Friday Sermon: Jalsa Salana in Germany

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Friday Sermon: Jalsa Salana in Germany

Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
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Huzur said with the grace of Allah he returned from his visit to Germany a couple of days ago, indeed after the conclusion of German Jalsa Salana last Sunday. Huzur said he had thought of giving a discourse [in the Friday Sermon] on another subject today but as he commenced making notes he realised that in keeping with his tradition he should mention his recent visit to another country, therefore he would speak about the German Jalsa. Huzur said it was also necessary to do so in order to thank all the workers of the Jalsa – in addition if he did not, in keeping with his tradition, mention the Jalsa, the German Jama’at may feel anxious lest Huzur is displeased with them again.

The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) initiated the Jalsa for the religious, moral and spiritual development of the Community and now this Jalsa has acquired a significance in the annual calendars of all the Jama’ats in the world. As Huzur has mentioned before, this year, in particular, with reference to the Khilafat Centenary the Jalsa has attained great importance and if Huzur did not cite the German Jalsa there would be a prompt response in the post. Huzur said the German Jama’at is highly developed in sincerity and loyalty and any such complaint from them would be justified.

Allah has granted the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) wondrously sincere people. Just as Huzur has observed that Ahmadis around the world increase in their sincerity and devotion, he found the German Jama’at to be the same. Huzur mentioned young men making progress in terms of dedication and offering of Salat. The world of Ahmadiyyat saw through MTA that the German Jalsa concluded with Allah’s blessings. The attendance at the Jalsa exceeded all expectations and was an unprecedented 37,000. Huzur said the Community that the opponents were bent upon eradicating is emerging stronger by the day, yet they do not understand. We can only pray and we do pray that may Allah give them sense. Huzur said despite the large numbers the general arrangements were very good, the programmes were also very good. The oratory and the subject-matter of the speeches were of a good standard and were listened to very attentively. Huzur said time to time he would watch some of the programmes on MTA and noted the concentration and sense of devotion with which speeches on the subject of Khilafat were listened.

Huzur said among his customary programmes at the German Jalsa this year there was an additional programme where he met non-Muslims and non-Ahmadis who had come from other countries. At this event Huzur gave a discourse on Jihad in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an; what it states in terms of fighting in defence and the teachings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) about Jihad in the current age. Huzur said this was very well received and later on some guests mentioned to Huzur of the good impression they had had and how some of the misconceptions about Islam had been removed. Some journalist guests said that they would return to their home country and write with reference to the Jalsa as well as Huzur’s address. Huzur said they appeared content and pleased and may Allah make it so that they are able to write as they said they would, at times journalists have to compromise themselves. There were guests from Estonia, Iceland, Albania, Malta and Bulgaria etc. Huzur said in Bulgaria the Jama’at is met with opposition. The Muslims of Bulgaria have no knowledge of Islam but they tend to follow the so-called caretakers of Islam, the mullah. The government of Bulgaria has created a council that issues certificates of religious authenticity in order for a community to function. The Jama’ats certificate has been revoked and efforts are being made in this regard. The delegate from Bulgaria told Huzur that they now realised that the Ahmadiyya Community certainly represents the true Islam. Huzur said he told them to remove the misconceptions given by the mullah and once back home to relate whatever they had witnessed in Germany. Huzur said he also instructed that the delegation was given Jama’at literature in Bulgarian language. Huzur said the Bulgarian Ahmadis are most sincere and devoted and express themselves most emotionally. Huzur said it is amazing how Allah fills hearts of those who accept the truth with sincerity.

