Friday Sermon: Peace and Fear

February 15th, 2002

(Prior to delivering the sermon, Hazoor made an announcement regarding an eye injury that he has sustained due to a fall during his early morning walk. Hazoor said that to avoid the unnecessary distress that he has to endure when others are distressed for him it was imperative that those present and those watching him on TV did not make inquiries about the injury, did not write to him about it and simply prayed that it gets better soon, Inshallah. Hazoor said it was just an injury and it will get better, Insha'Allah.)

Hazoor continued with the theme of peace in his Friday sermon today. With reference to Quranic verses and ahadith Hazoor elucidated that Allah the Exalted watches over the state of hearts of all and that on the Day of Judgment, while Fire will consume some, others will be admitted in a state of peace and that Allah manifests Himself to each person according to their capacity. Hazoor explained the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) said that he was most dismayed with that person who sought security and peace and having being granted it, destroyed it.

Expounding Surah Al-Tin by means of many scholarly commentaries Hazoor said that the reference to the Fig and the Olive therein was to the place of birth of Jesus (on whom be peace) and indeed Mount Sinai was where Moses (on whom be peace) was called upon and the 'abode of peace' was a reference to the Ka'aba and Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) and that it was an evolutionary sign of the earlier prophets. Commenting on Surah Quraish and its particular mention of Allah granting security from fear and hunger, Hazoor spoke with personal experiences at how on several occasions his prayer made with the said Surah, brought him security and peace and indeed food, in the most astonishing manner. Hazoor said Allah the Exalted displays evidence of His existence through such matters; otherwise He certainly cannot be seen per sae. Hazoor said that the Holy Quran informed us that a time will come when the region where the Ka'aba stands will prosper abundantly, indeed Hadhrat Ibrahim (peace be on him) had also thus prayed and today that land is most prosperous and affluent. Those who make 'arrangements' for the hereafter are granted prosperity in this world that when a land is made exclusive to the prayer of God then despite being barren it is filled with Allah's grace and bounty.

Following are two of the several revelations of the Promised Messiah (on whom of peace) that Hazoor related:

"Today for Me you are eminent and trustworthy, My grace is on you for this world and for faith and you have been helped. God praises you and comes towards you. Beware! That God's help is near."

"God addressed me and said that I was to inform my community that those who have believed a belief that has no worldly adulteration, a belief that is not polluted with hypocrisy or cowardice and is a belief that is not deprived of any aspect of obedience, such people are God's chosen and God declares that indeed their step is the step of Truth."