getting excited, especially in the Western world, we should make the promise in the Presence of God that in the New Year we will keep our emotions in obedience to His commandments, we will develop in belief and will try to mould every act of ours in accordance with God’s commandments. May God enable us so.

Hudhur wished a very happy New Year to all individually as well as communally. Relating some blessings of the year, Hudhur said through the work done by Russian desk at MTA he now receives letters in their hundreds from Russia. God revealed to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and he said: ‘I see my community in Russia like the grains of sand in number’. [Tadhkirah p. 964]. Hudhur said may God continue to take the message to them and fulfil this revelation. Hudhur also mentioned something that he had wished to say during Jalsa Qadian. Our website has a new resource. A word search facility is now available for all the books of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). Hudhur said this was a difficult task which has been accomplished by a team of young people. They are: Noman Ahmad from Lahore, Mubarak Ahmad from Karachi. Both of them are Waqfe Nau. The additional team is from India, hence Hudhur’s wish to mention the names at Qadian Jalsa. They are: Fazalur Rahman from Chennai, Maqsood Ahmad, Shahid Pervaiz, Abdul Salam, Ayesha Maqsood, and Altaf Ahmad, all from Bangalore. Riaz Ahmad from Mangalone. Khurram Naseer from Pakistan and Kaleem ud din Sheikh from Chennai. Hudhur said they have accomplished a great task, may God reward them and may the world benefit from the resource they have created.

Next Hudhur said it has come to his knowledge that someone has created a Facebook account in Hudhur’s name and Hudhur was completely oblivious to it, nor has he looked at it. In fact Hudhur said he has alerted the Community about Facebook usage before. He said he does not know whether a detractor has started this account or some well-meaning person, in any case efforts are being made to close it and it will be closed because it has more detriments and fewer benefits. Hudhur said he also tells people individually to be careful of Facebook as it can have many wrong consequences, in particular girls should be very careful. Hudhur said he wished to announce that this account should be avoided and people should not leave their comments on it and no one should join it. If in future a situation arose where the Community wished to join something like Facebook, it will be done on an official level and in a secure way which will not be accessed by all and sundry and will only have the Community’s interest. Hudhur has been told that anyone can access this account and our detractors have also left comments. Hudhur said it is unethical, even if it is done with good intent, to start something in another person’s name without informing them. Therefore whoever has done this, if with good intent, should promptly close it and do Istaghfar. If it is done with mischief then God will Himself deal with it.

May God protect us from all evil and may He continue to keep us on the ways to progress.

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