As last year there was also a programme of meeting German men and ladies. In the meeting with ladies a young woman in her late twenties requested that she was so inspired by the proceedings of the Jalsa that she wished to take the bai’at and promptly took bai’at. Similarly in the meeting with men a Greek person said that he has been in touch with the Jama’at and has also read books. On Huzur’s inquiring he said after reading ‘The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam’ he was sure that he had found the truth and then added emotionally that after meeting Huzur he had decided to become an Ahmadi. He also wished to take the bai’at promptly. Huzur said another young lad of 16/17 years of age, friend of a Pakistani Ahmadi, who had participated in the bai’at and who looked like an Ahmadi from his attire, came to Huzur and said he wanted to become an Ahmadi. Upon asking he said he was a Christian. Huzur told him he was young and his parents may be unhappy for him to make such a decision but he said he was looking for the truth and he had looked at it from very aspect. Huzur said the ambience at the time of the bai’at was most emotional. The Greek gentleman took his bai’at repeating the words of bai’at sobbing. Huzur said if the message of true Islam reached those in the West who do not have inner peace, they would find peace. For this we have to pay attention to our own conditions, improve ourselves and also focus on Tabligh. When the message reaches a pious natured person or he/she observes a practical model [of Islam] it certainly draws them to Islam. Huzur said the call of an Ahmadi is a unique call. If it was not unique it would not attract the attention that it does. These are the emotions expressed by each new Ahmadi.

Huzur said as with other countries the Jalsa Salana of Germany this year had a distinct style and magnificence. The attendance was huge, the arrangements were extensive and the volunteer workers handled the arrangements extremely well. With the grace of Allah now the Jama’at of each country is very well trained and extensive arrangements do not perturb them. In the West large scale arrangements mean the authorities also get alerted. Health and Safety issue was one such matter in Germany. The workers tried their utmost not to give the authorities the chance to raise a major objection, may Allah keep them safe from any future disquiet. Huzur said he had mentioned last year about a ‘daig’ (huge cooking pot/cauldron) cleaning machine invented by an Ahmadi in Germany. This year they have improved and made the machine automatic. A dirty ‘daig’ is placed on a conveyor belt that takes it to a fully computerised washing section which even has scarping facility - after two minutes a clean ‘daig’ emerges. Huzur said this machine is the invention of three brothers, Ata ul Manan Haq, Wadood Haq and a third younger brother. None of them has engineering qualification but their sense of dedication is true. They are now working on an adaptation of this machine for Qadian as the shape of daigs in Qadian is slightly different. They are determined to have the Qadian version ready on time. May Allah keep them firm on sincerity and further enable them to serve and also keep them firm on humility. At times arrogance creeps in, may Allah increase each Ahmadi in humility.

Praising the commitment of the workers at Jalsa in Germany Huzur said they erect the Jalsa marquees themselves. Those who are not adept also get hurt in the process. Some of these volunteers do not sleep for 36 hours. After Jalsa the duty of winding-up is also a great responsibility. May Allah reward all those who worked extremely hard, they all deserve to be thanked. Once the Jalsa is over the Jalsa attendees leave and do not realise how much time and effort is required afterwards. These volunteers are the soldiers of the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) who have acquired this distinct temperament. These are the people who always respond promptly to each call of Khilafat. May Allah bless them abundantly. Just as in the UK and elsewhere in the world, the guests here also expressed their astonishment at the cheerful dedication with which young and old alike serve during Jalsa. People from outside were also impressed by the mutual love and brotherhood of the Ahmadis. This indeed is unique to Ahmadis and was one of the objectives of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) to hold Jalsa. Huzur said one of the guests had remarked that it was amazing that there was no police presence in such a huge gathering. How do we tell them that this is all borne out of the pure revolutionary change brought about by the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). It is to inculcate this condition that the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) continually drew attention and after him his Khilafat has been doing the same. Huzur read some excerpts from the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) enjoining cultivation of high morals.

Huzur said he received good reports from the ladies Jalsa Gah. They had the opportunity to do Istaghfar after the restriction was placed on them last year. They had written heartfelt, painful letters to Huzur and the general demeanour of most this year proved that their letters were sincere. Huzur said this draws one’s attention to praise and glorification of Allah that He has granted such a dear Community to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) that rises and sits at the call of the Khalifa. None other than the God Who is All Powerful can turn hearts in this way. Huzur said the emotions expressed on the last day of Jalsa both by men and women were greater than ever and were most fervent. One Ahmadi told Huzur that this year the connection with Khilafat appeared distinctive. Huzur asked a German Ahmadi if he felt any different this year and he said that for him appreciation and comprehension of the office of Khilafat and one’s connection with it was most prominent this year. Huzur said in the commemoration of the Khilafat Centenary people have been able to have an in-depth understanding of Khilafat and have been particularly drawn towards the subject. May Allah continue to increase this quest. Huzur said generally speaking the German Jalsa Salana accomplished special blessings, may Allah reward all the workers, enhance their sincerity and grant them advancement in taqwa so that they are able to appreciate the objective of their existence.

