Friday Sermon: Al Aziz

February 22nd, 2002

Hazoor delivered today's sermon on the Divine attribute of Al Aziz, The Mighty. Explaining the word Aziz Hazoor said that it was applicable to that Being which overcomes all but none can overcome it, a Being that is also honourable and beneficent, Hazoor said that in the Holy Quran the attribute of Al Aziz is mainly applied in conjunction with the attribute of Al Hakeem (The Wise). In other instances the Holy Quran mentions it with other Divine attributes.

Hazoor explained that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) informed us that Allah the Exalted has created mankind as fallible creation that moves towards spiritual excellence through trial and error and that the satanic forces do lead man astray and Allah the Exalted keeps on forgiving as long as man is sincere in repentance.

Elucidating the Islamic viewpoint on the care of orphans Hazoor said that indeed the best Muslim household is that in which an orphan is given excellent treatment and that the wealth of this world is a luxuriant and sweet item and is a good 'companion' to that Muslim who shares it with the orphans and the needy. With reference to the Quranic injunctions regarding women and related matters Hazoor expounded that some Muslims misconstrue the Quranic verses about physical chastisement and mete out disgraceful treatment to their wives. Hazoor said if a man were to honour his wife's rights and treat her well, it would be impossible that the situation ever got to the chastisement stage and that nowhere in the blessed life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be on him) do we come across an illustration of physical chastisement.

Hazoor further presented the concept of Al Aziz via the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and said that such is Allah's superiority that all things naturally incline towards Him. Aziz is a name of Allah and He does not give from His honour but to those who are absorbed in His love, just as He bestows them with His light and His knowledge and that is the essence of devotion and worship in the postures of the salat, or the rosary beads or is it truly executed when the love of God draws forth a person in a manner that their own self is, as if erased. Man should strive in obedience to God in a way that there is no scope for insufficiency.

Next Hazoor said that his health is improving and his injury is also much better, Alhamdolillah.