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Companions of The Promised Messiah (as)

Summary of Friday Sermon Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(at)

After tash-ahud, ta’awwuz and recitation of Sura Al-Fatiha, Hudhur Aqdas (may Allah strengthen him with His Mighty Help) said:

Whenever I make mention of the incidents from the lives of the Companions of the Promised Messiah (as), their descendants write to me and tell me how happy they are with me. They also ask me to pray that they and their future generations become worthy of this honor and become those who safeguard the requirements imposed on them by virtue of their grandfathers having accepted and performed the bai’at at the blessed hands of the Imam of this Age, the one who was the truest servant of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), or failing that, having lived in his time and received the blessings through him in his own life.

However, I was amazed to hear that there are people who objected that their forefathers were wrong in leaving their own parents and choosing to go live in the Company of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him). These wrong thoughts developed in the minds of such people due to not knowing the correct information from those who relayed the stories of their ancestors to them.

Since I have recently started to recount the incidents of the Sahaba, just such a person wrote to me and said that you have answered some of my questions that had arisen in my mind about that particular Companion. So recounting these incidents of the Companions serves to remove the misconceptions that sometimes take hold in the minds of some people resulting in these people coming closer to Ahmadiyyat.

This is why I have been stressing and the Khulafa who were before me have also been talking about the importance of continually remembering and recounting the incidents from the lives of our forefathers - this was especially done by Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IV (ra). This will result in a strengthening of the connection of the new generations with the Jama’at and will also help in their training.

Let me also say here that those few descendants of the Companions who became distant from the Jama’at, did so because of the behavior of some other members of the Jama’at or the actions of some officeholders. They then arrive at the stage of saying that their forefathers were in the wrong. My advice to all such people or individuals is that instead of becoming involved in self-pity they should pray for themselves that Allah may keep them steadfastly on the path of guidance and they should pray for those who are causing them to become so afflicted. Always remember that our forefathers accepted Ahmadiyyat after doing a great deal of research or they were guided to the truth directly by God.

The generations of today may well be in the wrong because their connection with God is not as strong as was the case of our earlier saintly people - so our forefathers can certainly not be wrong. Always remember this. The requirement of justice is that being totally open minded, we should pray to Allah, the Almighty, that He may always guide us and make us follow the straight path and never allow such a situation to occur which could take any of us far from our faith or from the paths that would grant us the pleasure of Allah. If such people were to survey and analyze their own situation they would realize that their own egos or their own lack of understandings have turned small trivial things into the cause of distancing them from the faith and the cause of the faith.

So I say again that all such as are the descendants of the Companions and have become distant from the faith or from the nizaam - the system - of the Jama’at, all those whose own personal wishes and desires and thinking have become oppressively heavy upon them, their own egos have become supreme over their own selves, they should pray for their own selves constantly so they may be guided to the right path. They should remember with gratitude the good done for them by their saintly predecessors. And the greatest beneficence their saintly elders bestowed upon them was that by accepting the Promised Messiah (as) they caused his truth to run in our blood. May Allah make it so that the progenies of the Companions always remain steadfast on the paths of faith and be such as would pray for them and not such as would have any kind of objection in their hearts about them.

Today, after this brief statement, I will again mention some incidents from the lives of some of the Companions of the Promised Messiah (as).

The first incident is from the life of Hadrat Muhammad Fazil Sahib, son of Noor Muhammad Sahib. He recounts that one day after Isha prayer, I asked Maulvi Sultan Hamed Sahib about Hadrat Mirza Sahib’s claim to be the Mahdi and Messiah. I asked that if he really is the chosen one, and God has raised him in our own country; and we do not even take the trouble to simply go and see him; would it not be right for us to at least take this much trouble and go and see him and verify his claim. Maulvi Sahib was a noble and pious person; he replied yes you can meet him. After that he left and I fell asleep and I saw a dream, that there is a big beautiful house that has 4 doors facing south, and more than one hundred people are sitting in a circle. They all looked very noble and I am also sitting with them.

Then the north side door opened and a very pious, noble person came out from that door, wearing a white dress and a white turban. He pointed his finger toward me and said all your sins are forgiven. I thought that this pleasant personality is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). Tears welled up in my eyes after listening to these words. I recited darood and then woke up.