Next Huzur drew attention towards a matter requiring special prayers. Huzur said in Hyderabad India disturbances were created during their Khilafat Centenary commemoration. Now, recently in Saharanpur India there have been attacks on Ahmadis, they have been beaten up and their homes have been damaged. This is not an area of Hindu majority and these crimes are being perpetrated at the behest of so-called Muslims in the name of Islam. Some Ahmadis - who are new converts – are injured and hospitalised. Their faith is strong. Ahmadis have been taken to a safe place but their properties have been damaged. Huzur said the oppressor thought as these were new Ahmadis they would forsake Ahmadiyyat out of fear. However, what has happened is that in cases where there was just one Ahmadi family member who was persecuted the rest of the family has come into Ahmadiyyat as well. Their level of faith has so inspired their families. Huzur said there are other areas of Muslim majority in India where Ahmadis are being persecuted. Similar news is coming from Pakistan. This enmity is all due to the fact that despite massive opposition the Community is making progress. Huzur said someone told him that in Lahore, Pakistan when the Khilafat Centenary commemoration was being planned one of the Jama’at e Islami political leader said ‘if they are allowed to commemorate their Khilafat Jubilee we will be reduced to the status of a stray dog (‘galli ka kutta’, literal translation street dog).’ Huzur said we have not used any abusive word for them, it is their own assertion. Huzur said their standing indeed is what they can clearly observe from what is apparent or Allah knows what He is going to mete out to them.

Ahmadis are firm on this belief and our opponents may also listen that when this Community was like a fragile plant Allah protected it and now that the plant has grown into a tree it is still in the protection of Allah and in future also, InshaAllah, Allah will protect it. The Community has passed through trials successfully before and it shall – with the grace of Allah – pass through hard times in the future. However, you may remember that your signs will be erased. Do not tempt destruction and devastation. May Allah give them sense.

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  • Return from Jalsa Salana Germany, The Promised Messiah (A.S.) initiated the Jalsa for the religious moral and spiritual development of the Community, German Jama'at are increasing in their sincerity and devotion, Some new converts (bai't) at Jalsa Salana Germany, Record attendance at Jalsa Salana, Meeting with some non-muslims and non-ahmadis from other countries, Jalsa Salana of Germany this year had a distinct style and magnificence because of completion of 100 years of Khilafat, Automatic daig (huge cooking pot/couldron) cleaning machine invented by three ahmadis in Germany, Good report in ladies jalsa gah, Opposition in Hyderabad and Saharanpur India of Jama'at (community).
  • جلسہ سالانہ جرمنی سے واپسی، جلسہ کا اجراء حضرت مسیح موعود ؑ نے فرمایا تاکہ احمدیوں کی دینی اخلاقی اور روحانی حالت کو بہتر بنایا جائے، جرمنی کی جماعت اخلاص و وفا میں بہت بڑھنے والی ہے،جلسہ سالانہ جرمنی پہ کچھ نئی بیعتیں، جلسہ سالانہ پہ ریکارڈ حاضری، امسال خلافت احمدیہ کے سو سال پورے ہونے کی وجہ سے جرمنی کے جلسہ کی ذرا مختلف اندازوشان تھی، تین بھائیوں کی دیگ صاف کرنے والی آٹومیٹک مشین کی ایجاد ، لجنہ جلسہ گاہ سے بھی عمومی رپورٹ اچھی رہی ، حیدرآباد اور سہارانپور بھارت میں جماعت کی مخالفت۔
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