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In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Friday Sermon: Title unavailable...

Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad rh Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
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    • An announcement of the incitement by His Holiness, Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, on the arrival of new year, to take leave for Friday prayers in the European Countries. The Ahmadiyya Jama’at must pay notable and extra ordinary regard to the observance of Friday prayers. It should be clear to every member of the Jama’at that he has no life without the performance of Friday prayers. It is necessary for the religious training and spiritual life of our children that we make them habitual in the observance of Friday prayers.
    • یکم جنوری ۱۹۸۸
    • حضرت امام جماعت احمدیہ کی طرف سے نئے سال کے آغاز پر یورپین ممالک میں جمعہ کے لیے رخصت حاصل کرنے کی تحریک کا اعلان ۔ جماعت احمدیہ کو جمعہ کی آدائیگی کی طرف غیر معمولی اور خصوصی توجہ کرنی چاہئے ۔ ہر فرد ِ جماعت پر یہ بات واضح ہونی چاہئے کہ جمعہ کے بغیر اس کی کوئ زندگی نہیں ہے ۔ بچوں کی تربییت کی خاطر اور ان کو زندہ رکھنے کے لئے ضروری ہے کہ ان کو جمعہ کا عادی بنایا جائے۔
    • (خطبہ جمعہ حضرت مرزا طاھر احمدرح ۔ بیان فرمودہ یکم جنوری ۱۹۸۸ بمقام مسجد فضل لنڈن)
    About Friday Sermon

    The Jumu'ah (Friday) prayer is one form of congregational worship in Islam. It takes place every Friday. Regular attendance at the Jumu'ah prayer is enjoined on the believer. According to a Saying of Muhammadsa this congregational prayer is twenty-five times more blessed than worship performed alone. (Bukhari)

    Friday Sermons in the Quran

    “O ye who believe! When the call is made for Prayer on Friday, hasten to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off all business. That is best for you, if you only knew.” more

    Friday Sermons in the Hadith

    “… (He who) offers the Prayers and listens quitely when the Imam stands up for sermon, will have his sins forgiven between that Friday and the next”(Bukhari)