I offered the tahajjud prayer and waited anxiously to relate this dream to Maulvi Sahib. In the morning I told Maulvi Sahib and he said that you are very lucky.

Sheikh Asghar Ali Sahib said that Hudhur Aqdas gave a very good idea about how to do tabligh. He said, before going to bed do wudhu and offer two raka’ats of nafal prayers and ask Allah if this Jama’at is the true Jama’at and show us the right path. He also said that when he was going to East Africa in 1900, he took his friend Naik Muhammad Sahib with him. During tabligh to his friend he asked him to do exactly this. Naik Muhammad Sahib followed his advice and did what he said and soon after Naik Muhammad Sahib saw a dream. In the dream he saw that he is in a small room, suddenly the room is filled with light, then he saw a very gentle and noble person entering the room. His father told him, “look son, look this is Hadrat Muhammad (saw).” Next Morning he told his dream to Asghar Ali Sahib and asked me to write a letter for his bai’at. Now all his family is Ahmadi.

Master Maula Baksh Sahib, son of Umar Baksh Sahib said that I was the headmaster of Sat Ghoni School in Patiala state. During the Monsoon season when I was on vacation from the school, I went to Qadian to see Hudhur for bai’at. My son Abdul Ghaffar (late) was 2 years old and had serious skin problems but I did not postpone my trip. After a month I came back home and noticed that my son was fully cured from the disease and was healthy. My wife told me that she had stopped tending to him and he had recovered by himself.

Hadrat Qazi Mohammad Yusuf Sahib was telling me that, “In 1898 I saw a dream that I am standing on a high mountain facing towards the east. On my right I have the very bright shining light of the sun and on my left hand I have light of full moon but higher by about three hands. A long river is flowing from the east to the mountain and between that is a very beautiful ground of green grass. Later I understood the meaning of the dream. The light of sun symbolized Hadrat Muhammad (saw), the light of full moon is Hadrat Masih-e-Maud (as), the mountain is a symbol of respect and high status. The river from the east represents the knowledge that will go from the east to the world. The height of the light of the moon symbolized that after three years I will accept Ahmadiyyat. As per my dream I accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1901.”

Hadrat Sheikh Muhammad Afzal Sahib, a retired Police inspector in Patiala said that in 1900, he went to Qadian for bai’at along with Chaudhry Hashmat Sahib. After putting their luggage in the guest house in Qadian, he went to Masjid Mubarak. Hadrat Masih Maud (as) entered the mosque from his residence. There was not enough light, but when I saw him I thought he is quite healthy because he is using the public’s wealth. Then I heard voices of ladies coming from his residence, under the influence of my bad feeling I guessed that he is not a pious person. In Isha prayer I prayed to Allah to show me the right path. I was not satisfied and left from Masjid without bai’at. I was thinking a lot and can’t remember whether I read Isha prayer or not. While I was sleeping I saw a dream that someone grabbed me by my neck in a very harsh way that changed my position into standing and it felt like I was going to die. He said, “you don’t know Mirza, he never lies, his claim is true, never think any bad or wrong things about him” and then he threw me on the bed.

When I woke up I felt pain in my neck as if someone really had grabbed my neck, I was crying and felt very scared. I was asking myself, whether I was still in doubt or not and my heart told me no. In the morning I went to the mosque. When I saw Huzoor I noticed that he has a normal physique, his personality looked like an angel. When I saw that, I started crying. I fell in love with him and wanted to sacrifice my life for him. I did bai’at with my open heart and was fortunate that Allah saved me form Satan.

Qaim-uddin Sahib said that in a dream I saw, after praying, I am coming from the mosque and people are saying that this thing is evil and will eat all of us. I saw something like a black wood or like a bug in all farms. I asked people, please pray to Allah or it will eat all of us. “Are you from Allah?” The thing answered yes. A few of the things held my fingers; I thought they will not spare me. I asked, “Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claim true?” They replied, “yes he is true,” three times, “if you will not believe him you will be destroyed.” Next morning I asked my mother, when is Friday, she told me, “the day after “tomorrow.” On Friday I went to Qadian and took Bai’at.

