Friday Sermon: Divine attribute of Ar Rahman (The Gracious)

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Friday Sermon: Divine attribute of Ar Rahman (The Gracious)

Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Divine attribute of Ar Rahman (The Gracious)

Divine attribute of Ar Rahman (The Gracious)

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Verses Cited in this Friday Sermon:
  • Several verses from Holy Quran, which shed light on Allah's attribute of Rahmaniyat, The word Rahman connotes that Allah brings favors upon His creation beyond their capacity, It is a virtue through which all of the universe benefits, Every Ahmadi should excel in becoming Rahman, As Ahmadis we should adopt this attribute of Allah and become mercy for all mankind, It is through serving humanity and being mindful of social welfare that one can truly mirror the attribute of Rahmaniyat.
  • اﷲ تعالیٰ کی صفت رحمانیت کا تذکرہ،اﷲ کیلئے رحمان کا مطلب وہ ذات ہے جو اپنے بندوں پر ایسے فضل کریں جو انکی پہنچ سے دور ہوں، اس صفت سے تمام کائنات کو فائدہ پہنچتا ہے، ہر احمدی کو چاہئے کہ اس صفت کو اپنائے اور دنیا کیلئے امن اور سکون کا باعث بنے، اور یہ صفت تب ہی اپنائی جاسکتی ہےجب انسان لوگوں کے حقوق کا خاص خیال رکھیں اور دنیا کی بھلائی چاہیں۔
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