Hadrat Allah Rakha Sahib son of Ameer Baksh Sahib, both were Companions of Hadrat Masih Maud (as) said, I saw Hadrat Masih Maud(as) in my dream. I went to Narowal to Maulvi Ahmad Din Sahib to find out the truth of my dream. Maulvi Ahmad Din Sahib went to Qadian along with me. We went to Masjid Mubarak for Fajr prayer. After the prayer he wrote a few words about the life history of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). He wrote that Hadrat Abu Bakr (ra) had carried the Holy Prophet (saw) on his back to Ghar-e-Thaur. When he read this in front of Hadrat Masih Maud(as), Hadrat Masih Maud (as) said, “Maulvi Sahib, Hadrat Abu Bakr did not carry the Holy Prophet (saw) on his back. Hadrat Abu Bakr went to Ghar-e-Thaur by walking along with Holy Prophet (saw).” Then he gave permission to print his writing and went to his residence. Hadrat Muhammad Fazil Sahib said that I want to take bai’at of Hazrat Masih Maud (as) and every day I asked Makhdoom-ul–Millat, Maulana Hakim Noor-uddin (ra) to ask Hudhur. Hadrat Masih Maud (as) replied “tomorrow”. He explained his feeling in Persian poem. He said I waited for a week and went back home without the permission of Huzoor, with the impression that I already took bai’at in my dream. When I reached home I was not feeling comfortable and want back to Qadian. Again after a month I was in Qadian. When I entered in the clinic of Hadrat Hakeem Noor-ud-din(ra), he saw me with a smile and said those who leave Qadian without permission of Masih Maud(as) feel the same way. I also understood that leaving without permission is not right. I stayed there but did not insist on bai’at. After 22 days on a Thursday evening Hudhur said Muhammad Fazil now you can take bai’at. It was either the end of 1899 or 1900 when I took bai’at.

Mian Ghulam Muhammad Farkhanda said that first I was Hanafi, then I accepted Wahabi-ism but I was not satisfied with any belief. I always prayed that the Messiah and Mahdi will come and I will accept him. One night I saw Hadrat Masih Maud (as) in my dream, when I went to Qadian I saw him and accepted Ahmadiyyat.

Hadrat Hakeem Abdur-Rehman Sahib told us about his father’s acceptance of Ahmadiyyat. His father was a student of Maulvi Allauddin. One night they were doing wudhu, my father asked Maulvi Sahib, why is it that these days a lot of stars are seen falling down? He said this is the time of Masih Maud’s coming and this is the celebration of his arrival. After a few days my father went to Qadian and took bai’at. When he met Maulvi Sahib, he told him about his bai’at and asked him when he will take bai’at. Maulvi Sahib replied that he will but he is currently under the influence of worldly things. Hadrat Mian Rahim Baksh said that Masih Maud(as) has Munazira with Abdul Haque Ghaznavi in Amritsar, he prayed in such a very powerful way that Hakeem Nooruddin(ra) became unconscious. I went back to my tribe and told everyone that I saw something that looks heavenly. His claim is true. Masih Maud(as) is a true prophet. I accepted Ahmadiyyat and then all family members accepted Ahmadiyyat.

Hadrat Choudhary Rehmat Khan Sahib told us how he accepted Ahmadiyyat. He saw in a dream, that one day he went out from his house and saw Masih Maud (as) with Ghulam Baksh Bhatti, Inayat Hussain Sahib. Chaudhary Rahim, Maulvi Fazal Din, Maulvi Alam Din, Rehmat Khan Jatt and Chaudhary Maula Baksh Sahib were all standing there. Chaudhary Maula Baksh Sahib said now let’s take baia’at. This is the right time. All of us first went to the well of Chaudhary Maula Baksh. There Hadrat Sahib lead us in prayer. After that I woke up. Huzoor’s photo was in my heart and I can never forget it. In the morning I took the money for travelling and went to Qadian. I took bai’at, stayed there for three days. It seems that lots of bai’ats took place through dreams.

Hadrat Maulvi Abdullah Sahib told us that I read Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya in 1892 or 1893 that affected me a lot. After that, I read more writings of Hadrat Promised Messiah (as) and writing of Muhammad Husain Batalvi. I noticed that the points by Hadrat Masih Maud (as) are correct. Day by day my attraction for Huzoor (as) was increasing. I continued my research and a pattern of dreams started. In 1897 I saw in a dream, that my face is on the east side and Huzoor (as) is in front of me. Khalifatul Masih II is on my right side. At that time the age of Khalifaul Masih II is about 8 or 9 years. Huzoor (as) said that the first Ahmad was prophet but not under anyone but the 2nd Ahmad, is under the Prophet (saw). Hudhur asked Khalifatul Masih II who is the 2nd Ahmad? He pointed to Masih Maud (as) that you are the 2nd Ahmad. After that I wrote a letter for bai’at, when I went to Qadian I did bai’at on the hand of Hadrat Masih Maud (as). Hadrat Nizam-uddin Sahib said that Assalam o Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu coming from Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) to Masih Maud (as) by different people as per hadith gave Masih Maud (as) undue importance . However when I started praying in masjid-a-Aqsa, Allah opened my eyes, I found the truth and took bai’at.

Hadrat Syed Willayat Shah Sahib said that, in 1897 I was studying in a school in Sialkot in fifth grade. I was staying in a boarding school but then I moved to Agha Qazalbash’ house and was working as a tutor for his younger brothers. I was aware about the claim of Hadrat Masih Maud(as) but was not interested in because I was hearing a lot of bad things about Hadrat Masih Maud(as) and disliked him. In those days Plague was spreading in the city and people were dying because of that. One day I was standing in a street and saw many dead bodies passing by and their relatives were crying. I thought that it is contagious disease; maybe I will catch it and die. What good deed have I done? I have even forgotten how to read the Quran. First I tried reading it by myself but was not sure if I am reading it correctly. Than I thought that I should go to mullah of a mosque but changed my mind because I felt embarrassed to start reading at such a late age. I got the idea that I should join a group where someone is giving Dars of Quran. There I can learn Qira’at and translation. I found out that Dars-e-Quran is only in Ahmadiyya Masjid. I thought that I will only listen to the Quran not their belief. Agha Sahib told me that if I will go to Ahmadiyya Mosque I will accept Ahmadiyyat. I assured him that I am going there to only listen to Quran not for accepting Ahmadiyyat. Next day I went to masjid, Peer Hamid Shah Sahib was giving Dars. I was going every day and listening. When Maulvi Abdul Karim Sahib came from Qadian (he was a very strong personality), non Ahmadi Maulvis also attended his Dars. During the Dars I was convinced and took bai’at. Allah gave me good education, good family and children and most importantly, I became an Ahmadi.

These are a few incidents of accepting Ahmadiyyat. Now I want to tell you that as our Jama’at is growing people are becoming more jealous. They want to harm the Jama’at in various ways, sometime they attack us openly and sometimes in hidden ways. We all should be careful and look out for their vile ways. We should pray. Then Hudhur read some prayers and Darood.

Hudhur said that few a days ago someone posted two pictures on Facebook, one of Hadrat Baba Nanak and one of Hadrat Masih Maud(as). With Hadrat Baba Nanak Sahib’s picture, very bad words were written. Words of praise were written with the picture of Masih Maud (as). It was just to create hatred and anger in Sikh community. A newspaper published this and that resulted in increased tension around Qadian. It was the blessing of Allah that Sikh leaders understand and solved the problem wisely and calmed down the community. Hudhur said that some Sikh families wrote letters to him about this, we are asking for an inquiry about this incident.

Jama’at Ahmadiyya never does anything that hurt anyone’s feeling. We not only respect the religious leaders we do not even insult idols of any religions. Jama’at’s books and the writings of Hadrat Masih Maud (as) only praise Baba Nanak Sahib. An Ahmadi could never think to say bad words about Baba Nanak Sahib. Baba Nanak ,Raja Ramchander Ji, Shri Krishan all were pious souls sent by Allah. All these pictures are published only to create hatred and bitterness between the communities.

After this Hudhur Aqdas made mention of some recently deceased prominent Ahmadis and led their funeral prayers in absentia after Jumu’ah prayers.

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